Holistic flea topical treatment or spray for cats?

Flea Topical
by DDFic

Question by .: Holistic flea topical treatment or spray for cats?
I’m seeking a natural remedy to apply to my cat to keep off fleas. So far, in my research I’ve come upon websites only suggesting how to rid of fleas that are ALREADY infesting, and spraying the yard with a chemical isn’t a change at all, it’s still a chemical. Garlic is TOXIC for cats, so nobody recommend garlic as I’ve read some misinformed people telling cat owners to do so. My only other source is a good diet, as fleas only invade animals of poor health. I’m hesitant to believe this, however… parasites are parasites I do doubt they discriminate unless a cat owner of 20 years in holistic care can tell me otherwise.

Best answer:

Answer by bloomorningglory
Holistic vet in my area recommends the usual – Frontline or Sentinel. I personally keep the cat inside and skip the flea prevention. :)

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Shelter Sunday: Home For Friendless Animals, Inc. / Waynetown, IN

Meet Cooper! This lab mix is living in Waynetown, Indiana, courtesy of Home for Friendless Animals, Inc. Here’s what their website has to say about this handsome fella. Cooper had a home & knows his name. He knows “sit” & “come”. He is very affectionate & misses having companionship. He is about 75 lbs & […]

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Cool Tick images

Some cool Tick images:

Tick on the job

Image by John Tann
Tick, a species of Ixodidae, burrowing into a tee shirt. Jarrahdale State Forest, Western Australia, November 2011.

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Niki1Diane in New Richmond, Ohio wrote to ask for my insight into her puppy’s house training problem, saying:

“We are at our wits’ end. My husband is about ready to put an ad in the paper! I need to stop this before it gets out of hand! We bought our German shepherd/Rottweiler mix puppy Niki in November from a family in Indianapolis – the mother was a Rottweiler and the father was a German shepherd. She was about 6 or 7 weeks old at the time and is 6 months old now. She seemed to be a really smart dog. Learned the standard “sit”, “down”, etc. pretty quickly. But we are having a heck of time with potty training..

We will take her outside to do her “business” and she gets “rewarded” with a treat. But she would continue to “go” in the house. We find “piles” behind furniture or down in the laundry. I took her to Vet and he said she had a bladder infection. Treated that. Everything was fine for a week. Then back to the same routine. But now she will go outside and sit – do nothing, come inside and relieve herself right in front of us!! The Vet says it is still a bladder infection and that she needs to be spayed. I don’t see how spaying will correct the pooping and peeing in the house (especially right in front of us!!). We have tried keeping her in a crate then putting her outside – same thing happens – she sits out there and comes inside to poop or pee. Any ideas?”

My advice to Diane- and anyone out there with a puppy – is that you absolutely need to have a strict clear routine and schedule. And you have to use the crate as a consistent and integral part of the puppy training. My book THE DOG BIBLE has a simple and short description of the tried-and-true formula for house training any pup. Your puppy lives in the crate – that is her home, period. Every single time anyone opens the door of that crate, the puppy must go outside immediately after the door opens – morning, daytime, evening, or night – every time. And each time you take her on a leash to an “elimination spot” where she has gone before.

You don’t let her play around – she has to eliminate and then immediately get a Halo treat. Then you release her with whoops! of joy and let her run around and play. After playing she needs to be taken on leash to the elimination spot and given praise and a Halo treat instantly after she goes. Then she is returned to her crate. She has to be under absolute supervision indoors when she is out of her crate. No run of the house. Not even loose in the kitchen with baby gates. If your puppy has left a “present” for you behind a sofa or in a closet, that means you failed her- you set her up for failure by letting her roam around without clear boundaries of where certain bodily functions were supposed to happen exclusively.

She needs to empty her bladder and bowels after any rest time in the crate – and then again after playing. Mealtimes are the best time to teach bowel habits because if you snap on her leash and walk her immediately after eating, you will quickly teach her body to eliminate after food intake.

Halo makes a great puppy food with their wonderful ingredients – make sure you feed both meals at precisely the same times every day. Then you must go right outdoors to the spot where she will soon learn she should do “her business.” Then play with her – and the moment you are done, let her eliminate again, then she goes right back in the crate (and you can toss a Halo Liv-a-Little into the crate to make re-entry even more appealing!)

No puppy should have the run of the house- as you can see with Niki it just confused her about what her people wanted. Niki is smart and learned commands easily – that’s great! It means that if she gets clear and concise indications from her people about where to relieve herself – reinforced with a tasty Halo treat – the very consistent schedule and confinement to the crate the rest of the time, means they will be setting their dog up for success.

