Q&A: What kind of flea prevention should i use for my kitten?

Question by abril: What kind of flea prevention should i use for my kitten?
She is about 8 weeks old and I’ve read the flea collars arent good for kittens so young. She is indoors but she already has some fleas from before we got her because she came from a farm where she was outdoors some. I’ve had awful experiences with fleas and I’d like to stop them before they get bad, ASAP. What kind of prevention should I use?

Best answer:

Answer by Jenni C
I use Frontline Spot On treatment (it looks like this http://www.vetuk.co.uk/images/fronline%20cat.JPG). It is quite easy to apply (although easier if you have 2 people, 1 to hold the cat and 1 to apply the liquid) and has worked almost instantly every time I’ve used it. I think it’s about £20 which sounds steep for 3 sachets but it’s good stuff and stops you wasting money on flea sprays and things that i don’t think work.

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How to Easily Potty Train a Maltese Dog.?

Hey everyone I was just hoping someone could help me potty train my Maltese dog. Please help it's really important I don't want to loose my dog. My parents might give her away. Thank you.


In your case, the breed is not the determining factor in terms of how to train your dog. In other words, there are a few guiding principles to use with all dogs.

Proper socialization – this includes knowing how to behave around people and other animals, as well as where it is acceptable to do his business and where it is not acceptable.

Establish a schedule – take the dog out for a walk at the same time every day, during which he will do his business. In time he will associate the time and the walk with when he will be going to the bathroom. You must be consistent with this. Keep this daily routine to avoid confusing the dog and staying on course with your training.

Establish clearly what is and what is not acceptable behavior – reward proper behavior and discourage improper behavior. Reward the proper behavior with an award – this could be in the form of a dog treat or something else the dog really enjoys (it could include playing a game with him, etc). Make sure that you praise the dog when he does his business as he should and in the right place.

When the dog engages in behavior that you don’t want him doing, discourage him by withholding the treat or whatever it is you give him when he does something right.

Teach him proper etiquette for indoor living – without this he will definitely continue soiling your home. Setting rules so that he knows what is and what is not appropriate will go a long way in achieving your goal.

When addressing the dog, remain calm, poised and positive. Use an authoritative voice, but do not become harsh. Also, make an effort to teach him the “sit” and “stay” commands.

The first two weeks of puppy training will be the most difficult, but if you persist and remain consistent in your efforts, you will soon have a well behaved dog in your home.

Best of luck!

Source: How to Easily Potty Train a Maltese Dog.?


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Cute Kitten Has Crazy Basketball Skillz [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2012-09-11 at 7.51.36 PMMeet Miau-chael Jordan

Watch this darling kitty perfect his ball-blocking skills! After all, he doesn't want to be charged with traveling. Who wants that?

[Related: David Baahkam-Soccer Playing Mountain Goat Has Skillz (VIDEO)]

While the itty bitty kitteh doesn't get a chance to actually bounce the ball, you can tell just by his form and focus that this kitty's the real deal.

Do we detect an NBA draft pick in his midst?



The Daily Treat: Animal Planet

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PetSolutions: How to Apply Flea Prevention Products to Your Dog or Cat

Flea and tick control & prevention is important for pets that go outside. Watch Dr. Brown from PetSolutions as he discusses different topical flea control products you can use with your cat, dog, kitten, or puppy. Products discuss include Frontline, Frontline plus, Advantage, Advantage II, and k9 Advantix II.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Get Prefurred Flea Tick Treatment for pets here: www.solutionsstores.com Prefurred is a topical solution that is used to control fleas, ticks, chewing lice as well as flea eggs and larvae. Containing the same active ingredients as Frontline Plus, Prefurred is a great choice to give your cat relief from fleas and ticks. Each Package contains a three month supply. Prefurred is designed to eliminate pests once they are on the pet.
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The dog, the barge, and the scars I’m going to have a hard time explaining

Well, we did it. Brody and I survived our first surfing competition.

Let me start by saying I never would have dared even show my face there had I not known the local surf dog community previously. They’re an accomplished bunch, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars and setting world records and getting on Times Square billboards and the like. They are also really good surfers. Next to them, Brody and I with our handful of goes on the board and our lackluster ability, were total rubes. But like all genuinely cool people, they were happy we, and everyone else, was there.

