my dog has fleas !!??

Question by Jessica W: my dog has fleas !!??
my dog has a lot of fleas i think ? i know she has fleas !

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Answer by ratan

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Aren’t Beagle puppies just too adorable!  This is i’lemon -  he’s 4 months old and lives in Monaco. I met him walking around Port Hercule.


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Puppy Bowl IX Starting Lineup

Such excitement! Animal Planet has announced the starting line-up for tomorrow’s Puppy Bowl X. The little girl featured in this video, August, is a 12-week old Boxer mix from Northwest Boxer Rescue in Ellensburg, Washington. Check out the whole line-up! If you’ve not watched this show before, it is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. […] Dog Blog

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Nice Pet Itch photos

Some cool Pet Itch images:

365.13 – scratching an itch
Pet Itch

Image by nettsu
when stuck for inspiration… seek out your nearest rainbow lorikeet ;)

If it itches, Herbie, 14 Jan 12
Pet Itch

Image by Castaway in Scotland

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photoDaniel of iRatherBeInFlorida posted a video review of Halo Spot’s Stew cat food on YouTube:

Daniel’s cat “Alana” loved it so much that she helped herself to the bag that was left on the dining room table. Daniel likes the fact that it’s all nature and healthy for your pets. Her cat Alana is very picky and she opened the bad herself and loved it!

Daniel states “I also like too that it’s backed by Ellen DeGeneres…she’s quite the healthy eater herself”. Therefore Daniel highly recommends this product and so does Alana!

Check out her video review:


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A Judge Says It’s Okay for a Dog-Torturer to Own Animals

Russell Seese of Greentown, Pennsylvania, tortured his dog Lexi, a Labrador/Pit Bull mix last year.

That’s not an allegation; in the legal sense, it’s a fact that Seese duct-taped Lexi’s paws together, did the same with her mouth, then tossed her into a chicken coop without food or water.

On these grounds, Seese was convicted of animal cruelty in December 2013, although his sentence was light: A $ 500 fine (although the minimum is $ 1,000) and 48 hours to 12 months in jail. Less than a month later, he has completed his jail time. Although there has been outrage over the leniency of the sentence, the point that’s been attracting the most attention is that last week, Pike County Judge Joseph Kameen refused to prohibit Seese from owning animals.

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Lexi, bound with duct tape, as she was found in the chicken coop.

The Pike County District Attorney's Office petitioned Kameen to correct the fine to the mandatory minimum required by law, and on Thursday, the judge acknowledged that he had made a mistake and increased Seese's fine to $ 1,000. But at the same time, the D.A. also asked that Seese be prohibited from owning or having custody of any animal, either in a personal or professional capacity, for two years. Judge Kameen denied the request and let the original sentence stand with the extra $ 500 added on to make it conform to the law.

Lexi is safe from Seese now; she was taken in by a rescue group, renamed Jaynah, and is about to be adopted into a permanent home. But on Thursday, the judge formally acknowledged that Seese has the right to go out and get another dog, or to be employed taking care of animals. We can hope that he won't, but that's all we can do.

So far, the harshest consequence of Seese's assault on his dog has been outside the courtroom. Because of the controversy over his arrest, protesters flooded the Pike County Conservation District, where he worked as a resource conservationist. Eventually, the county commissioners fired him, and he's currently unemployed. Seese's attorney Wieslaw Niemozynski says that he's amazed at how many outraged calls have come to his office because of his client.

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Judge's Gavel by Shutterstock.

I don't like either of those things. The whole point of our legal system is that justice shouldn't be administered by maddened crowds. I've had too many friends whose lifestyles or beliefs were unpopular or "strange" to be able to cheer when public condemnation makes it impossible for someone to get a job or legal representation. That even includes dog torturers.

But part of rising above mob rule is that we should be able to expect reasonable punishments for cruelty and violence. It's certainly reasonable to ask that Seese not be allowed to just go out and get another dog to beat up. I hope he doesn't. But unfortunately, under the judge's decision, all I or anyone can do is hope.

Via Pocono Record

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ill my snake get mites?

Question by mariapaula_5: ill my snake get mites?
I was handling my school snake and she has mites ….. Will I pass this on to my snake at home

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Answer by Lee S
Yes. Take care to clean both cages thoroughly everyday. If you are not already using newspaper as a substrate do so, there is nothing better. Do take objects from outdoors and put it into snake enclosures, this is a sure fire way to bring in the mites. You can soak the snakes and even cover them lightly with mineral oil to help get rid of the mites. Be careful not to get the mineral oil into nasal passages. Mites are a pain, but can be gotten rid of and avoided in the future. Take care and good luck!

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Foster Puppies

Meet Amy

 and Bernadette (aka Bernie). 