As soon as you are sure the puppy understands the rules of the house, you can leave that crate door open and let her come and go at will. Just remember, you still want her to go right outdoors after meals to teach her body good habits.

Tracie Hotchner is the author of THE DOG BIBLE: Everything Your Dog Wants You to Know and THE CAT BIBLE: Everything Your Cat Expects You to Know. She is also a renowned pet radio host and producer, having spent 7 years on the Martha Stewart Channel of Sirius/XM with CAT CHAT® and even longer with her award-winning NPR radio show DOG TALK® (and Kitties, Too!) that continues to broadcast in the Hamptons and the Berkshires. Her most recent accomplishment is the pet talk radio network she has created on the Internet called The Radio Pet Lady Network.


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Dec 16, Dog Stomach | Best Dog Food Guide

Into the dog stomach – getting serious with acid and cutting enzymes.
Dog Food Blog | Best Dog Food Guide

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Let’s Talk About Instagram

Let's Talk About Instagram // Bubby and Bean

I joined Instagram a couple of years ago, which actually made me a little late to the Insta-party.  So many of my blogger pals had already been ‘gramming for quite some time at that point, but I was one of those stubborn BlackBerry users who took forever to let go.  After I finally made the switch to an iPhone and signed up for an IG account – something about which I’d been omg-so-excited for months – I didn’t even use it all that much.  Between Twitter, Facebook, and the what sometimes feels like 5 million other social media apps out there, on top of the blog, I felt like I was already spending plenty of time oversharing without adding a picture app into the daily mix.

But somehow, over time, Instagram won.  These days I use it more than any other platform (Pinterest is a close second, but that’s another post).  There’s just something about being able to quickly share an image and a brief caption as a means to visually display a moment in your life.  It’s easy, simple, streamlined, and no fuss. For the most part, there’s no planning or over-editing or vast amounts of time involved. You take a picture with your phone, you share it.  In less than a couple of minutes, you’ve told a story.  Then you scroll through your feed and quickly get to see lots of other people’s stories, without a big time commitment.  It works.

Instagram is no longer just for pictures of food or babies (guilty!) or dogs or sunsets or ‘selfies’ either.  More and more brands are using it as a means of promotion through giveaways, product placement, and mini ads. (Some brands even attribute their success to IG.)  Celebrities use it to post candid shots of their ‘real lives.’  Bloggers use it as a micro-blogging platform.  (I even know some bloggers who have said goodbye to their blogs all together in favor of Instagram).  And here I am, devoting a full blog post to it.  To an app.  It’s not even a new app or an app that people haven’t posted about a hundred times before.  Yet somehow, even years after its introduction, it’s still worth mentioning.  Its growth (from number of users to reasons for using) has been exponential.  At least in my eyes, Instagram has become a pretty big deal. 

What are you thoughts on the IG phenomena, and the role it plays in the online community these days?  And if you’re an Instagram user, please leave your username and/or link in the comments so I can check out your photos!  You can find me and follow along under username bubbyandbean, or by clicking right here.

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cats have fleas?????!!!!!?

Question by Abigail: cats have fleas?????!!!!!?
We have tried everything. All 3 of my cats have fleas. We have tried topical treatments, pills, everything. Our last resort are flea collars. My question is is how long theyll take to work. We had put flea collars on them on saturday but all that the fleas are doing is moving down towards their tail. Is this all that they do?
We have treated the house. We’ve treated all their bedding and everything.

Best answer:

Answer by Qwabbs
Flea collar are horrible they can cause all sorts of things to your cats i reccomend using Frontline

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Dog Fighting Ring Busted in Alabama

WSFA.com: News Weather and Sports for Montgomery, AL. Two years of investigation drew to a close last week when 161 indictments were handed down to six people who had been running a dog fighting operation in New Site, Alabama. A total of 55 dogs, mostly Pit Bulls, were rescued from three different sites, but three […]

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Just like Anna, I also would like to help by donat…

Just like Anna, I also would like to help by donation. How do I contact then? Via BAD RAP?

Maybe Carol and Peter can pay in Craig's list and provide the link here.

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tornado-catAfter two days of frantic worry, a Washington, Ill. couple was reunited with their two beloved cats, who went missing during the Midwest tornados a few weeks ago.

With barely enough time to get to safety, the Broyles family was devastated when they couldn’t coax their two cats into the basement closet with them before the storm hit their home.

According to the Peoria Journal Star, Ben and Yvonne Broyles heard the tornado coming and brought their daughter and their cats with them to the basement. The family then made their way to a closet but could not get the cats to join them. And there was no time to go searching for them. Once Ben shut the closet door, the tornado hit, leveling their home.

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