Brody and I had a quick lesson the day before with our friend Pawl Griffin, the absurdly adorable PBGV that is the P&G Petcare official VP of Canine Communications. Basically his job is to go to various events and be a good ambassador, even if it means surfing. He performed swimmingly, pun intended. He was fortunate enough to be taught to surf by two of the world’s best surf dog instructors, Peter Noll and surf pro Guy Takayama, who had him standing on the board and cruising in within minutes.


It wore him out.

The waves were gorgeous on Saturday. We frolicked in thigh high waves and gently rolled into shore, foolishly convincing ourselves that this was what it was always like. The next day, the day of the contest itself, would prove us wrong. But at the time, we were happy, my hair stayed dry, and I had nary a bruise to show for it.

Brody was in the last heat of the day, shortly after the costume contest where Ricochet and Judy took to the waves in a pile of wet yellow feathers. Told you they didn’t take themselves too seriously (and that is a compliment.)

I, on the other hand, was terrified. The waves were over my head today, choppy and rough under gray skies that threatened to open up at any moment. We had a different instructor for the contest, Secret Surfice Agent Phil, who took one look at Brody and said, “Oh my god, is he, like, 120 pounds?” (For the record, it’s 80.) Nonetheless, after evaluating his sturdy and furry frame, Phil decreed we would surf not on a regular longboard but on a stand up paddleboard, a wide Cadillac of a board that can best be described as a fiberglass barge.

This is why I asked Iams for help. Because there was no way me and my 120 pound dog and a 120 pound paddleboard would survive in those waves by ourselves, life jackets or not. I know my limits. But with Phil steering the board and me charged with keeping Brody on it, I figured we had it made. You saw the picture on Monday. You have to trust a dude in Spam boardshorts.


As we waited for our heat to start, I surveyed the competition. 10 of us in total, each color coordinated with our dog. Some, like the guy with the Go Pro strapped to his dog, were clearly pros. Others were unknowns. Brody and I had style going for us, that and Mike Arms giving us the thumbs up from the side, but that was about it. I silently said a prayer for two things:

1. Dear God, please don’t let us drown or get stung by a stingray.

and 2. Please don’t let us come in last.

I mean, I purposefully kept expectations low.

When the horn blew, we picked up our boards and ran to the water, scattering spectators left and right with our massive floating barge. Getting out into the waves in a competition like this was like storming the beach at Normandy in reverse, Phil rushing out ahead of us, me staggering in the undertow to keep up while getting slapped in the face with water. Dogs hurtling towards you balanced on boards but only moderately capable of steering away, projectiles which you were responsible for dodging. In the midst of this swirling maelstrom, I lifted Brody onto the board, a dead lift worthy of the finest Russian weightlifters, and we got him turned around.


“Are you riding with him?” asked Phil.

“No,” I said. “I think you get less points that way.”

Brody, who up to this point had been fine riding the waves solo, was a little less than thrilled on this occasion, since the second the wave carried him off he was no longer able to see me due to its rather large height. So he jumped off. And jumped off again. To me, paddling expectantly, happy to get on again but really mostly wanting me by his side.


“I think you need to ride with him,” said Phil. And he was right. First place, last place, disqualification, at that point, none of it mattered. My dog was kind of having fun, but I wanted him to really have fun. So I hopped on board.


I wasn’t really wanting to hop on board, as this meant my bedraggled, sand-embedded visage would be photographed much more closely than I would wish by the throngs of spectators clogging the shore, but what are you going to do. Brody needed me. With me steering behind him, reassuringly talking to him as we glided in, he happily stayed put on the board all the way to shore, looking steadfastly ahead like the Captain of the Surfing Barge that we was.


And seriously? Truthfully? It was a TON of fun. It’s reinforced my desire to get back out on a paddleboard post-haste.

When the horn sounded, we ran in, my daughter helpfully wiping away my badly-thought-out mascara. Brody greeted his fans.


I gave our rashguards back to Chad from Iams, who set up the entire adventure, and sent him to return them. He came back a minute later.

“Guess what?” he said, as I gave Brody a bowl of water.

“We came in last?” I said.

“You came in seventh!” he said, sounding as surprised as I felt. Seven out of ten, a veritable Jamaican bobsled team of a success, not a win but for someone with as little experience as we had, a major success. And then, “Are you ok?”

This was a refrain I was to hear over and over the next two hours. Apparently, in his zeal to get on and off the board, Brody gave me a Wolverine-worthy swipe or two with his bear claws. Love swipes, really. I didn’t feel a thing.

