Nice Pet Scratch photos

A few nice Pet Scratch images I found:

gus (scratching) and betsy in the sun
Pet Scratch

Image by Keithius
Gotta scratch that itch, eh Gus?

Head Scratch
Pet Scratch

Image by DonnaGrayson
Cinnamon gets her head scratched

Pet of the Week: Gremmie, 6122868
Pet Scratch

Image by LollypopFarm
Gremmie is a sweet and beautiful cat. She is a 2-year-old gray-and-white female who is spayed and litter trained.

Gremmie likes to play with toys, but most of all she likes to be petted and spend time sitting on your lap or on your desk while you work. She loves getting head scratches, too! Gremmie is shy in new situations, but before long, she becomes more confident and very affectionate!

She is currently living in a staff member’s office at Lollypop Farm and is getting along fine with the two dogs who are there during the day. Gremmie would be happiest in a quiet home.

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