Ear Infection

A few nice infection images I found:

Ear Infection

Image by Selbe B
I clean my ferrets ears quite often, about every few weeks. I looked at Munchlet today and found this. It is like he has tons of wax. I have never seen this much wax in and coming out of a ferrets ears in just a few weeks. It is in just one ear. The other ear only has a little bit of wax, nothing out of the norm. What could cause something so bad? He usually sleeps on this ear. Maybe it’s ear mites. I’ve never seen a case on a ferret before.

We are in the process of moving to CT and his ear cleaner is currently down there. It was too late to run to the store. I used water to clean his ear out, I felt so bad for him.

UPDATE: After a trip to the vet and a few test is was determined that he has an ear infection, not mites.

Bacterial infection leads to plant death in tissue culture tube

Image by IITA Image Library
Plant death as a result of bacterial infection of yam in tissue culture tube. (file name: GE_TI_005a)

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