Study: Puppy Mills Are Selling Thousands of Dogs Online

A scathing new report from the International Fund for Animal Welfare finds that puppy mills are doing a massive business through online puppy-sale websites. How bad is it? Each day, the report claims, hundreds of thousands of puppy-mill puppies are advertised online. 

“The Internet is the Wild West of puppy mills. It’s a 24/7 unmonitored, anonymous marketplace, the world’s largest marketplace,” Jeff Flocken, director of the IFAW office in Washington, told the Huffington Post. “It’s very difficult to monitor and therefore easy for sellers to circumvent laws.” 

On one day in July, nine investigators from IFAW and 16 volunteers tracked ads on six sites known for high-volume puppy sales: Animaroo, DogsNow, NextDayPets, PuppyFind, PuppyTrader, and TerrificPet. They also scoured three more general-interest sites: Craigslist, eBay Classifieds, and Oodle. 

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Lonely dog in a cage by Shutterstock.

They found 733,000 puppies for sale out of nearly 10,000 puppy ads. Investigators determined that 62 percent of those ads were from puppy mills. How do they determine whether an online ad is from a puppy mill? 

According to HuffPo, "Investigators used a variety of factors ... including if the seller screens potential owners, if puppies under eight weeks old are offered, and if the same puppy is advertised as a different puppy elsewhere."

Other criteria include whether sites have no-refund or -return policies, whether 20 or more puppies are simultaneously advertised, whether the seller offers registration papers, whether ads include slogans such as "Easter Pets" or "Christmas Pets," and whether it appears that images of puppies have been digitally placed into different settings.

Flocken also said that another sign is whether the seller will let you visit the kennel: “Never buy an animal unless you can see the facility in which it was raised.”

The report went on to break down the sellers themselves, as well. Animaroo was the worst offender, with 85 percent of the ads seeming to come from puppy mills. Next was PuppyTrader (64 percent) followed by DogsNow (62 percent), NextDayPets (61 percent), PuppyFind (55 percent), and TerrificPets (44 percent). 

Needless to say, you should never buy a puppy from any of these sellers.  

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When confronted with the evidence, Dean Hamill, president of, told HuffPo that he bans breeders who receive a complaint "with merit."

"Breeders of bad reputation are usually found out quickly with this type of feedback," he said.

He also disputed the report: "The writers even admit to the report's likely inaccuracy by using their criteria to come to a conclusion that the advertisers were to be classified as only 'likely a puppy mill.'" 

With the report, IFAW aims to increase consumer awareness and keep websites from posting ads from puppy mills. The group held a press conference in Los Angeles with actor Ben Stein. 

“Consumers opting to purchase puppies over the Internet are duped into believing they are buying from reputable breeders,” Stein said. “The cute puppy images shown on many seller websites hide the heartbreaking reality of the overcrowded and unsanitary conditions in which the dogs are housed.”

To see the full report, click here

Via the Huffington Post

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Allergic to what?

Some cool skin allergies images:

Allergic to what?
skin allergies

Image by ejhogbin
Oh you should have seen the look on my doctor’s face when I told him (rather politely) that there was NO WAY I was allergic to wool. I looked at him with my one good eye and may have uttered threats with the other.

poor Egon’s skin allergy
skin allergies

Image by dusty_pen
randomly broke out in a rash on the way to the vet

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{Book Review} 101 Moments of Trust: Inspiring Thoughts for Believing in God’s Promises and 101 Moments of Prayer: Inspiring Thoughts for Listening to God

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Sunflower Faith

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Documents Related to Jerky Treats Investigation Released by FDA

Many pet owners have been concerned about the dog treats they are giving their pets.  The jerky dog treats made in China are especially troubling, but the Food and Drug Administration has not yet issued a recall.  Thousands of people have contacted the FDA with their concerns about the jerky treats because they believe their dogs have gotten sick after eating the products.  The controversy surrounding the jerky treats has been going on for years, but you can now see some of the documents from the investigation online.  You can find links to the inspection reports on 4 of the 5 Chinese plants inspected by the FDA.  The investigation continues, but the fact that there hasn’t been an official recall has not stopped pet owners from buying the products.  Many people are   pushing retailers to stop selling the treats.

You can read the article at ABC Action News.

