The Eleven Cutest Things That Happened in 2012

We Own Cuteness Curation!

Some of the cutest, most heart-warming things happened in 2012 and now is a time for quiet reflection on the mind-numbing cuteness that separated this year from all other years. Check out our favorites and be sure to let us know if we forgot anything?

 Herewith are the Daily Treat's favorite finds of 2012!

1) Lil Bub the Perma Kitten [read more...]

Lil Bub


2) Discerning Deer Prefers Dog Bed [read more here...]



3) Carli Davidson's Differently Abled Pets <3 [read more...]

Carli Davidson Differently Abled Pets


4) Orphaned Baby Owls Have a Hoot, Mug for Camera [read more...]



5) Swaddled baby sloth snoozes with teddy bear [read more...]



6) This Dog's Run In With A Butterfly [read more...]


7) Surprised Baby Red Panda [read more...]



8) Shelter Dogs Actually Drive A Mini Cooper [story here...]



9) The Lovey Comfort Dogs That Comforted Newtown Residents [story here...]




10) Happy Lab Herds Playful Pod of Dolphins [ story here...]



11) This Classy Crab Who Stepped Out 


The Daily Treat: Animal Planet

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