I Didn’t Know That – Secret Life of Dust Mites

Richard Ambrose and Jonny Phillips use a camera with an ultrapowerful lens to get up close and personal with bedbugs — dust mites that live on dead human ski…
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25 Responses to I Didn’t Know That – Secret Life of Dust Mites

  1. ra2yuri4 says:

    least they aren’t bed bugs. those fuckers suk blood~

  2. Hyrum Worth says:

    watched this in my bed. ill never sleep again

  3. xSilver Phinx says:


  4. IAmThe Dino says:

    …I will never be able to sleep the same…

  5. heze20 says:

    I didn’t need to sleep tonight anyway. :)

  6. ayseryucel says:

    How silly what your saying is. no offence but Prophet Muhammad just like other prophets used to wipe is back with rock. Now we use recycled toilet paper. thats science for you. I wonder why he couldn’t figure it out.

  7. PhenomTheGreatSODMG says:

    Wow now I’m sleeping with these nasty shit but what if you have the plastic you kept on the mattress from when you brought it

  8. Zech G says:

    And don’t let the bed bugs BITE!
    MWAA HAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!11!!!1!!!!!

  9. Vince Beltran says:


  10. pipsiguy says:

    I see a unibrow

  11. Richrad Tylr says:

    Well, i would rather deal with them than bed bugs.

  12. RobertDeLoneWolf says:

    …..now i shouldn’t have known that

  13. MintMovies says:

    *ignore the flame war, ignore the flame war…*

  14. Samnang Suom says:

    Thanks Harry

  15. chrissthebears says:

    Oh dont worry about it I didn’t want to sleep anyways

  16. iksloko says:

    These are definitely not bedbugs but mites. Those two guys look and sound like a pair of pederasts not scientists, by the way.

  17. 207tj says:


  18. Saud720 says:

    كان منتشر بالبيت عندي

    رشينا البيت كله مبيد حشري

    الشمس تقتلة الله يعينك وربي مجرب

    قرصته اح توجع

  19. Ciecerowolf says:

    Brought to you by temperpedic…. Lol

  20. BrittyShevA7 says:

    ma perchèeeee guardo ste coseeeeeeeee ca**o !!!

  21. shosho42751 says:

    وربي عدم فرشنا معاد نذوق طعم النوم

  22. Mohanad Alharbi says:

    Prophet Muhammad hurry before the 1433 Year
    That we Cleanup bed before going to sleep, every day
    Now science has discovering the reason only

  23. chanthien99 says:

    The sound portrayed in this video made me feel really uncomfortable laying on my bed now…

  24. Bones8909 says:

    Here’s what to do: Fire. Set everything on fire. That should do it.

  25. omarrrio930223 says:

    the floor is always good :)

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