Topical Steroid Withdrawal – Getting Better

Status of my topical steroid withdrawal at about 20 months.

DrugMedicReview’s Webcam Video from February 28, 2012 02:05 PM.
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11 Responses to Topical Steroid Withdrawal – Getting Better

  1. Bryan Botterill says:

    im just starting TSW is there any tips to help ease the process? did you cancel out any foods or ingredients in your diet? kind regards Bryan

  2. Al Montoya says:

    Is it OK to use Protopic or Elidel during topical steroid addiction/withdrawal?

  3. Ken Stewart says:

    Great video! Cheers

  4. MELISSA JAMES says:

    You look GREAT :) 

  5. Jayda Harris says:

    It has to be prescribed to you. I went to a local clinic, told them my issues with acne and that i have sensitive skin and she prescribed to me this gel.

  6. Jared Godley says:

    We cant hear you kid!

  7. Jairo L. says:

    in mexico you can get it without prescription for about $3

  8. Haley Williams says:

    its prescription. go to your dermatologist

  9. Christopher malstrom says:

    its prescribed by a doctor

  10. Stephanny De la flor says:

    can you please tell me how u got it??? i cant find it anywhere!!!!

  11. rosanne florida says:

    worst video

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