Allergic to the world[1]|

Poor Mac and his skin allergy. Now he has a pink bald spot.
skin allergies

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Allergic to the world[1]|
The change of seasons may be delightful to many, but for people who suffer skin allergies, dust and pollen can agitate conditions that make life unpleasant. Liu Zhihua reports. The change of the weather to spring and summer is usually a delightful time
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Food, skin allergies increasing in children
Parents are reporting more skin and food allergies in their children, a big government survey found. Experts aren't sure what's behind the increase. Could it be that children are growing up in households so clean that it leaves them more sensitive to
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Food, skin allergies on the rise among kids
Interestingly, the prevalence of food and respiratory allergies rose with income: Children living in families that made more than 200 percent of the poverty level had the highest rates, the statistics showed. “The prevalence of food and skin allergies
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