Flea Jump Mystery Solved

Forty-four years after the debate about how fleas jump began, researchers say they’ve solved the mystery thanks to high-speed cameras that show the insects pushing off with their toes rather than with their knees. Jorge Ribas reports.
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25 Responses to Flea Jump Mystery Solved

  1. TheJustRandomStuff says:

    you’re saying that to yourself

  2. 1Buttonmasher says:

    to live, like any other organism.

  3. 1Buttonmasher says:

    Humans are unuseful and retarded. fuck THEM.

  4. VesperHesper says:

    So, is this where my tax dollars are going??

  5. siggibiggy says:

    You can’t use a slow-mo camera to find the cure for cancer. With this, you can. You’re a fucking retard

  6. Mellissa Hernandez says:

    So researchers spent time and money on how a flea jumps but they can’t find a cure for cancer?

  7. Fennec Fox says:

    Fuck fleas. They need to just fuck off and die!

  8. Nicolas Ferretti says:


  9. mstreysongz1998 says:

    dammit, my step sisters dog brought fleas to my room! Gosh im pissed, it was small and i tried to smash it but it kept jumping. -__- im pissed !

  10. fastcherry123 says:

    I hate fleas once they jump im out!

  11. theincredibleyou2413 says:

    Every time it jumped, I had to WEEE!

  12. DaTroof93 says:

    pissing my dog off

  13. MattsterFelix says:

    honestly i feel like fleas dont need to exist in this planet

  14. CesarD321 says:

    freaking ads!

  15. letudownbetch says:

    ugly piece of shit

  16. ilovepokemonize1 says:

    No, Maybe they snuck on while no one was noticing XD

  17. Soap Mactavish says:

    damn . i hate

  18. Fennec Fox says:

    I want to just nuke the bastards. It’s the only way to be sure all the fleas are gone

  19. KSATica says:

    Those little guys I’ll give them credit they can sure jump 3 or 4 times their own bodyweight without any struggle.

  20. distractos says:

    Disgusting feral goons >:[

  21. centereacan06 says:

    i blame noah’s ark

  22. JamesBeam420 says:

    So they jump with their knees. Instead of saying something is the “bees knees”, I’ll say the fleas knees, from now on. No I won’t. But I could. Nevermind. Disregard this comment.

  23. vblackaaisdcha9hu says:

    fleas drive me fucking insane

  24. Mandy Dee says:

    well,i know for a fact that monkeys/apes moms or dads(not sure which,maybe both) pluck out the bugs and eat some of them.

  25. skateboy159 says:

    making people and animals suffer

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