More Lessons Learned

I promise to not ramble on so much today.  :)

Some of the other things I learned this past weekend from Suzanne Clothier were:

  • The dogs are always telling you what their truth is.  They can not lie.
  • If a dog’s gaze orientation is constantly changing, they are unsure.
  • Play is the first thing to stop if a dog is uncomfortable.
  • It is very rare for a dog to not be food motivated – it is probably more stressed out than we think.
  • Books worth reading – Why Zebra’s Don’t Get Ulcers, and The Invisible Gorilla 
  • Being in motion can help the recovery of a stressful situation
  • You can decrease arousal by getting a dog to sit or down. – We use this all the time at the daycare, but I had always thought that putting them in a sit was just a way of getting them to stay in one place until they calmed down, not that the sitting itself was contributing to the calming.  I wonder if that is what makes Stand Stays harder than down or sit stays?
  • Attention or alertness is often the first shift in increasing arousal.
  • Fine motor control isn’t as good when aroused (may notice this in the way they take cookies – while they can sometimes take them gently, as they get more excited they tend to be rougher)
  • Arousal can narrow your focus so you may miss other things – that goes for the handler and the dog.
  • If too aroused they’ll see threats in things that don’t exist.
  • Be the Birthday Cake, not the Rice Cake!  :)
  • If they can’t sleep, they aren’t comfortable.
Sorry. I realize some of these probably only make sense to me.  But I wanted to have them down somewhere where I couldn’t lose them.  :)

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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