Food, Skin Allergies Increasing in U.S. Children

A government survey put out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that 1 in 20 U.S. kids has food allergies, a 50 percent surge since the la…
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11 Responses to Food, Skin Allergies Increasing in U.S. Children

  1. ybrtheoyefeso says:

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  2. joypunk62 says:

    Take a deep breath everyone…we in Wa. State are being poisoned by chemtrails. There is hazy sun, no clear sunny days..these f’in bastards Do have agenda. DON’T THINK FOR ONE MINUTE THEY WILL STOP! THEY POISON WITH SI CALLD VACCINES, WITH ROUND UP SEEDS, ALTERED FOOD, I could gi on and on. WELCOME TO FUCKING N W O!

  3. BertGriffin88 says:

    Dick&Kiss Republicans turned the cheap, drug loaded, McDonalds Brudduh’s forced corn fed cattle to Butz to destroy America’s food supply. And then Raygun&Greenspan began destroying all the regulations. Throw in Carter,Clinton, and Bush&Dick and nobody knows the chemical cocktails that are delivered to us in our dare I say, FOOD! Cause it really ain’t food! Why has BigFoodBusiness forced our
    Congressmen to feed us this trash? Was it the BigBucks? You bet your oversized diabetic dying ass it was!

  4. SalemStorm says:

    Yes they will find something wrong with all your children, fill them full of poisons and if you resist they will take your kids away and jail you.
    You see, the government owns your children now. The Libtard Collectivist agenda is in full gear.
    F’g freaks.

  5. LadyStonecut says:


  6. TheHamsterEater says:

    I used to have allergies until I became a Vegan. All organic fruits 7 veggies. You can get protein from Soy, or Spirulina, and other Vegan foods. Non-Organic, Processed foods, meats have so many things in them that make us sick. Pesticides, anti-biotics, other unhealthy shits. Just stop eating that garbage and get healthy.


    Good thing Obama signed off on that “MONSANTO BILL” ..idiots

  8. GaoAsaurusG says:

    I blame the household use of anti-bacterial Everything. Kids are no longer exposed to germs. They don’t play outside anymore and their homes, clothes and air are treated with a plethora of anti-bacterial whohaw. The immune system has to be exposed to things so that it learns to fight. I saw this coming years ago with the introduction of anti-bacterial hand soaps.Get a grip and expose your kids to some dirt. It didn’t kill you when you were young!

  9. peacerebelgirl says:

    look at how the majority of kids eat; it’s no mystery they are suffering. kick out the white sugar, white flour, table salt, junk foods and feed them non-gmo, chemical-free, gluten-free whole foods.

  10. enlightenfawn says:

    Read Ingredients in Processed Foods! Can you even pronounce some!? Not only Chemicals in Foods, but in Our Skies Now! Look-Up! Look at All the Jets and Airplanes dispursing Toxic Chem Trails/Clouds-Aerosol Crimes! Use your Power of Protest! Don’t forget about Your Rights!
    The Military, government Pharmacuetical Corporations, etc.Are Using Our Taxes for All this Mayhem! We Now Have to Live for Our Protection and Wildlife Protection. Monsantos Are creating their own ‘beings’!
    Pray for Help+

  11. drjacklint says:

    Monsanto wants to kill your children.

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