How effective are dehumidifiers at preventing dust mite?

Question by Spoon: How effective are dehumidifiers at preventing dust mite?
Have a bit of a problem with dust mite allergies in my new accommodation. Would buying a dehumidifier provide a noticeable improvement?
Also hoe about an air purifier, HEPA seems to be the most likely candidate?

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Answer by clock
Hi Spoon,

By asking this question you would have saved yourself money and feeling foolish. People would not believe you if you told them that you bought a dehumidifier to reduce the dust mite.

The dust mite lives in you bedding most frequently. It is also found on sofa sets, carpets and arm chairs.

If you want to reduce the dust mite you need to wash your bedding frequently, use a plastic mattress cover, cover your sofa sets with plastic etc.

A dehumidifier will not reduce or prevent the dust mite. It will make the air that you breathe less humid.

I hope you have not bought a dehumidifier to prevent dust mite. The dust mite which causes

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