LA Dog Chews Off Leg to Get Free

The LA Times and KTLA are reporting the story of Rocky, a German Shepherd pup who chewed off one of his feet to escape a chain that was too tight. Coastal German Shepherd Rescue picked him up from a shelter last Monday and took the dog straight to the vet where his hind foot was […] Dog Blog

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Did PETA Abduct and Kill a Virginia Family’s Dog?

It’s no secret that I have no love for PETA. Actually, it’s more like a deeply embedded loathing. PETA’s tactics have included fat-shaming, sexism, racism of various kinds, spreading pseudoscience about autism, and even exploiting the Detroit water crisis.

All of that is bad enough, but a Virginia man now alleges that PETA’s actions include abducting and killing his Chihuahua. Wilbur Cerate came home on a Saturday last month to find that his dog, Maya, was missing. When he checked the security camera he had installed on his front porch, it showed a van with “PETA” on the side pulling up in front of his house. Two women got out, took Maya, and put her in the van.

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Screenshot of the video showing PETA’s van pulling up in front of the house.

From the footage and the reporting by television station WAVY, there is no apparent reason that PETA needed to take Maya. According to the report, it had been authorized to pick up stray dogs in the trailer park where Cerate and his family live, but Maya was no stray. "I was angry," Cerate said. "I understand they pick up my dog, if it was in a tree or another place, but this is in my house."

Three days after Maya disappeared, the situation got worse. The women came back to Cerate's house bearing a fruit basket and bad news: Maya had been euthanized. They didn't explain why or offer confirmation, and PETA's leadership have yet to elaborate.

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Wilbur Cerate.

Euthanizing a dog after only three days may be shocking, but it's not inconsistent with PETA's philosophy. For years, while animal lovers across the country have pushed for more shelters to become "no-kill," PETA has opposed no-kill efforts, claiming that they are actually a form of cruelty. On their website, they claim that no-kill policies have "deadly consequences":

It’s appalling to contemplate, but when shelters give into pressure to go “no-kill” before they have overcome the breeding and selling of animals in their communities and before establishing sufficient spaying and neutering services, the results are often far worse for animals than a peaceful death through euthanasia.

PETA has a history of putting that argument into deadly action. According to figures from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, PETA has killed 87 percent of the animals that have come into its custody since 1998, while adopting out only 9 percent. (Note: is sponsored by a corporate lobbying group, however, the numbers collected by the State of Virginia seem pretty straightforward.)

Even if you agree with their philosophy on no-kill, it doesn't explain why they killed Maya -- if in fact they did -- in less than three days. If there were signs of abuse or illness that made euthanizing the only legitimate option, you would think that it would be straightforward and open about that. Instead, it has been dodging media scrutiny on the matter. Anyone who's watched PETA's activities knows that is something it hardly ever does, even under the most shocking of circumstances.


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Dog Hair Loss, Mange and Mites – Information about hair loss in dogs caused by mites and mange.

Sarcoptes scabiei mites found on a 3-mo old puppy with intense pruritis, alopecia, and lichenification of the skin. Normally skin scrapes are non-productive …
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AstridKreidl2Misi, a 4-month-old cheetah, and Cash, a 3-month-old yellow lab, were best friends from the start.

This adorable duo is being raised at the Columbus Zoo in Columbus, Ohio as part of the zoo’s commitment to cheetah conservation.

With only 10,000 cheetahs left in the world, the species is in “deep, deep trouble,” says Suzi Rapp, vice president of animal programs at the zoo.

Rapp and her team discovered some years ago that their resident cheetahs benefitted from having canine companions. Because cheetahs are naturally shy and skittish, pairing them with dogs increased their confidence and well-being.

Click here to read the complete story.


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Fido’s Freebie Friday Stays Warm!

Brr…we have gone from sleeveless to sweaters literally overnight here in Texas! We’d planned to travel to Lost Maples State Park with Irie and Tiki this week and enjoy some fall…

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Jersey Boys Star Adopts Rescue Dog

He had movie audiences tapping their feet to the beat of pop classics thanks to his portrayal of The Four Seasons’ member Nick Massi in the cinematic adaptation of the Broadway hit Jersey Boys,…

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Flea4X Kills & Controls Fleas on Dogs | Exclusively at 1-800-PetMeds

Flea4X for dogs has 4-way action to kill fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and chewing lice. Flea4X contains the same active ingredient as Frontline TopSpot. Made in…
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Scenes from the roadside 3 or 4?

Monterey Cypress grove. Westport CA. 

The 3rd and last time we cross the coastal mountain range

Pitching a tent on a promontory.  Westport CA

One of the great mysteries of this walk. Why poop on the white stripe?  Kid you not – all of the scat on hwy 1 is on or near it

Chipalope… Unsurprisingly Found only in the pot country of Humbolt

On the road there is no clean. Only degrees of dirty. Washing my shirt in a hotel sink

Meet Dave. He lost his Indy to cancer & every year takes Indy’s favorite toy – a gorilla – on hikes in the redwood forest. Meeting ppl like him makes it all worthwhile

Josie’s a beautie. She has cushings from a tumor on her pituitary gland

Autumn in August?  Never seen the leaves change so early in all our travels. Ferndale CA

Indy getting a little ass in Fortuna CA

Now that’s irony

Etched in the sands of time
That’s right Ella – you tell em

The glorious Trinidad beach… Breathtaking

Miss my Hudson but we must walk on!

Scenic route. Trinidad CA
Hey it gets lonely on the road… Indy’s all about the girls from Cali 
An elk bull.  I was just 20 feet away when I took this pic. Powerful 

The south slope of the 101 mountain from crescent city was so dangerous that we walked on this narrow retaining wall. Frikkin crazy

Curious sea creatures that wash ashore on the west coast.  Like a mini Portuguese man o war found on the Gulf of Mexico 
Hudson’s last days with us on the west coast

Chef big dog, tho otherwise occupied, is still in the house! Tex mex cuban sammich w chorizo spicy pickle roasted peppers bacon marinated pork chops and a chipotle mustard sauce

We enjoys having our friend and nutmegger Valerie join us on the road for a few days.  

The drive… Err… walk thru tree

Klamath river

Jimmy at the log house.  He walked from garberville to fort Bragg with me


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Great article! It's somewhat funny to me becau…

Great article! It's somewhat funny to me because our pit got sprayed by a skunk, tore a nail, and broke out in hives all within a two-week span. I will be trying the benadryl for the hives. Have you ever run into severe dry skin issues with your pits? Ours scratches her face until she bleeds. She also gets something similar to diaper rash between her legs and belly during the winter/spring. And she just started licking her paws CONSTANTLY over the past year. I found an aloe spray for dogs that seems to keep the dry skin under control, but I have to apply multiple times a day, every day. It starts all over again if I miss a day.

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Ticks & Leeches – Tool [Live 2012/01/31 (HD-DVD) @ Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Our most beautiful Tick in The Gambia: Amblyomma variegatum. These ticks were sitting a little bit too long on the face of that dog from my point of view. Bu…

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