Gaming To Music (Black Ops 2 Topical Commentary)

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25 Responses to Gaming To Music (Black Ops 2 Topical Commentary)

  1. Srikar M says:

    KID CUDI<3

  2. DezireTurtlez says:


  3. ImNotHectic says:

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  4. KevinJohn9001 says:


  5. BigDeckTom says:

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  6. Hendrix7711 says:

    I still listen to my LP’s, 45′s, Tapes, CD’s… me old school mother fuckers because im no hipster LONG LIKE ROCK AND ROLL AND HEAVY METAL

  7. TheCoDzillaPlayer says:

    I listen to alot of diff music. The offspring; Youre gonna go far kid, Approaching Nirvana, K-391…. Just everything.

  8. MrNebulaaa says:

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  9. Mikeplatje says:

    I listen exactly the same music as you

  10. Kian D says:

    2pacs dead

  11. limemonkey360 says:

    Stereophics, oasis, U2, red hot chilli peppers :) 

  12. Jorgen Miller says:


  13. KenY2Ken says:

    Carrier gonna carry ya ;p

  14. Magvam says:

    Hi guys. How are you doing?

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    I have unique accent and people seem to like it.

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    Thanks :)

  15. SDiablo123 says:

    BMTH sucks ball sacks. TDWP Is beast, tho. haha

  16. KerplownedTV says:

    forgot to add that I’ve always loved classic rock and really anything from the 60s to 70s…especially the Beatles who in my opinion are the greatest band of all time.

  17. KerplownedTV says:

    As a music lover and semi musician, I mean i play guitar and sing, let me piece together my music history and if it links up to yours feel free to like…early years were like 90s popy stuff like backstreet boys and whatnot..then into mid 90s alternative and grunge…then punk/emo through the early 2000s, metal/hardcore and rap in the middle, country/bluegrass in like 2008 and 09 and now indie folk/rock and electronica and dubstep…just wondering if anyone has a similar musical history…

  18. DecrepitRocket says:

    On my PC i play modded Fallout New Vegas a lot and i have Spotify so i listen to Carnivore’s Retalliation album and Megadeth’s United Abominations album.

  19. DjAznWiggle says:

    Muzza, I love you bro, i love your vids, you were the first youtuber i subbed to and i was sad when you had that rough patch, you deserve so many more views. Lets hope they come.

  20. Cedric Gerdes says:

    i for real listened to every band/artist you named

  21. Ben Preiss says:

    Rolling stones and jimi

  22. kodyrude says:

    Dude I love like every band you name omg:D

  23. shadowlord1986 says:

    you listen to tech n9ne?

  24. L4chrym4l says:

    I feel a little old now. Good taste, nontheless.

  25. L4chrym4l says:

    I don’t think he implied that. Just saying. :)

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