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Bearded Dragon Secret Manual

Bearded Dragon Secret Manual Bearded Dragon Care: Find Out How 93.7% Of Bearded Dragon Owners Make These 37 Deadly Mistakes Unintentionally That Torturing Their Beloved Beardie To Death Bearded…

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PetsitUSA Updates

There hasn’t been any pet food recalls reported by the FDA over the past week, but if you have heard of any, let us know.  Visit our Facebook website about questions related to pet sitting.  There is an interesting debate about whether or not you should raise your prices each year.  Some do not, while others think a small increase is safe.  There was also a recent story about a heroic dog, Gabe.  You can read more about how he has saved lives at

If you have any news or questions, let us know!

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Cool Ticks images

Check out these Ticks images:


Image by John Tann
Tick, a species of Ixodidae. Royal National Park, NSW Australia, February 2012.

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2012 Gift Guide: Kyjen Gingerbread House Puzzle

We love toys that keep our dogs busy…especially when bad winter weather rolls around. Toys that encourage your dog to think serve as exercise for your dog and help relieve boredom on days when…

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DogTipper: Saving $ and Saving Dogs with America’s Pet Economist

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Sep 17, Traveling with your dog | Best Dog Food Guide

Dog friendly vacations – Before taking your pet with you ask yourself: what is in it for my pet?
Dog Food Blog | Best Dog Food Guide

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Lilou and Poupi

These two Cavaliers – two years old and half-sisters -  were competing at the Agility competition in Menton.  I’m really not sure if the little beauty in the main photo is THIS DOG (flying over the fences)  or not. What do you think?

They are called Lilou and Poupi and live in Cannes.


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Sanofi: Q3 2012 Business EPS(1) reflects patent expirations

Sanofi: Q3 2012 Business EPS(1) reflects patent expirations
The injunction against sales of PetArmor® Plus remains in effect and the generic product is not on the market. Third-quarter sales of the Production Animals segment were EUR 189 million, up 5.1%, driven by the Veterinary Public Health segment (+46.2%)
Read more on MarketWatch (press release)

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A Dog’s Favorite Place: The Park (Part 1)

A Dog’s Favorite Place: The Park (Part 1)


Parks are the most popular spots in the city for owners to take their dogs. It’s the one place where owners can let their dogs run loose and play with other dogs. Many dog owners like going to the parks because it gives them a chance to meet and chat with other dog owners. Most dog owners are amused by the fact that they remember the names of the different dogs but not the names of the owners.


Though I have no problem with dogs playing with each other in the parks, I do have a problem with owners who just congregate together and don’t play with their dogs. Dog owners often forget that they should be the main focus of their dog, not other dogs. The park is such a great environment to train a dog and owners who do no more than just stand together talking do their dogs a disservice. This also gives a dog a false sense of total freedom – your dog blocks you out while playing with other dogs.


You can alleviate this problem by occasionally whistling for your dog to come to you while standing with the other owners. When he comes to you, praise him and then let him play with the other dogs once again. By doing this, your dog learns that even though he is coming to your call, it doesn’t mean you are going to leash him and take him home. You don’t want your dog to associate coming to you with killing his good time. That is why owners have a hard time calling their dogs back to them in the park. Dogs know that the only time they are called by their owners is when it’s time to leave.


Instead of just standing there with the other owners, move quietly away from them and stand off to the side. When your dog looks for you among the group of owners, he will be alarmed that you are not there. You are preying on his sense of insecurity – he is going to panic as he looks for you. This is good – you want to be your dog’s main focus, not other dogs in the park. He will come to you full of excitement at having found you.


Another problem with groups of owners getting together in the park is that you can get some bad advice. When you get your dog, you will quickly discover how many owners act like experts about dogs, and you will get a lot of free advice. You will get all kinds of training and medical opinions – some of it good and some just a lot of old myths.


Puppy owners need to understand the pack mentality of dogs. Any group of dogs playing in a park form a pack mentality within ten minutes of being together. Now if a puppy runs into the pack, the dynamic is thrown off balance and tension can easily develop. The dogs tower over the puppy to investigate. Some dogs don’t like puppies, especially if the puppy is hyper or cocky. There’s a good chance such pups can get bit. Pups also tend to get trampled on and can physically get hurt when playing with mature dogs. That is why I don’t like owners taking their puppies to parks to play with big dogs. Puppies need to play with puppies in their own peer group. You wouldn’t let your five-year-old child play football with thirteen-year-old kids, so why have your pup play with mature dogs?

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Can I Train My Dog to Protect My House and Play with Dogs and People Outside?

He is a 2 year old male German shepherd, and he is very playful both inside and outside, but here's the problem – He doesn't really bark at strangers (unless they have dogs with them) and tends to pull the leash when I walk him near other dogs, so I'm afraid to let him loose in the dog park…

Anyway my question is can I train him to be friendly to other dogs and people but still protect my house from potential thieves by barking instead of licking them to death?


Its unusual for a male gsd not to be at least a bit territorial on his own property. But some lines of the gsd can be slow to mature and don`t start to bark at strangers until 2 and a half years old. Your gsd is obviously quite a confident natured dog if he is friendly to people and other dogs which is better than having a gsd who is afraid and nervous of people.
Even so, no dog however much it barks is going to 100% protect your house against intruders without specialised training which is quite costly. The mere presence of a gsd will in most cases be enough to deter most thieves.
You could try and contact a professional ppd trainer who can assess your dogs temperament and advise you if the dog has a suitable temperament to be trained to protect. This does not come cheap. Do not attempt this yourself as you could ruin your dog for life.
Firstly though, it would help if you enrolled in a good dog obedience club as basic training is the foundations to all other types of training and needs to be done first.
Hope this helps a bit.

Source: Can I Train My Dog to Protect My House and Play with Dogs and People Outside?

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