They are two pups that are with the Windy City Canine Rescue that Marlin is letting us foster.  :)  There are 8 pups in the litter of Springer Spaniel pups – the mom was purchased from an ad on kijiji and when she went to get her spayed, the vet discovered she was pregnant.  Sure enough a few days later, 8 little cuties pop out.  As often seems to be the case, by the time the pups start to be about 5 weeks old, the owner of the mom is starting to feel overwhelmed by the extra responsibilities she wasn’t planning on.  (And by the amount of poop these two produce, I’m not surprised!) So into rescue they came.  2 other ones are with Lorelei and the other 4 are with another foster home.

The first day was a breeze… all they did was sleep, eat and poop. They would be awake for maybe 5 minutes after pooping and then go back to sleep.

Their first night was also a breeze.  We kept our door open so we would hear them if they got upset (they are downstairs in the kitchen) but we didn’t hear a peep.

These last two days have been more active and fun. Their little tails wag like crazy when they see me in the morning.  They eat their meals like champs. Bernadette even licks out the dish! (Coulee would be proud had she noticed, but seeing as she can’t bring herself to look at them…)

I took them outside yesterday at lunch for an hour or so.  After spending a bit of time getting their bearings they had a great time running around and playing.

We’ve done pretty casual intros with the other critters in the house.  The girls want nothing to do with them for the most part, but I could see Lacey debating whether or not she was excited or scared yesterday when they were outside so I bet, given a little more time, they’ll hit it off.

The puppies are super respectful.  A little grumble from Coulee (from 2 feet away) sends them sprawling on their backs.  A hiss from Lu gets them to back up.  Jack is shockingly the most comfortable with them. Amy was just relaxing on my lap last night and Jack came up and sniffed her, let her sniff him and even take a gentle little nibble at his tail.  :)

It’s cute seeing little bits of personality already.  Loud noises send Bernie looking for safety.  She doesn’t like it when Coulee barks, when the smoke alarm went off or when there are any sudden noises.  In new places though, she is the first to go off exploring.  Amy needs a moment to take everything in, but once she decides it’s OK, she seems the braver of the two.  She is smitten with Coulee and Lacey and wags her little tail furiously at them whenever she sees them, but doesn’t go running up to them. She just sits and stares and wags.
Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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Keeping Up With the Puppies

Whoever raises litters of puppies for fun is crazy.  Last week was a breeze – the puppies would play for a bit, sleep for hours and repeat.

This week is a different story.  They play for hours, sleep for a bit and repeat.  Last week their teeth and jaws were ineffective at destroying anything, this week I’ve caught them gnawing away at the baseboards, electrical cords, shoelaces, and more.  Thankfully only the baseboards have shown any wear, but I’ve got to be on my toes.

Lacey has started to play with them, Coulee thinks we brought them home to torture her.  The cats are pretty indifferent – Jack walks away when they get too close and Lu gives them a gentle (claws in) bop on the head when she’s had enough of their sniffing.  They are pretty respectful puppies and tend to grovel when they are told to back off – which is a good thing.

They are still the cutest things ever.

Oh and did I mention we brought a third one into the mix?  This is Leslie. She is quite a sweetheart and has been doing a good job of keeping the play between all of them a little more balanced.

Its amazing how similar they are, yet there are little differences too.  Leslie was the first to go up the stairs (by a few days) but they can now all go up, but no one can (or at least no one does) go down.

Amy is starting to develop colour patches that I swear weren’t there before.  See that little brown smudge next to her eye?  I thought it was dirt. LOL  Turns out it is brown fur.  She’s got another patch on her back and a tiny hint of black on the edge of one of her ears.

Amy and Bernie will bark a little bit while playing but we’ve never heard Leslie do anything but whine.

Bernie is the first to explore new objects but Leslie is the first to explore new places.  Amy likes to sit back and assess the situation before making her move.

They have quite the speedy little runs now when they want.  When Coulee and Lacey try and get away they tend to have a little pack running behind them.  It is really cute to watch.

After much snarling and posturing, Lacey finally caved to the pressure of the puppies and now plays with them. Her favourite game is when she lays on the couch and they reach up to get her.  She tends to play more with them outside and occasionally tries to take on all three at once.

Bernie likes to sample the grass.  And the leaves.  And anything else she can find.

My favourite time is when they are just about to settle in to sleep.  They have the cutest little gentle play sessions.  Their favourite place is the big West Paw bed in the living room.

It doesn’t matter how hard they try, Coulee is immune to their charms.

We’ve got them for almost 2 more weeks before they go home. They are actually going off to meet their first family tonight.  It’s going to be bittersweet when they leave I think.  I’m going to miss the little gaffers.

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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How do I know when a yeast infection is gone and I can eat a lil sugar again?

Question by dancer8582002: How do I know when a yeast infection is gone and I can eat a lil sugar again?
i think my yeast infection is caused by too much sugar..when do i know for sure it’s ok to eat a little sugar again without the infection coming back?

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Answer by eastcoastdebra
If you are prone to yeast infections from eating sugar, it will come back

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