Charlie the dog says “Scratch my belly!”

Hi, I’m Charlie the dog. This is my story. Please sponsor other dogs, my peeps. Also bring me more peanut butter. Oh there’s a cat– gotta go.
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11 Responses to Charlie the dog says “Scratch my belly!”

  1. chype says:

    My dogs name is Charlie too. Your dog is gorgeous, thanks for the video :)

  2. Infidel Castro says:

    Well done for adopting Charlie. He looks lovely.

  3. Yvonne Gastelum says:


    Glad to see you, at the SD walk Thursday night!

    You may be a youtube star yet….;)

  4. Tony Cesarano says:

    I’m not a dog lover but this makes me reconsider :-) 

  5. LilyTails says:

    good job…

  6. Tina Molcilo says:

    You are a awesome person for adopting him. I am going to post this video on my myspace to get the word out Thank you!!!!
    myspace . com / fantasysj

  7. AngelosandSatan says:

    I think he understands how lucky he is every day!

  8. sweetmozart says:

    One of my dogs comes also from an animal shelter, she is the most happy dog in the world now.

  9. Monty Mitra says:

    This rocked. You know what Charlie needs? A brown jacket… teehee :)

  10. idardik says:

    What an adorable video! Kudos!

  11. bbum says:

    Given his behavior, I’m pretty sure Charlie knows *exactly* how lucky he is. He is saying “thank you” throughout that video.

    Pound dogs know that their families rescued them. It makes them the best dogs in the world for a family to adopt.

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