Should I Give My Dog Bottled Water?

There are many sources of water safe for a dog to drink from and bottled water is just one of them. However, the only time I give my dog bottled water is if we go hiking for more than 15 minutes or if we’re on a long walk and the weather is very hot. He’s partial to Evian so I go easy on giving him too much of that water else he ruin my food budget.

Clean, fresh water is a vital part of a dog’s diet. In addition to moist food, fresh water is the primary source of hydration for a dog. Bottled water is safe and so is water from your tap or refrigerator dispenser.

There are water sources unsafe for any dog to drink from. For example, you shouldn’t let your dog drink water from a swimming pool. Swimming pool water contains a high level of chemicals like chlorine. If a dog drinks water from your pool it will consume too much chlorine in addition to the other chemicals used to sanitize and restore the proper PH level to pools. There could also be algae or bacterial growth in the pool.

You shouldn’t let your dog drink water from puddles and ponds either because the water can easily contain bacteria, parasites, and viruses that could be deadly to a dog. An organism called Pythium insidiosum thrives and reproduces in stagnant water and can cause a relatively uncommon, but serious illness in dogs.

Ice water or snow may seem like a good source of water for your dog if you live where cold weather and snowfall are common in the winter, but these are not really suitable water sources for a dog. Giving your dog cool water in the summer and room temperature water in the winter is good, whereas snow or ice from the outdoors can have an unpleasant effect on a dog and may cause an upset stomach.

Salt water should definitely be avoided by dogs. The salt content in the water is unsafe for a dog’s system. Salt water doesn’t provide the proper hydration for a dog and can actually lead to increased thirst.

Water from your faucet is generally a good source of water for dogs. However, if your water is unusually hard you may want to have the water tested for high levels of iron, magnesium or nitrates, both for your sake and your dog’s. Concentrations above the recommended level for these minerals is dangerous for anyone drinking your water.

I still give my dog bottled water on certain occasions like a road trip lasting more than an hour. Don’t make the mistake of pouring the bottled water in a dirty dog dish. Unwashed water bowls can contain harmful organisms and bacteria, and for that reason, I bought a stainless steel water bowl for my dog and clean it daily and disinfect it once a month.

And last but not the least important – don’t let your dog drink out of your toilet. A toilet bowl can contain trace chemicals left over from cleaning and even a small amount can prove harmful to a dog.

If your dog is very particular, you can feel safe giving it bottled water as long as it doesn’t break your budget.

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HHS Funds Drug to Treat Severe Infections and Prevent Cytokine Storm
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Harry, the French Bulldog

French bulldogs have to be one of the most adorable breeds.  Meet Harry, who is 9 months old and lives in Monaco.


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Many people ignore the warning signs that dogs giv…

Many people ignore the warning signs that dogs give, then later fail to remember that there were warning signs.

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Dogs cant take tylenol.! Or motrin. Bad for the li…

Dogs cant take tylenol.! Or motrin. Bad for the liver. Aspirin is better, if needed.

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鬼束千尋 – Infection

鬼束千尋- Infection.

Video Rating: 2 / 5

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Just like the Super Bowl half time is all about the sponsors so I wanted to take a few to thank all of ours who have help make this journey possible.

TAGG the GPS Pet Tracker

TAGG has saved our fuzzybutts on more than one occasion.  The best example of this was when I walked highway 20 from Corvallis to Newport OR solo.  I took one of the trackers in case of an emergency and on the very first day I ran into a bit of a crisis. We had made water drops along the 50 mile stretch and my supply was down to less than half a liter.  As I neared the first drop I saw a man in a John Deere mower cutting the grass on the highway shoulder.

I sprinted up to him and asked if he found 2 jugs of water in the area he recently cut and he said he had and that one of them may have escaped the blade of the mower.  It didn’t.  The temp in wilamette valley was already soaring up to the 90s and the next drop was down the road another 10 miles so i was in a bit of a pickle.

Ginger was able to tag me and then find a nearby store using Yelp.  TAGG – not only great for your dog but Yer Big Dog too!  I’ve gotten to know the trackers intimately and the folks behind them and I can’t say enough about them. The fuzzybutts will be wearing them even after this walk.  

 When you purchase the trackers at their website and sign up for the service, enter the promo code 2Dogs they’re generously offering a 10% discount and donate $ 25 to the Puppy Up Foundation. Also you can track Indy and me as we walk the west coast at It’s been a little confusing because we’re staying with more host families and sometimes we’re tagged after we’ve been picked up and off the road.

We’d also like to thank our other walk sponsors: Hollywood Feed for providing the dog food for the walk.   P2 Collars and Toki Poki for the awesome corded collars and leashes.  Everlasting Memories for the beautiful infinity ring that holds Murphy’s ashes. Orijen for providing the 6 Fish food for Hudson.


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Hudson’s Cancer Is Back

Hudson’s cancer has returned. Two-fold it seems.  Last week two tumors were taken off him; on the base of his tail the other on his ear.  Path lab report indicates that the former is a neurofibrosarcoma, the latter a grade 2 mast cell.  
And while it’s preliminary pending further testing and consultation with a few oncologists contingencies must be made.  What has made it even more difficult for me, other than being thousands of miles away from him, the lack of cell service on both my AT&T & verizon phone.  The path results were texted to me and I had to use the landline of a grocer in elk CA to learn its scope.  
The walk may be postponed once we reach San Francisco.  As we’re within 130 miles of the Bay Area and planning a few events there, we’re committed to them.  After that, what we learn this week will make a determination.  
What’s particularly disconcerting to me is that there was a 95% probability of no recurrence or metastasis within two years.  It’s been less than one.  
We’ve been tried and tested the entire time on this journey in ways I didn’t foresee, perhaps even unforeseeable.  But what matters now is Hudson.  Indy and I are back on the road tomorrow unsure & uncertain what comes next. 


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International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Today is ‘International Talk like a Pirate Day’ – who knew!  So I give you this tiny ‘Pirate’ who I’m sure can ‘woof’ in an ‘Ahoy matey’ sort of way!

In fact, this little sweetheart is called Shelley and is only 9 months old. She lives in Menton but I met her at the Sospel Agricultural Show last Sunday.

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Blogger Opp – Black Friday Shop Till You Drop $100 #Giveaway

Black Friday Button
Sign up and join us in this awesome giveaway event! One lucky winner will get $ 100 PayPal cash or gift card of their choice to blow on Black Friday deals and steals!

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