Mikey’s Story by Nicole Bruder

MikeyMikey’s Story
Sometimes you find the best things when you aren’t looking for them, and that’s exactly how I found Mikey. I was driving home on one of my rare days off and suddenly there he was, running down Richmond and Montrose near a Chase Bank with a clearly pregnant Chihuahua in tow. Of course, I pulled over, though I was surprised that only one other driver stopped with all the traffic in the area. Either no one else seemed to notice or care enough that these dogs, the tiniest of dogs, were loose and clearly terrified. The female was friendly enough thanks to some doggie treats, so I was able to get a slip-leash on her and walk back to my place. Mikey, on the other hand, was stand-offish, not letting me get close. Luckily, he followed us home. What a sight we must have made on the way!
By acting quickly, I was able to get the female into a no-kill shelter. Initially, I had planned to find a safe place for both of the dogs, but before I knew what hit me, Mikey, with his big, brown, cartoon-character eyes, had officially stolen my heart.

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