It looks worse than it is, though I’ve decided to skip shorts for the next week because most people are too polite to ask and simply blush and look away. Next year: Teflon wetsuit.

There’s no victory without pain, right? The agony and the ecstasy of extreme dog surfing. I am convinced to this day that had I not gotten on board with Brody, he would have pooped out within another wave or two, gone in early, and we would assuredly have come in last. Which would have been fine too, but how awesome is it that we did better as a team than we did by ourselves. For me and Brody, that is truly our story.

If you want a feel for what this insane beach party is like in person, here’s a video from the day. We’re not in it but a lot of dogs you might recognize are:

Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon 2012 from David Hebble on Vimeo.


Pawcurious: With Pet Lifestyle Expert and Veterinarian Dr. V.

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SuperZoo- Trends for Fall

Another day, another Vegas conference. I don’t what it is about Vegas, but even when I go for work and behave and don’t stay out late and don’t do anything more titillating than eating nachos at 11 at night in the 24 hour cafe, I still come back feeling like Axl Rose after an all night bender. I guess this is what getting older does to you, when the simple act of walking around a convention floor all day wipes you out.

Nonetheless, it was a good show. I have to say, there was nothing earth-shattering, nothing that will Rock Your World. I don’t think I was expecting it. Perhaps as a reflection of our current economic woes, manufacturers are turning away from the ostentatious gold-plated ostrich leather leashes and collars and thousand dollar gadgets of dubious usefulness in favor of eco-friendly, cost conscious items that put a modern design spin on items already in existence.

The other trend I see more are items meant to help pets in their quest to be more healthy: weight vests and floatation harnesses and several types of dog treadmills. Seems the industry has finally caught on to the obesity epidemic. Glad to see more items out there for us to take advantage of.

I like the current crop of items that are hitting stores. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Green Interactive Feeder


Puzzle feeders are nothing new, bowls that force animals to slow down while they’re chowing down. The Green feeder from The Company of Animals is nice because it’s simple- no hidden drawers that make it difficult to clean, and it’s dishwasher safe. It also has a lip around the edge so if this heat wave continues, you can actually put some broth in it, freeze it, and give your pet a puzzle-sicle.

Collapsible Klip Scoop


If there’s something I say over and over, it’s this: you need to measure your pet’s food. Each time, every time. And oh, how people react, as if I said one should delicately weigh each kibble on a kitchen scale, polish it, and then place it in the bowl with tweezers. I get it, if the cup isn’t convenient, you’re going to eyeball it, and you’re going to overestimate the food, every time. Popware for Pets has created a simple and elegant solution, a collapsible measuring cup that doubles as a bag clip, so now there’s no excuses not to measure.

The Catemporary Cat Castle/ GeoDome


Every cat likes a cat tree. Apollo would, no doubt, love one. The use of vertical space, the hiding areas, the lounging areas, I get it. Cats love them. But you know, they’re pricey. The Refined Feline has introduced a cardboard version that provides all the benefits at a fraction of the cost. And if it gets torn up, you won’t be too torn up- just get a new one.

KittyPod also has a version- the Geodome- that you can customize by adding or taking away detachable pods. I featured this on my Facebook Color Feed.

Not a new product, but speaking of KittyPod, the original pod itself is quite striking in person. I kind of want one, for me.

Ruff Wear Float Coat

Brody has a life jacket. All good surf dogs do. However, it is, like most life jackets, bulky and a bit unwieldy. I fell in love- LOVE, I tell you- with Ruff Wear’s designs this week. The float coat is sleek, sturdy, low-profile, and filled with thoughtful features such as a well placed handle on top and reflective trim. The hiking packs, with various sizes depending on how much you want your dog to carry, are fantastic too. This is at the top of our Christmas wishlist.

Major news? Well, Hills is reformulating Science Diet, which I thought was kind of a big deal. No more chicken by-product, and no more corn. I believe the official statement was somewhere along these lines: While we continue to feel that our ingredients had and still do provide excellent nutrition, we have reformulated our foods in response to overwhelming consumer demand for these changes. So good on them for listening. I have another bit of exciting news from a company I’ve spoken highly of already, but I’m waiting on their official announcement to write about it. Stay tuned.

And just for giggles, let me remind you that no Vegas trip is complete without an Elvis sighting.


