Is Any One Allergic To There Pets And Still Keep Them?

Question by Brandi: Is Any One Allergic To There Pets And Still Keep Them?
Hi,i am allergic to my pets scratches ,,when they scratch me i get sort of a rash and itches :P
i have 3 rats 2 cats and a dog and some fish :)
anyone els like me and still keep there pets even tho your allergic?

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Answer by Elsa Layne
I’m allergic to various things, but you can never completely assess what the source of reaction is. But I will say this, nothing or nobody would keep me from my beloved fur faces!

There’s this girl who works at my vet clinic who sounds like she’s crying every time she answers the phone. She’s severely allergic but obviously deals with it.

If you are a person who gets allergy shots, what is contained in those shots are exactly the pathogens that cause the allergic reaction. The idea is to expose you with that pathogen until your body becomes desensitized to it. So in essence, keeping your pets might help you to overcome the allergy in time.

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