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Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter: Addressing ticks and fleas this summer
Well, it looks like summer is officially here and with it comes one of my favorite topics of discussion: fleas and ticks. Man, we have seen a lot of animals just covered in the blood suckers recently, and ticks bring the additional issue of Lyme
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Fleas, ticks out in force in Oklahoma due to moist environment
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It’s president’s day but I’m in no mood for celebration.  
Oh it’s not because I’m not a patriot as I believe in values like freedom and equality – all of the things that we’ve fought for as a country. That I’ve walked for.
But we have a fight of a different kind now and we’ve been abandoned by our leaders.     
This blog is about the funding for the National Cancer Institute (NCI), this government’s, our government’s, decade long disregardment of, what the World Health Organization called the deadliest disease in 2010 and nothing else.   
Let’s take a look at the numbers.  They represent the total budget of NCI in billions of dollars.
2000 $ 3.3
2001 $ 3.8
2002 $ 4.2
2003 $ 4.6
2004 $ 4.7
2005 $ 4.8
2006 $ 4.8
2007 $ 4.8
2008 $ 4.8
2009 $ 5.0
2010 $ 5.1
2011 $ 5.1
2012 $ 5.1
2013 $ 4.8  
Let me give you some context.  This past fiscal year, the current administration earmarked $ 6.3 billion for Ebola virus research, a disease that affected, what, 1 or 2 people in the US and yet 1/2 of all men and 1/3 of women will be diagnosed with cancer. Nevermind the 2-4 million dogs that develop the same types of cancer every year. Why?
But I get it – it’s politically expedient. Ebola grabs headlines.  
On my first walk, I met with a few legislators and lobbyists and what they said was, ‘Great cause, just get a spokesperson and a celebrity around it and then we’ll listen.’ And so I walked the entire expanse of the West Coast in search of someone who would stand up. No one did.  
Even though celebrities talk about how devoted they are to animal causes.  
In my little world of walking 4k miles for this cause, you get tired of those that just talk and talk
which is why I’ve walked the walk. No one has the right to present themselves as a dog lover unless they stand up to the number one killer of dogs. Cancer.  
I return to DC in June without a celebrity or a spokesperson.   I am no longer a naif.  Having witnessed all of the death I have from cancer I will stand up and be heard.


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Fido’s Freebie Friday Prepares for Love Your Rescue Pet Day!

We’re preparing for Love Your Rescue Pet Day, a Saturday celebration hosted by Austin Pets Alive! We’re so excited that our PawZaar gift store will be a partner in this day in which many…

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Cuba … from Cuba

This cute pup with amazing eyes is called Cuba, which is no surprise because she comes from Guantanamo, Cuba.  She’s a 4 month old hunting dog and lives in Dolceacqua, Italy. She was in Gorbio recently with her owners for the ‘vernissage’ of art (from Dolceacqua) held in the Chateau Lascaris.


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USDA inspection report for Natural Bridge Zoo cites repeat violations

USDA inspection report for Natural Bridge Zoo cites repeat violations
An adult goat had multiple areas of hair loss, dry skin, and lice. She was seen scratching her sides, chewing on her skin. and rubbing her body against the fence. An adult muntjac was only partially able to bear weight on her left front leg due to
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What Happens When A White Man Throws A Banana Peel At Dave Chappelle?
There's this cultural assumption that Black men pose the biggest threat when it comes to safety. But if you ask me, a Black woman, drunk White men are pretty terrifying. You just never know what's going to happen. Don't believe me? Just ask comedian
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Nominate Your Favorite Rescue or Shelter for our #PawPromise Program!

What’s your favorite shelter or rescue? The one where you adopted your dog? The place where you volunteer or foster? The location where you drop off goodies for the homeless pups? We’d…

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Dean Cain Films Freedom Service Dogs PSA

An actor who gained fame for his portrayal of The Man of Steel in the small screen series Lois & Clark has stepped in front of the camera to shine a spotlight on a nonprofit organization which…

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Cartoon2Nothing is quite as distressing for an owner as having a cat that urinates or defecates around the house instead of in its litterbox. As long suffering as some owners are, there’s a limit to the amount of time some of them can, or will, put up with living in a house that smells like a feline latrine.

Sad but true, “inappropriate” urination, as it is euphemistically called, is responsible for the annual relinquishment of many cats to shelters and pounds, which is often the equivalent of a death sentence. The tragedy is that the vast majority of problems of this nature are easily fixed if the cause is determined and appropriate measures are taken.

The Causes

• Medical Causes of Inappropriate Elimination
• Hormonal Causes
• House Soiling Problems (aka. Litterbox problems).

Although technically all elimination problems are “house soiling problems,” this term tends to be reserved for litterbox problems (i.e. conditions in which the cat simply chooses not to use the litter box for any one of a variety of reasons and selects an alternative location to eliminate urine, feces, or both).

Typically, the cat refuses to use its litter box for one or both functions and instead selects a quiet, carpet-clad spot behind a chair or “goes” on a throw rug. This behavior is not a problem for the cat, only the owner.

Reasons why cats dislike their litterbox facilities are as follows:

• Too few boxes
• Inappropriately positioned boxes (in a damp cellar, in a high traffic area of the home, next to a washing machine or dryer)
• Hooded box (many cats dislike hoods)
• Presence of box liners (some cats are intimidated by plastic liners)
• Plastic underlay (convenient for the owner but not by the cat)
• Box too dirty (not scooped often enough)
• Box too clean (cleaned with harsh smelling chemicals or perfumed soaps)
• Unappreciated (wrong) type of litter
• Litter pan not filled deep enough
• Animosity between cats in the house (competition/guarding of litter boxes)
• Difficulty getting into/out of the box. Especially likely in elderly, arthritic cats.


While inappropriate urination literally used to be a killer of a problem that vets found extremely difficult to treat, clinical knowledge has increased to the point where no cat need loose its life as a result of this state of affairs.

Medical problems can largely be addressed or contained. Litter box problems are easily fixed. Even the anxiety-based problems can now be treated thanks to modern medicine and a better understanding of their cause.

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Dr. Dodman is a Professor in the Department of Clinical Sciences at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine and Director of the school’s Animal Behavior Clinic. He is also Chief Scientific Officer for the CENTER FOR CANINE BEHAVIOR STUDIES. He has written over 100 scientific articles and several popular press books, including The Dog Who Loved Too Much and The Cat Who Cried for Help.


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Tiny button nose, too cute for words, this tiny Yorkie was in Gorbio last night for the opening of the most recent exhibition in the Chateau.

He’s only two months old, lives in Menton and is called Luca.

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Latest Flea Prevention News

Tips for prevention, removal of ticks from family pets
Topical flea/tick prevention is an option but the tick has to bite your pet before it is killed. The second is to make your yard a place where ticks do not want to be. This involves keeping your grass cut short, keeping bushes and shrubs trimmed and
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Travel Safely With Your Pets This Summer
Millions of Americans are expected to travel this summer, and doctors from BluePearl Veterinary Partners are offering tips for keeping your furry friends safe if they are hitting the road with you. "Travel can be stressful for both pets and people
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Slate, Liedman, and Silvestri on Weed in Comedy
JS: I just snuck in Frontline [a flea-prevention medication] right between my boobs. Every day I just put on like a smear of Frontline. The dog owners are going to love this. MS: You guys like jokes about dog medicine? Because that's what we're talking
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