A Dog’s Life? We’ll Take It! We Get Cookies in the Mail

We here at Dogster and Catster are continually impressed with the level of skill, talent, and kindness among our community members. It must be something about loving animals that makes us so darn pawsomely creative and nice. When we came across public artist Sue Betanzos’ textured and colorful dog art, we were awww struck. When we learned that she also bakes and decorates by hand adorable cat-shaped cookies, we knew we weren’t worthy!

Despite our lack of worthiness, Sue sent us a little package of “gratitude cookies” in the shape of a spotted dog, rainbow-colored dog bones, and little hearts to thank us for featuring her amazing creations on our sites.

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So cute! You can see Vicky in the background daydreaming about how awesome our Dogster readers are.

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No, Sue, thank YOU for being awesome!

We wish we could have recorded the chorus of approval that swept our headquarters as we unwrapped the magically packaged goods. Nestled between the sheets of glitter tissue paper was an assortment of cookies almost too cute to eat (spoiler: we eventually did eat them, and they are as delicious as they are cute).

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How can we eat these? They are so cute!

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A work of art -- signed and everything. Thank you so much!

So thank you, Sue, and all of our wonderful Dogsters -- you make waking up and coming to the office every day totally worth it. We work hard to bring you the best in dog news, advice, and cuteness, and we're glad to know that you like us, you really really like us! 

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Wil Wheaton’s Dog Marlowe Videos the Pasadena Humane Society’s Wiggle Waggle Walk

The Pasadena Humane Society rang in October and National Walk Your Dog Week with the Wiggle Waggle Walk, a one- or three-mile jaunt around the Rose Bowl to raise money for the Pasadena Humane Society and SPCA, which provides shelter, food, and vet care for more than 12,000 animals. The events was accompanied by a full day of events such as K-9 demonstrations, contests, and agility shows. Participating was Marlowe the dog and her humans, one of which is Wil Wheaton.

Marlowe — with her humans’ help – recorded this video of the event. Follow adorable Marlowe, herself a rescue, as she walks with her “weird” parents, making friends along the way and pawsing to take a puppy nap. Throughout the walk, Marlowe gets to wear a green bandana, signifying her graduation from the Pasadena Humane Society. It was a pretty hot day, so Marlowe was careful to drink plenty of water and even got a doggie cupcake at the end.

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Wil Wheaton loves Marlowe, and he shows it.

Thanks to sponsored walkers such as Marlowe and her family, the Pasadena Humane Society surpassed its $ 300,000 goal by $ 16,000. The money will help other animals like Marlowe find their forever homes.

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FLEAS -_____-.,……………?

Question by Alex B: FLEAS -_____-.,……………?
ok, so ive literarly got back home half an hour ago, and what did i find? 2 fleas sitting on me. now im not where i got it from exactly but its fleas. I have a cat, who was gone for the week, cuz i was gone, but im suspecting there are more fleas around the house, what should i do? im gonna clean out the basement and my room tomoro, then spray it with some flea killer thing. i dont wanna call an exterminator but what else should i do?

Best answer:

Answer by bemco81
Ok well first take fleas seriously. 1 flea can lay 50+ eggs a day, everyday. Fleas can give your pets worms too, by chewing their skin and ingesting the flea. Topical meds don’t really work. Front-line, k9, all those are a temp relief. You need a pill from the vet. You wont even have to take your pet in. Just stop in and ask for a pill to treat fleas. Most vets will sell you the pills. Theres one called Capstar. (stop in a vets and ask for it) It works wonders. Treat your pet with capstar, put em’ in a room for bout an hour. Be prepared to clean up dead fleas from that room. (small room is best for the hr.) Meanwhile Home Depot sells a great product called Enforcer, Flea Spray For Homes. Its a large gal size red bottle with spray nozzle. Spray everything. Behind and under furniture, rugs, pet areas, wall trim, curtains, hardwood..I mean everything! Alternative..you could bomb the home but it requires much cleaning of chemical after wards, and you would have to leave for the day. The Spray is better, you can stay in your home and handle things sooner than bombing.
After you spray..should take at least an hr to get everything, go to room where pet is, let pet out and treat that room. I forget how long after treatment before you can vacuum and mop floors but it will tell you on bottle. Good Luck!

Add your own answer in the comments!

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Adopting The “Worried Dog” From An Animal Shelter

Adopting The “Worried Dog” From An Animal Shelter


When we adopt a dog from an animal shelter, we are also bringing home a personality that may not suite our household. This personality needs to be worked on and carefully trained. For example, many dog’s come out of an animal shelter as a “worrier”. The worried dog is a pup who frets over every loud noise, every strange-looking object, every unfamiliar person or situation.


Dogs who grow up without loving, reassuring families especially during early puppy-hood – are likely to become worriers, so shelters are full  of overly concerned canines. My first adopted dog – named Sebastian – was was one of these: he spent his first few weeks shrinking in terror from all sorts of things, from ballpoint pens to remote controls to men with beards. He still has doubts about vacuum cleaners and exhaust fans, but he’s learned to keep his anxiety in check, and he no longer fears new objects, experiences or people (even bearded ones).


