How do I tell my son I had to have his pet mice destroyed?

Question by liebekatz2: How do I tell my son I had to have his pet mice destroyed?
My son is 10. The mice have been sick for quite a while with mange-mites. We had the mice to the vet, who prescribed medication for them, which didn’t help. The only thing left was to have the mice destroyed. I have to pick my son up from school in an hour. How should I tell him?

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Answer by ♥ButterFlyAngel♥
I wouldn’t tell him. Just play it like they got loose and got out of the house because he may get so upset with you for killing them.

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6 Responses to How do I tell my son I had to have his pet mice destroyed?

  1. bb says:

    Just explain to him “That they didn’t make it.” When he’s older tell him the complete truth.

  2. Joshu@ says:

    Don’t tell him the mice will be destroyed, tell him you have to give them to the Vet because they are sick and only they know how to take care of them. You can tell him you are trading those mice for another pet, so it’ll keep his mind off things.

  3. Some Guy says:

    You can either be honest with him and tell him that they were very sick…too sick to get better and they had to be put down for mercy and that this is a normal part of a pet’s life which happens sometimes and maybe he can get some more…..OR….you could tell him they went to the circus or to a farm or something like that. It depends on what you think he’s ready for.

  4. andrephoenix says:

    Tell him that they were playing games and got hurt and didn’t make it. You might be teaching him 2 lessons with this one. Hope this helps

  5. debrasearch says:

    he is 10 he will understand you did the best thing for them

    just tell him they where so sick and in pain they had to be put out of the pain

  6. gousa1991 says:

    tell him that they were too sick and it wasnt fair to them to keep then alive and living in pain. then tell him you can have a memorial for them and stuff. ahve him help you clean out the cage and talk about your favorite memories. once teh cage is all clean and you know there are no more grems then you can get new mice for him.

    its alot better then coming home and finding your pet dead. last year i found my pet dead. and it get me more upset then when my mom told me that my other pets died. so by puting it down you are doing the right thing.

    hope this helps

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