Neck Space Infections

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after being in a rhino accident i got MRSA and had 2 surgerys luckily saving my leg.

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50 Responses to Neck Space Infections

  1. Anjohl says:

    I found the production values to be lacking, it was so..clinical.

  2. kovah4 says:

    that looks just like the glaze they put on top of a cinnabon.

  3. Mowgli546 says:

    That looked like cream for your coffee

  4. unr8edguy says:

    Am i the only one who thought of an orgasm when is popped?

  5. bajess says:

    Thats because that video & this one are the same thing. Will & Brittney used this clip for the inspiration of their song….

  6. MrTacoman2424 says:

    im about to puke

  7. tigers2016kt says:


  8. Jenna Anaver says:

    o goodness how the fuck i get here O.O

  9. rrsajeff says:

    I hav to amagine it as whipcream and cherry juice or i will feel sick!=-O

  10. cam farr says:

    Tell me about it. It was just minutes ago that I was viewing dovetailing and fine cabinetry. Funny how this works.

  11. elias cura says:

    How the hell did I get here?

  12. Sterling Karrenstein says:

    Ketchup and fucking mayonnaise

  13. luis uman says:

    Vanilla milkshake anyone?

  14. Becky walker-ingham says:

    I wonder what it tastes like…

  15. denisse98dm says:

    I’m goin to regret this forever!!! -_-

  16. RayGunnerGaming says:

    same here 

  17. Farah Adams says:

    lol funny

  18. Amy Beaini says:

    F***!! This is shit! WHY DID I CLICK ON THIS?! GOD

  19. TheDjJohann says:

    it ‘s like milk =D

  20. Brian Rodriguez says:

    Why did I click on this… what the fuck is wrong with me…

  21. edithi3 says:

    Dude … I’ll never be a doctor …

  22. Jennifer Kimberly Velthuis says:

    Again and again the weird side of youtube good job myself

  23. dnjohnson1408 says:

    10 bucks stevo would drink that

  24. Alec Lindsey says:

    So that’s where soft serve comes from..

  25. KatZRule91 says:

    its a punishment for your horrible taste in music!

  26. Bombeni says:

    I didn’t read them all but MRSA has now been classed as an STD. This new strain is spread body to body contact and there are carriers who don’t know they have it. There’s some who have it but won’t tell you. BEWARE.

  27. Bombeni says:

    This is great video and we need more of them. If you’re willing, post a warning in videos where young ppl would watch.

    Let me add, for those who already have mrsa, get a clean spray bottle fill with twelve ounces water and one ounce chlorine bleach. Spray this a few time daily on sores and hopefully as others have found, the sores will heal.

  28. heffyfatman123 says:

    dam that looks like it hurts, Not to take away from this video but there could not have been a better choice of music for this

  29. Mr54883 says:

    Good to know you are healed and doing well. Take care .

  30. Roy Loeffler says:

    thank god u still have a leg and did not lose it or your life

  31. DarkSchuller says:

    at 1:21 it looked like i was looking at me!!

  32. MultiCool121 says:

    that’s disgusting.. 

  33. drealbigdada12345 says:

    i had this shit 4 times and im 15

  34. nightwatcher2012 says:

    Man your brave. Am glad your ok. Keep the faith.

  35. mrswagbucks56 says:

    0:49 maybe? hillbilly much

  36. psyquizlabor64 says:

    well,these infections are a clear sign of a degenerate society! Just a little more of the pathogens and you’d lose the whole leg, maybe even your young life…

    God bless u…..

  37. hindiakosipels says:

    Oh Call Me by Shinedown, no wonder the voice is familiar..

  38. hindiakosipels says:

    Song title and artist please? 

  39. Emily Moyle says:

    @babybutt ignore those top comment people..just..just no…and I like that song!!

  40. TONGA BREED says:

    you are freaking coolcool! :)

  41. TheHouseOfDerp says:


  42. Troi2336 says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I showed it to my 10th grade students today as part of a lesson on antibiotic resistant bacteria. It helped them to understand why this is such an important topic. We were all touched by your story, and encouraged by your attitude.
    Thanks from all of us

  43. buildingfern says:

    your rite id take missing a chunk over missing a leg any day

  44. greenmoldybread says:

    rhino accident? as in rhinocerous?

  45. Tranzopus says:

    Still have the hunk missing or did it come back?

  46. Kretenba1707 says:

    tnx god you’re good now :) 

  47. loveu2beatles1 says:

    my daughter had a small boil and it was about one inch well msra got into it and it went up to 30 inches long, yes they first drain out 6oz of fluid then it grew back and then they open it up . she was in the hospital for 9 days, now its has stitches on the ends and the rest is being left open. she was getting the packing changed twice a day now it’s once.. I can feel and understand you pain I have seen it in my daughter face yes wash your hands…….

  48. malone23kid says:

    DUCK SIGHTED @ 2:56

  49. idellandrea says:

    no sterilized gloves = infection

  50. sum41linkinpark says:

    totally muted the video…

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