PetsitUSA Blog

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Scentsy Fundraiser for 2 Million Dogs

Out of all of those nights the boys and I slept in a tent, I’ve had my fair share of wet, stinky fuzzybutt smell.  And maybe I had a mighty good stink on myself a time or two.  
A few months back a dear friend of ours from Bowling Green and dog rescue coordinator, Deana Wehr, turned me on to Scentsy candles and this holiday season, she is donating a percentage of sales to 2 Million Dogs.  
Click on the nearby pic of Pooki bear or here to purchase some of these clever candles and they don’t burn with a traditional flame so there’s no risk of setting the house on fire.  The fundraiser is from today until December 18th, the last day to place an order and receive it by Christmas day.  
Thank a ton Deana and Happy Holidays to all our friends in the City of White Squirrels!

2 Dogs 2,000 Miles

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Pet Food Handling Safety

There are many steps you can take when handling pet foods and treats to help prevent foodborne illness, including Salmonella-related illness.

Salmonella in pet foods and treats can cause serious infections in your pets and in people too, especially children, older people, and those with compromised immune systems. Salmonella can inadvertantly be transferred to people handling the contaminated products.

Pet owners and consumers can also help reduce the likelihood of infection from contaminated pet foods and treats by following safe handling instructions:


- Purchase products in good condition, without signs of damage to the packaging such as dents or tears.


- Wash your hands for 20 seconds with hot water and soap before and after handling pet foods and treats.

- Wash pet food bowls, dishes, and scooping utensils with soap and hot water after each use.

- Do not use the pet’s feeding bowl as a scooping utensil—use a clean, dedicated scoop or spoon.

- Dispose of old or spoiled pet food products in a safe manner, such as in a securely tied plastic bag in a covered trash receptacle.


- Refrigerate promptly or discard any unused, leftover wet pet food. Refrigerators should be set at 40º F.

- Dry products should be stored in a cool, dry place—under 80º F.

- If possible, store dry pet food in its original bag inside a clean, dedicated plastic container with a lid, keeping the top of the bag folded closed.

- Keep pets away from food storage and preparation areas.

- Keep pets away from garbage and household trash.

Important Information About Feeding Your Dog

Dog Food Comparisons

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The Dog Food Comparison Blog

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Are You Feeding Your Dog The Right Food?

When you shop for dog food do you often wonder whether you are feeding your dog the right food or not?

It’s important that you get reliable advice about feeding your dog a healthy diet. If you’re like me, heading for the pet store to buy something healthy and nutritious for your pet dog can be a daunting experience. There are so many brands and types of dog food on the shelves and I don’t have hours to spend reading the long list of ingredients on every single bag.

When my dog was younger I faithfully followed the vet’s advice and paid higher-than-normal prices for my dog’s food purchased from the vet. As the years progressed and my dog’s taste buds seemed to change to encompass anything he could find to eat, I started shopping for his food at both the pet store and the grocery store. If I thought the pet store was a palace of confusion when shopping for his food, I wasn’t ready for the massive selection of dog food and treats vying for my attention from the grocery shelves. Perhaps “leering at me” is a better way to describe the cornucopia of selections at any supermarket I visited. And if you’ve ever shopped at a “super center” grocery, you have a good idea of how choosing what’s right for your dog becomes a massive chore.

When you’re shopping for food for your pet dog, take the time to discover what is REALLY in the can or bag of food you’re buying. Learn how to read the labels to protect your dog from ingredients that are of no value to your pet and may be injurious to its long-term health. Many ingredients in pet food have no nutritional value and are only added to create volume or add flavor when there is none from natural ingredients. Try to avoid products that have wheat or corn as their first ingredient. Meat or meat-by-products should be the first ingredient listed if you care about providing healthy, nutritional food for your pet.

Your loving pet deserves the same consideration you give yourself when deciding whether to buy or not buy a particular food item at the store. Feed your dog the right food by giving it only healthy products that will help it grow correctly. Feed your dog the healthiest food you can afford, and you’ll be rewarded by having your pet around a lot longer to keep you company.

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Nice Mite photos

Check out these Mite images:

Mite on Slug (B)

Image by NZ Alex
Another go at capturing the mite that was an unexpected visitor with this slug.

Note: Any creative commons license applied to this image is in addition to certain restrictions. See my profile for more information.

Bow mites

Image by jc5083
My viola bow is coming home soon. I peeked into the case today and found live wriggling mites as well as a couple carcasses. I feel dirty.

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Kooly The Bear And Friends Give Back To America

True American Dog

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