What kind of flea prevention for a HUGE dog?

Question by dawnsfinallywed: What kind of flea prevention for a HUGE dog?
My brother’s rottie weighs 165 pounds. What kind of flea prevention– top spot– is the best for such a huge dog? Seems like Frontline only goes up to 135 pounds, and Advantage’s largest is 55+ pounds. Which would be better?

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Answer by sparrowleaf12
I havn’t been able to find a flea preventative for 165 lbs

The closest weight I have been able to find for your dog is 130 and that would be the brand revolution

you select the weight and the top would be 130lbs

hope this helps

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  1. appyshoer says:

    you can use two sizes of frontline plus to help with the fleas, or you can use the heartworm preventive sentinel which contains a flea growth inhibitor.
    There is also oral program that is available to top dress on the food to help.
    I use sentinel and frontline on my 138 pound malamute mix.
    Both products are safe, and can be used in conjunction with each other.

  2. Sam W says:

    Few dog owners are fortunate enough to avoid an eventual run-in with fleas, the most common dog parasites. Even with regular bathing and grooming, the tireless critters can find their way to the tender flesh of unsuspecting dogs (and dog owners). The bloodsuckers not only don’t pay rent, they cause itching and can transmit diseases to their hosts.

    here’s what you can do:

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