What is the most effective way to prevent ticks on my dogs?

Question by Mystie: What is the most effective way to prevent ticks on my dogs?
I have two outside dogs and we live in west texas. I spray them with the tick and flea killer yet they seem to get overrun with ticks. I never noticed them before the other day when my collie broke his chain and I had to put him in the bathroom. He shook himself and ticks flew out everywhere, literally hundreds of them. They are extremely small ticks that look kind of lavenderish. If anyone knows what kind of tick or how to prevent them please help. I just applied the monthly otc tick and flea killer by Hartz.

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Answer by Adam B
Try out different flea and tick medicines, like Frontline. First talk to your vet, though.

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  1. KL says:

    First, you have to get rid of the existing ticks and eggs…go to your vet ASAP as these can cause all sorts of disease.

    After that your vet can recommend that best type of monthly preventative for your area.

  2. puupyluvtwo says:

    First I would contact your vet and ask about a topical product like Frontline that helps prevent ticks on your pet plus I would get one of the ones that fell off your dog and make sure it is not a tick that carries Lyme disease-have the vet look at it and your dog in case there are heads embedded under the skin of your dog.I also believe their is a product Revolution(prevents two types of ticks) and Advantix-see whats best for your area.

  3. Kiana L says:

    get a fea tick collar it works for 4 months and that was if they were really small they were deer ticks and thats gosh gross

  4. jml3148 says:

    I’d suggest not using the sprays as they don’t last as long & may not penetrate the skin. You need to use the medications which are secreted by the dog’s gland for several months. I like Frontline or you can use the Sentinel heartworm pills. hartz is cheap, but you get what you pay for

  5. Smiling Face says:

    I don’t know much trick other than spraying tick repellant but I will give you one little secret to remove them.

    Put (it’s either oil or vinegar, I forgot now that you ask) on the tick, then with your index finger circle around the tick (make it move around itself) then it will let go.
    Works every time, try it!

  6. deena001 says:

    Frontline is the best and safest topical tick repellent. Advantix would be my second choice but not as safe and Hartz is not safe to use at all. Both advantix and hartz are fatal to cats.

  7. smily2291 says:


  8. whit_hancock says:

    I have two acres in NC and I have three dogs who own that land if you know what I mean… Are your dogs around a lot of trees? Mine are and I just frontline and they no longer get fleas or ticks… what ever it is that is in that stuff when they bite the dog they die… also a good home remedy… GARLIC… they hate garlic even misquitos(SP?) some dog won’t eat raw garlic you could either go to the pet store and get the pills or hold their mouth shut with the garlic in there and they will just swallow it (just like giving them heart worm or any other type of meds… any more questions whit_hancock@yahoo.com

  9. ariel says:

    put flea and tick collars on them. my guess is that u aren;t
    dealing with ticks as ticks actually burrow into your dog and wouldn’t go flying if your dog shook himself. call the veterinarian
    and tell them about your problem. good luck

  10. Great Dane Lady says:

    Hartz has a very bad reputation. It doesn’t work well and some dogs are having bad reactions to it. Frontline and Advantix are sold by vets. Both work well. I use an otc called Bio Spot. It works just as well. I’ve used it for more than 10 years. As long as mine are in the yard, there are no fleas or ticks. When I used to let them run in the woods, I would occasionly find a tick on the snout, but it was dieing.

  11. jess amazing says:

    K9 advantix is good it prevents ticks from attaching. Frontline is also good, but it kills the ticks a few days after they attach.

  12. arkielady55 says:

    use frount line

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