Dog art made from some really weird stuff

All artists are creative, but the artists who bypass the canvas, clay, or stone for less traditional media are especially fascinating. The ones who recycle junk are doubly fascinating. Texas artist Ali Golzad created this detailed portrait of a dog using ordinary recycled corrugated cardboard. The piece called “Lucy” was commissioned for an anniversary present and is part of his Recycled Art series. Golzad explained: My urge to create while still caring for our planet…
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Fleas – Prevention and Control

Flea Control – Natural prevention and control methods you can implement at home. – Regularly clean floors, specially carpets – Over cleanliness is an importa…
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When The Dog’s Owner Died, He Was Left Behind. Watch What Happens Next | Video

When sweet dog Woody’s owner died, he was left behind and living on the streets for a whole year! Watch in this touching video what happens next! Please share!

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Pets for Life Los Angeles celebrated a Community Outreach Event at Hollenbeck Park in East LA on June 7th by arranging FREE spay/neuter appointments for community pets. donated 6,000 meals of Halo Spot’s Stew to the event.

This was just one of the 2014 successful events! Only about 15% of pets in under-served communities are spayed or neutered. When Pets for Life takes the information and services directly to these communities, they are able to spay or neuter around 70% of unaltered pets.

Amanda Arrington, Director of Pets for Life sent us a thank you and these wonderful pictures from the event.

Pets for Life builds humane communities using innovative strategies and fresh approaches designed to extend the reach of animal services, resources, and information to under-served areas. Addressing the critical need for accessible, affordable pet care, our program helps animals by empowering the people who care for them.



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Is It Just Us, or Do Dog Toys Sometimes Look a Little X-Rated?

Where exactly does one draw the line between dog toys and sex toys? Well, to be honest, because I’m writing this in the Bay Area, I know more than a few people who would tell you that there is no line. The leash and collar section is especially popular for some people, and I know of at least one café in San Francisco where, if one is so inclined, the staff will serve your espresso in a metal dog bowl. Ultimately, the words “sex” and “toy” are both extremely subjective, and their definition depends on how active your imagination is and how many people are coming over.

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Boisterous Boxer by Shutterstock.

This works the other way, too. It takes only a very low level of Google-fu to find scores of videos on YouTube of people whose dogs found their vibrator or other toy and decided that it would make the perfect chew toy. Once again, it's all a matter of perspective.

Mike Wehner on The Daily Dot explored the topic in a little more detail by combing the pet supply section on Amazon and seeing just how blurry the line can get. The answer? Pretty blurry, even without stretching your imagination too much. For instance, there's this thing:

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The Nylabone Odd Bone

If I saw that lying around someone's house without any context, I'm pretty sure that I'd assume that it was not for the dog. I know some very specific non-dog toys that look exactly like that. The name "Odd Stick" is rather suggestive in itself.

And then there's the Crinkits, which is meant to give your dog something to chew on instead of your water bottles. However, Wehner notes that it's "way cheaper than a Fleshlight." Frankly, it looks less comfortable, too, but everyone has their preference.

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Crinkits Dog Toy

The funny thing is, that as Michael Leaverton noted late last year when he covered a blog feature called "Sex Toy or Dog Toy Saturday," there has been a trend toward making actual sex toys cuter. A lot of them look like they could be dog toys. For instance, take the adorable and infamous "I Rub My Duckie." On first glance, would you take this into the bedroom, or toss it to the dog?

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I Rub My Duckie

Unless, of course, you had the bondage model, which looks a little bit less innocent. Any dog that grabs either of them is going to get a very surprising shot of vibration in the teeth.

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The lesson? Stay organized. Keep all your toys in their appropriate, appointed places. And, of course, make sure that your dogs understand which toys are theirs, and which are not.

Via The Daily Dot

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Latest Flea Prevention News

Angie's List: Preventive care for pets during summer months
"Especially during these summer months preventative care for your pets is important when it comes to parasites because it's very easy for them to pick up fleas, for example," said Angie's List Owner, Angie Hicks. "The treatment is much more expensive
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The Parasites That Plague Our Cats
–Some cats develop an allergy to the bite of the flea. Flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) is one of the most common allergies diagnosed in cats. Because the allergy is a reaction to a substance in the flea's saliva, it takes only one flea bite to cause an
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GIVEAWAY: Win a Kyjen Cross Slider Interactive Toy!

It’s hot. Really, really hot. You know that you need to exercise your dog but you can’t tear yourself away from the air-conditioner for an extended workout. What’s the answer? Now…

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Wallace The Pitbull Celebrates His 11th Birthday | Video

After a diagnosis of hemangiosarcoma, Wallace, a Pitbull, was given 2 weeks to 3 months without chemo. In this touching video, Wallace is celebrating his…

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Latest Topical News

'Snowpiercer' Is Sci-Fi With Some Topical Bite
Snowpiercer is a veritable United Nations of sci-fi films. Directed by the Korean Bong Joon-Ho ( The Host ), based on a French graphic novel and with a cast built around Captain America (Chris Evans), Oscar winner Octavia Spencer, Tilda Swinton, Jamie
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Warning about rare, serious hypersensitivity to topical acne products
Warning about rare, serious hypersensitivity to topical acne products. Rare but serious hypersensitivity reactions have been reported with the use of some over-the-counter (OTC) acne products, according to a warning from the Food and Drug
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Too Much Dog Poop Might Cause the Shutdown of a Park in Maine

Do you want a good reason to bag your dog’s poop when you take them on a walk? Here’s one: too much poop lying around could spread disease and the community could wind up losing a very nice space for humans and dogs alike.

This isn’t just some abstract possibility: In Rockland, Maine, the city is seriously considering shutting down Snow Marine Park, according to the Bangor Daily News, because of elevated levels of E. coli bacteria, which can cause urinary tract infections, diarrhea, and in certain strains, kidney failure or anemia.

Terry Pinto, director of the local wastewater treatment plant, gave a report this week at the City Council meeting where he said that E. coli levels in the park's surface water are higher than any he's ever seen. The safe level for E. coli is 400; the most recent tests in the park's water show levels of 16,000. The reason for the bacteria seems to be the dog poop left sitting around the park by visitors.

So now the city is looking at its options. Most of those options don't look good for dogs and their owners to continue using the park. Pinto recommended that the park be closed temporarily while lime is spread to disinfect the area. Afterward, the park could be reopened, but with dogs banned.

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E coli bacterial colony by Shutterstock.

Other people aren't so eager to have dogs banned from Snow Marine Park, which officials say is a "de facto dog park," although it's not designated as such. Interim City Manager Tom Luttrell recommended that other options could include more signs reminding people to scoop up their dog's poop, paired with better enforcement.

Whatever happens to Snow Marine Park, the point remains: Dog poop isn't just something icky that you have to scrape off your shoe. When dog owners can't be bothered to pick up their dog's poop, it can become a real health hazard. E. coli isn't the only disease-causing agent that lives in fecal matter. Various parasites such as hookworms and roundworms live in dog waste, as well as infectious diseases including the Parvo virus.

Here's hoping that Rockland can find a way to keep the park dog-friendly, and also that dog lovers everywhere learn to love those plastic bags.

Via Bangor Daily News

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