Arthur Needs Space

Arthur’s chances at dating an old high school classmate are jeopardized by The Tick; Captain Liberty struggles to stop some nude photographs of her from being published. Watch hundreds of free full-length streaming movies and TV shows on TAGS The Tick Ben Edlund Patrick Warburton Arthur Larry Charles Nestor Carbonell Batmanuel Liz Vassey Captain Liberty supervillain super villian superhero hero

Music video by The Hives performing Tick Tick Boom. (C) 2007 No Fun AB Under exclusive license to Universal Music Operations / Polydor Ltd.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to Arthur Needs Space

  1. Lind Johnson says:

    why won’t it play past the crackle crap intro?

  2. Kingpinn02 says:

    I’d wish for I.P. Daley to be here right now. (You do know what I’m talking about, right?) 

  3. azuzaj1 says:

    This show came out years after Mystery men, so I think this was more so inspired by the film. Now the old cartoon, and the original comic may of been somewhat of an inspiration for the film. But Superhero parodies were everywhere in the late 80′s 90′s.

  4. D119heavy says:

    the waxy wax-like waxiness . . . of her wax . . .
    god damn i love the tick, if i found a magic lamp my first wish would be more seasons

  5. taureleafsilver says:

    Interestingly enough, both The Tick and The Flaming Carrot (which Mystery Men is based on) were running around the same time. Apparently the late 70′s-to-mid80′s was a good time for superhero parodies!

  6. wolfman1000000 says:

    the a-hole. lol.

  7. stonerdog93 says:


  8. ironray123 says:

    I think the movie “Mystery Men” ripped this off!

  9. ironray123 says:

    I forgot how FUNNY this show was! Good writing!

  10. Varun Pathak says:

    dont..stop doin watchur doin, have i paid ma dues justa be with you

  11. TheSquisis says:

    no, they’re real.

  12. vigo894 says:

    @3amapplecam= They’re prosthetics.

  13. 3amapplecam says:

    are the Tick’s antennea cgi? or, like prosteticks?

  14. dumaznbum says:

    aww cmon YOU know you want to know

  15. mrkb47 says:

    That ruins the point!!!

  16. dumaznbum says:

    they should make a movie that includes the ticks origin

  17. TiniNormi says:


  18. Newworldfortomorrow says:

    At least it was all Ben Edlund thank god

  19. theboarman says:

    tick action figures were hard to find? i should have baught some when the store in town had a full shelf of them lol

  20. theboarman says:

    @80patrain like what

  21. Duncan McKay says:

    the a-hole lol
    imagine that as your hero name

  22. Macgreez says:

    “blah blah… condom… blah blah… call girl… blah blah… paternity suit… blah blah excellent lawyer”

  23. danielraysir says:

    Oh hey. The mexican guy is Richard from LOST.


  24. 2552tomtom says:

    Are those her tits or is it like a cover? Coz if it is a cover it aint bad, just would be better if it were her real tits.

  25. hptc8899 says:

    they could of just shown the tick some porn

  26. Don Nguyen says:

    I love this song

  27. Poro nga says:

    Rock Band Lego :3

  28. AAlexpc20 says:

    This song makes me happy :D

  29. heyplutita says:

    Lollapalooza Chile 2013! yeah MDFK!

  30. SuperBeeshnu says:

    227 people dont know what time it is

  31. FreakMastersGamers says:

    APB Reloaded

  32. SplashXD12 says:

    Forza Motorsports3?

  33. 94AmberLights says:

    @BBCSportChannel Best part of the … :D

  34. Philippe Canuel says:

    madden 11

  35. Jamel currie says:

    madden 08

  36. bunnykrn says:

    Peru – Abril 2013 <3

  37. Juliana Alcantara da Rocha says:

    Lollapalooza Brasil 2013 

  38. Carlo De Stefano says:

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

  39. AnnieeSkateGirl says:

    the hives amo esta rola ♫ (Y) ♥ ♪

  40. PigBrother06 says:

    The Hiiiiives! :D

  41. Jessica Nájera says:

    Los 221 ‘No me gusta’ son por culpa de Vevo!!!
    Esta canción es asombrosa!!! :D

  42. electricclowns says:

    I know most of you will ignore this but if you could give my band ‘Electric Clowns’ a shot it would be much appreciated…we have recently uploaded our new song ‘The Scene’s Been Built For You’ and we would be extremely grateful if people would listen, share and thumbs up this comment so more people see it.
    You never know you might like it

  43. emaciatedunicorn says:


  44. BurgerwithFries1 says:

    Survivor Series 2007!

  45. Adrienne Maldini says:

    Just bought tickets to see them :)

  46. Adrienne Maldini says:

    Its not the whole video something happened.

  47. Michael Then says:


  48. Djok3000 says:

    Madden 08 :)

  49. saalloomon says:

    isto não é porno meu

  50. dextera96 says:

    i was going crazyXD

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