4 Most Epic Baby Animal Sneezes [Video]

When we humans sneeze all over ourselves, we are viewed as rude, disgusting germ factories. Observers stare at the sneezer with disdain while others run from the room to save themselves from whatever contagion they believe has been set alight.

However, when animals, particularly baby animals, sneeze all over themselves and others, it's cause celebre –  a viral video goldmine. To prove our point, herewith are our favorite sneezing baby animal videos of all time.

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1) Epic Baby Animal Sneeze #1: Panda Baby -  The mother of all baby sneezes, perhaps the most well-known out of all baby animal sneezes– it is pushing more than 132 MILLION views as of today! 


2) Epic Baby Animal Sneeze #2: Baby Elephant startles self with sneeze 

3) Epic Baby Animal Sneeze #3: Baby Hedgehog – wait for it…….Ah Choo! 

4) Epic Baby Animal Sneeze #4: Corgi Kerchew! An adorable Corgi puppy named Pepper has a sneezing fit and makes spectacularly funny faces while at it!

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If only they made Claritin for dogs!

The Daily Treat: Animal Planet

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