Nice Pet Scratch photos

A few nice Pet Scratch images I found:

Pet of the Week: Winnie, #16213674
Pet Scratch

Image by LollypopFarm
Winnie is a six-year-old female Domestic shorthair mix. She was brought to Lollypop Farm as her family had no time for her. This beautiful girl with the sparkling green eyes loves to be brushed and to have her back scratched. Winnie will keep you company but also enjoys her solitude. She would do best in a home without dogs or other cats. Winnie is eligible for Lollypop Farm’s Seniors-for-Seniors program. An approved adopter, age 60 or older, can bring her home at no charge. Are you the perfect companion for Winnie? She’ll make a good one for you!

-”Ooh yeah, scratch that spot right there”
Pet Scratch

Image by JunCTionS
A very friendly dog that saw a group of physics students talking about him and came close to get his belly scratched. It’s a 15 second exposure I actually petted him on this one so he’d stay still for the shot.

In a trance
Pet Scratch

Image by leeno
Lailee scratches her leg like this and gets embarrassed if you watch her doing it. It’s like a habit or something.

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