There will be an extreme dog grooming reality show someday. Mark my words.

Pawcurious: With Pet Lifestyle Expert and Veterinarian Dr. V.

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Batman the Dark Knight X-large Pet Costume

Batman The Dark Knight X-Large Pet Costume

Batman pet costume from the dark knight movie includes an armor-like screen-printed dog-shirt featuring faux arms complete with gauntlets. Also includes bat utility belt and bat-cap with ears; and of course, a cape.

Source: Batman the Dark Knight X-large Pet Costume


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how do u tell the difference between molting and mite?

Question by lolew111: how do u tell the difference between molting and mite?
how do u tell the difference between molting and mite? my parakeet has blackspots but i think its time for it to molt. but i dont know if he has mite or what, hes been losing feathers, the little ones.

Best answer:

Answer by freakychickengirl
a vet is always your best bet. i wouldn’t entrus the people on answers with a potentially serious problem in a bird.

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A bag of food to a man with many cats

As I was getting my emissions inspection, the man finishing up the test and giving me my certificate asked for my business card. He pointed to my “IsYourPetFoodSafe.com” vinyl in the back window and said that he did feral cat rescue.

I immediately knew that meant he had many cats, and of course, he told me the number. He had a LOT of cats.

It costs a lot to feed those cats and since the employment sign said that these workers started at $ 9 an hour, I knew he wouldn’t ever become a customer. This food is too expensive for someone feeding a couple of dozen cats. My own food and litter bill is around $ 600. I can afford it. I earn it from this business and I also have a very handsome day job income.

I offered to stop by the next day with a large bag of Life’s Abundance so all of his kitties could sample it. It was my last bag and my shipment wasn’t due in until the next week, so as I drove away, I kicked myself.

But I had read a scriptural thought that morning where “the gift without the giver is bare” and how you’re not supposed to give “grudgingly”, because if you do, it’s like not giving at all.

So I softened my heart and went to his house with that precious last bag of cat food. And I pictured how delighted his kitties would be to eat it, and how happy he would be for the company.

Let me just say that, on visiting with him in his trailer home, which by the way contained a beautiful grand piano and an organ, it seemed that he was lonely and fragile and overwhelmed with the care of so many kitties, and yet they brought him joy and companionship. He picked up each one and told me how he’d found it and tamed it down. As ferals ran across his porch, he would call my attention to them.

He was about 64, I think he said, and just working for two more years until he could get his Social Security and move to where he has land in another state and just live with his kitties and never be bothered by animal control ever again. (Because they’d many times inspected his place and threatened to take his kitties).

Since then, I’ve watched for $ 10 large bags of 9-Lives and Friskies and I’ve picked up broken donated bags of food at my veterinary clinic and dropped them by his house. I haven’t been able to stay and visit, which is probably what he needs the most.

But if in this business it’s all me-me-me and we don’t make room for the charitable moments, there really is no point being in business in the first place, is there?

A day in the life of a HealthyPetNet Rep

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Pet Food Recall – Nature’s Variety

The Beacon Journal reported today that Nature’s Variety Pet Food has issued a recall for certain varieties of dog and cat food because of possible Salmonella contamination.

Affected Products:

Chicken Medallions – 3 Lb Package – Use by date: 11/10/10
Chicken Patties – 6 Lb Package – Use by date: 11/10/10
Chicken Chubs – 2 Lb Package – Use by date: 11/10/10

Details of the Recall:

“The Nebraska company issued the voluntary recall Thursday of its Chicken Formula Raw Frozen Diet for dogs and cats with a ”Best If Used By ” date of 11/10/10.

Included in the recall are 3 pound packages of chicken medallions (UPC# 7 69949 60130 2); 6 pound packages of chicken patties (UPC# 7 69949 60120 3); and 2 pound packages of chicken chubs (UPC# 7 69949 60121 0.

No human or pet illnesses have been reported in connection with the products, the company said on its Web site.

Consumers who have purchased the products should return the unopened product to the retailer for a full refund or replacement.

If the package has been opened, the company advises consumers to dispose of the raw food in a safe manner and bring the receipt or empty package in a sealed bag to the retailer for refund or replacement.

Consumers can also contact the company’s Customer Care line at 800-374-3142 for more information.”

Source Article: Beacon Journal

Dog Food Comparisons

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The Dog Food Comparison Blog

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