Black PUG = Odie Pig Beige PUG = Simba Pig Together = free scratches!

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18 Responses to PUG DOG SCRATCHING WIN! (funny!)

  1. Brendan Chan says:

    Why are they scratching each others’ privates? hahaa

  2. wackytubeman23 says:

    It’s funny because they’re fat. ^_^

  3. happyinhilo says:

    Needs Benny Hill music.

  4. TheNyashenator says:


  5. TheOdiePIG says:

    haha, very clever! I’m so tempted to rename the video with ‘pugpetual’ in the title.

  6. Amina diallo-lebreton says:

    i want a pug so bad….. ;(((

  7. dragonxster says:

    that looks very wrong

  8. Jackson Partridge says:

    Even when they’re wrestling they’re lazy!

  9. monesshoness1973 says:

    Thars a bit crook odie

  10. BadassBilly1992 says:

    I think its “Perpugtual”

  11. felixthemaster1 says:

    2nd base, nice

  12. Existantia says:

    ahahah cant stop laughing!!

  13. MusicLover10463 says:

    I think you mean pugpetual motion device.

  14. oOmarziOo says:

    I think those fellas might be gay :D

  15. RockstarMAX1 says:


  16. anglovdaspyrz says:

    Perpetual motion device.

  17. kelbell1219 says:

    Lmao, this is hilarious!

  18. ncjules6 says:

    This video makes me happy.

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