Q&A: How can i stop the circulation of mites among my pets?

Question by Cookie: How can i stop the circulation of mites among my pets?
A few weeks ago my mice got mites and i cleaned out their cage and sprayed them and they all got better. Then another cage of my mice started mice and I got rid of them as well. However my cat is now showing signs of them and I am planning on taking him to the vet however how can i stop the mites once and for all?

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Answer by Lizzy
When you notice one animal (or one group of animals) has it, you have to keep them isolated. Make sure you stay on top of cleaning everybody’s cages and be sure that you yourself are washing up in between handling them. With a cat it’s slightly more difficult to confine them, but try to keep them limited to only certain areas and make sure you are constantly cleaning and vacuuming. Also, be careful of handling the pets with mites. They can get onto your clothing and thus spread when you come in contact with the other animals.

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