What happens if you remove a tick with your bare hands?

Question by Tita: What happens if you remove a tick with your bare hands?
My neighbors dog had so many ticks on him. I felt so bad and started to remove them. I did not wear gloves or used tweezers. My first instinct was to remove the tick. I then squashed the tick. Put peroxide on the infected area than washed my hands. I read that you must wear gloves and to put the tick in alcohol to kill it. Someone told me that if you squash it, that won’t completly kill it. Just tell me if I did not do the right thing. I already know that next time to use gloves. What else?

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Answer by Bear
You should be fine, you only have to worry about lime disease but that’s if your bitten by a tick. However, when pulling the tick out you may not have gotten the whole thing out. You might have to make sure the head and everything is out too.

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3 Responses to What happens if you remove a tick with your bare hands?

  1. Ridgeback says:

    should use tweezers, and get the dog flea and tick prevention, your supposed to like squeeze the tick with the tweezers and gently pull it out i think.

  2. Jada says:

    next time wear goggles and a sergical mask thats all u have to do

  3. Lyme_Info says:

    You’ve done all that you can in putting peroxide on the area and washing your hands. The tick would have needed to bite you and be attached for at least 24 hours to transmit anything. As you’ve said, use gloves and tweezers next time though.

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