Sebastian just needed to be exposed to as many new things and people as possible and to learn that they weren’t going to hurt him. If your adopted dog is a worrier, the best thing you can do for her is not to shelter her from the things that frighten her. That doesn’t mean, of course, that you should deliberately scare her, but you should make sure that she’s introduced to new objects, noises and acquaintances every day.


If your dog is uncertain, for instance, about your remote control, let her get used to it slowly; show it to her (just put it down or hold it still in front of her; don’t wave it in her face) and pet her. Say “What a brave girl -  this remote control isn’t scary” or something similarly reassuring, and (as with a submissive dog) demonstrate to her that you are happy and confident in the presence of the remote control, so she can be too. You can do the same thing if she gets anxious about a thunderstorm or a plane flying overheard. But if she runs to you for salvation when she’s scared by something, don’t reward her timidity by cuddling and praising her; just be upbeat and try to take her mind off her fear by playing a game or having a training session.


When you introduce her to new people, follow the same procedure as with a submissive dog: Both you and the new person must make the encounter as casual, non-threatening, and cheerful as possible for your pup. Chatter with her, make eye contact with her, pet her, even have the new person slip her a treat if necessary. She’ll learn that you’re not going to put her in situations that will harm her, and gradually she’ll begin to be a bit less on-edge about life in general.


By the way, lots of people who adopt submissive or shy dogs assume that their pups must have been physically abused in the past, and they respond with pity rather than positive training. More often than not, submission and shyness are the result not of direct abuse but of a lack of early education and socialization. If your dog cringes when you reach out to her, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s been hit; more likely, it simply means she didn’t grow up knowing that a hand moving toward her was something to welcome rather than fear. You can change her mind – but with gentle perseverance, not pity.

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The Point of a Prong training collar _ You dog is …

The Point of a Prong training collar _ You dog is a wolf" for all purposes- mother uses her bite at he neck for obedience – the collar crates a natural intinct to prevent pulling and help with other aspects- as opposed to the traditional 'choke' collar which can injure you pet- I have just gotten my second shepard – she is one yr- as oppossed to super young – she has been here 72 hrs and with her prong collar she is walking pretty with one finger on the leash at the heel and i never really had to Pull – just stop sit and walk slow- when she got her her owner could not control her a leash at all – pulling her down with – rubbery leash and buckle collar – choking self – correct breed and use is really great i swear – I learned of these collars in Germany- I was a sceptic until i read up and spoke to some trainer and – it works great for me with my shepards as the naturally are are guardian breed.

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Scratch Pet Land “Escargot Couleurs!”, Video: Qubo Gas

album: “Solo Soli iiiii”, sonig 2000 video: Qubo Gas

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Feeding Your Adolescent Dog

Remember we recently told you about a webinar we attended as part of the Nutro Knowledge Network? We talked with Dr. Jeff Werber about The Nutro Company’s new NATURAL CHOICE® Young Adult…

[[ This is a summary only. Click the title for the full post, photos, videos, giveaways, and more! ]]

DogTipper: Saving $ and Saving Dogs with America’s Pet Economist

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Mungo & Maud Offers Products (and Laughs) for the Pampered Pooch

Mungo & Maud is a U.K. based “dog and cat outfitter” that lives by the notion that “whoever said money can’t buy happiness was clearly not a dog.” With an emphasis on high-quality pet products such as hand-stitched leather collars, wool pet blankets, and miniature dog bags that can easily be mistaken for the latest Prada line, Mungo & Maud ain’t no Petco, that’s for sure.

While most of their items are a little out of our range, that doesn’t mean we can’t do a little Internet browsing and drool over their cozy quilted puffer dog coats, quaintly illustrated ceramic dog bowls, and charming stuffed-robot dog toy. If we had the money, we’d spend it all on our dogs, cause they deserve it!

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Do they make these in human sizes?

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So cute!

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Take us to your cuteness leader.


But what we really love about Mungo & Maud, besides its commitment to stylish high-quality pet products, is its cheeky sense of humor. When it informed us about its pop-up shop at Merci in Paris, we were particularly amused with its display of a fake dog casually lifting his leg on a pile of the postman's offerings, poking fun at the age-old rivalry.

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Someone has a sense of humor!

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What a neat way to display things!

We'd love to be in Paris for Fashion Week, but alas, we cannot go. Maybe someone can send us a postcard. And no, don't let the dog sign it.

Photos courtesy of Mungo & Maud

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Pulse: A New Way to View Dogster on Your Apple or Android Device

Just in case you can’t get enough of the dogcentric news, tips, cuteness, and opinion we have in spades here at Dogster Magazine, here’s one more way to get your fix. Pulse, a free app you can download onto your iPhone, iPad, Kindle, or Android, has recently started featuring headlines from Dogster and Catster. 

We love the elegant way our stories are laid out in this news app. It’s no surprise it was listed among Time‘s Top 50 iPhone Apps last year.

Here’s what we’ll look like on your iPad:

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And on your iPhone:

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Not bad, huh? Download the app (again, it's free!) here.

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