What are the risks from topical steroid cream for Phimosis?

Question by bjboytj: What are the risks from topical steroid cream for Phimosis?
I was wonder what, if any, the risks are from using a topical cream to take care of phimosis. Or if it works at all. And if it does I was wondering if anyone knew if it was less painful than pulling the foreskin down, which I find is really hard to keep doing.

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Answer by Kisses it better ♥
Has the cream been prescribed for this specific reason? If so then I would assume the doctor who prescribed it would know that it was safe. Topical steriods are safe if used at the correct dosage but I can’t see how a steriod cream will help with this problem?

If you are having problems then maybe you need to think about circumcision?

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  1. Gastounet says:

    There are no risks if you follow the procedure and dosage given by your doctor.
    It works very well. You should begin to se results after about ten days.
    Remember though, you have to continue the (soft) pulling after you rub the cream.

    Think of it as medically prescribed masturbation. I found this was making the whole process more fun :-)

  2. Kinae says:

    Good for you for not getting circumcised! Keep at the doctor’s prescribed regime.
    Pulling the foreskin down should not hurt, you should just ‘tug’ it, do it until just before it starts to hurt…

  3. Michael says:

    A European study found stretching and steroid creams cured 90% of phimosis cases, so you have a very good chance of it working for you.

    The creams are safe so long as you use the right amount. Follow the instructions.

    This website has some more general advice:

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