Dust Mites

Dust mites in your bed. In Montreal, call 514-695-7373. info@x-mite.ca.
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24 Responses to Dust Mites

  1. Aletta de Jonge says:

    That is why I use Norwex mattress spray! It completely gets rid of all of the residue and feces and helps me sleep well! :) Thank you NORWEX!

  2. proud2beAfg says:

    get a kirby :D

  3. heiken54 says:

    You know when I told people I like to sleep on the floor they thought I was crazy. Comforters or sheets washed daily or even every two days and the bare floor, this should be a good way to keep you away from these things.

  4. laurakabbabe says:

    It’s 2am right now..yesterday i had my allergy test and found out that I was allergic to Dust mites…AND NOW I AM FREAKING OUT UNABLE TO SLEEP and yes I have school tmrw :(

  5. metallictune says:

    they are visible to the bare eye, seach “smallest creature visible” you see.

  6. kiwininja100 says:

    i do. im tried 

  7. Slick Nick says:

    im never guna be able to go to sleep now..

  8. Walley666 says:

    Mm pets :) .

  9. sfrisco niners says:

    We are in SF bay area giving free test of your beds call us!!
    your choice cleaning services

  10. JS930110 says:

    3M and Nevermite have nice Dust Mite Bedding Encasement, can solve the Dust Mite Problem well.

  11. elouephaley says:

    I agree although its kinda creepy D:

  12. KillBaddBugz says:

    Dust mites are nasty little bugs and are to be eradicated immediately. Kill em!
    They trigger a mast cell response and histamine release in many cells yuk.

  13. novaformmattress says:

    They could really make you sick, they can really give bad allergies find out how to get rid of these little suckers. watch?v=1zyr7AWdXuQ
    or visit novaformmattressreviews (.)org

  14. FaceYourFaces says:

    They’re cleaning up your waste for free. Be grateful for them! Well, I mean if you’re not allergic.

  15. videouzleg says:

    That is why vegeterians are less stinky meaning they less atract all types parasites. Just theory. :|

  16. wackmanzack says:

    does anybody feel itchy?

  17. 33LB says:

    you guys are dumbasses. these things are only a problem for those who are allergic to them, like myself.
    imagine you have hayfever all year round, and your nose is constantly congested so you find it difficult to speak properly- that’s what a dust mite allergy is like.

  18. Palafico3 says:

    it’s not really the allergy part or the pooping part that creeps me out, its just sleeping with millions of tiny spiders.

  19. pplsuq says:

    Disgusting. I didn’t know they move that fast! I really don’t want to go to sleep now. Makes me itchy.

  20. LeonPass says:

    i even scared to breath now …. what do i do ?? what do i do ??

  21. broadcaspi says:

    Try to make me sleep tonight, wankars!

  22. buylower2003 says:

    For dust mite solutions in Singapore, call 82007154

  23. 720moorhsum says:

    AHHH its the zerg swarm KILL IT KILL IT!!!

  24. JeromeLeong says:

    Wow, now i feel comfortable sleeping with them =]]]

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