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How cute is this Yorkie! And with such presence too …

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Does Anyone Know If Elon Musk Has Pets?

Dear Elon,

Hello! I would like to congratulate you on the roaring success of Tesla, in particular the Model X. I see them driving around when I’m out walking my dog and I spend a lot of time daydreaming about one day driving one of my own out to the dog park, with my dog’s one ear flapping in the breeze as we race down the road.


Perhaps you might be saying to yourself, “Goodness! What’s keeping you from buying one, then? Aren’t you a veterinarian? I hear they’re rolling in dough!” Crazy, right? I hear that too. It’s a common misquote. What those people meant to say is, “Rolling in debt.” I do know one or two vets who are doing ok, but I think their spouses work in real estate, so there you go.

But we don’t mind, because we love animals. Day after day after day, people come to us for animal related goods and services and ask us, “Don’t you love animals? Because if you did, you would just give me this care for free.” And if we don’t, we are BAD BAD PEOPLE WHO HATE ANIMALS, and that sounds like an awful thing to be. Just check Yelp! You’ll see.

Currency, Women, Savings.

At first, I thought that idea was hogwash, but after so many years of having it repeated to me I thought that maybe I just missed the part of civics lecture where they taught us that no exchange of cash for goods was necessary if the person who has the goods loves animals, because that is just what you’re supposed to do.

So the rule here is, if I really really really want something and you have it and you also love animals, you need to give it to me. I know it sounds nuts, but ten years of experience here can’t be wrong. It’s what the people expect.

Here’s the deal: my car just hit 150K this month and I’m hearing a weird clanking noise that makes me nervous. And yes, I could save up on my own or pick a car in my budget, blah blah blah, but clearly this whole Animal Lover Loophole thing is a widely used shortcut to free stuff, so I figured I would give it a shot before heading down to the used car dealership. I’ll even take the, uh, “cheaper” Model X 60D that just came out, I’m not picky. 😀

I’d hate to see my sad, adorable, one eared dog stuck on the side of the road in this summer heat if I break down. We need reliable transportation befitting his status as Super Awesome Dog. Does Elon Musk like animals? I think we all know what the right thing to do here is.


I’ll be eagerly waiting your response.

Dr V



Pawcurious: With Veterinarian and Author Dr. V

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The 19th

For whatever cosmic reasons beyond my complete comprehension the Week of the 19th of June is what the Japanese call, “Mono no aware” – both beauty and pain, celebration and sadness…
It’s always the week of Father’s Day, the anniversary of the Final Mile in Boston, the passing of my boy Murphy, and the birth of Indiana Jones. It’s also the week of the summer solstice whose Latin translation roughly means the day the sun stands still.  When there is the least darkness. 
Every year it’s a week I’d just like to fast forward through and move on because it can be too much for even me to shoulder.  And I’ve carried a ton of weight for some time.  But no one gets that option when you allow yourself to love absolutely.  
Five years ago today I gave Murphy rest and five years later I still weep inconsolably when I write about him.  His final days we spent together listening to Garth Brook’s song The Dance and he loved it before I even realized the significance of the lyrics.  Paraphrasing them, ‘I’m glad I didn’t know the way it all would end.  But even if I did, I wouldn’t have missed the dance.’  
Just like every light begins with darkness the Week of the 19th is about the lessons from life’s inflections.  For me it’s been both a beginning and an ending and the promise and the pain of love as well.    
And what a beautiful dance it’s been.  Happy 19th!

2 Dogs 2000 Miles

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Why white sharks aren’t in aquariums

Natural History

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The yellow dog has become a ravening wolf

Nearly a year after her TTA, Miley is back in action. She’s 8 years old, but she runs and looks like she’s five.

In past week, she’s dispatched a full grown rabbit and this chipmunk.

miley chipmunk

Golden retrievers never like to get dirty…


Natural History

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Why dogs kick up grass and dirt after pooping or peeing

The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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Sea otter at Yakutat Bay

I saw several sea otters on my cruise, but I saw them from the ship while it was in motion.

So this is my best photo:


Natural History

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Dog Only Knows: Belle on Halo Pets

Belle, Dog Only Knows

Hello Halo Pets and peoples! My name is Belle and I am a streets-to-sheets rescue dog in Los Angeles. I consider myself very lucky, because not only does my person love me, but she also speaks dog – a rare talent in peoples – and we communicate so well that she agreed to translate my words into a book.

My first book, Dog Only Knows: The Word of Dog just hit shelves last month and I am having a blast getting used to being not only incredibly cute, but also a famous author.

Belle, Dog Only Knows decided on Halo Pets treatsI am also lucky because on our travels, my person and I met some lovely people from Halo Pets, and this led to me being able to try a bunch of their foods. Score one for Belle! I enjoyed everything I tried, and I’d like to share my experience with you!

Let’s begin at the beginning. The first thing I got to try was Halo’s new Kiblets food toppers. These are freeze-dried protein boosters made of beef, or chicken, or turkey and salmon.

My little sister Delta and I are used to having some wet food mixed in with our dry food, but one day our person surprised us by sprinkling the beef Kiblets over our food instead. She crumbled up the Kiblets and the smell was…well, let’s just say I am drooling thinking about it. I had to stand up to get a closer sniff as she was preparing our supper.

One thing you should know about me and Delta is that we are slow eaters. We take our time, and savor every bite. We are not snarfers. But that first night with the Kiblets? I have to admit, we snarfed it up and licked the bowls clean.

Now let’s talk kibble. Here’s what I noticed about Halo Spot’s Stew in comparison to other kibbles I have eaten:

  • It smells good! It has a non-kibble-y “real food” smell to it that is very appealing; and as I imagine you know, smell is very important to a dog.
  • You can see little freeze-dried veggies in there that look like veggies. This adds to the aforementioned “real-food-ness”
  • My person read the ingredients to me and they were things I could understand, like chicken, eggs, peas, oats and flax seed. If I know the words, then it must be real food.

We had similar success mixing in some wet Spot’s Stew with the dry. All very yummy. Bowls licked clean. Ingredients I understood.

Belle Eating Halo PetsI had heard that “if you don’t find it in your kitchen, you won’t find it in Halo,” and it seems that is true. Well, not so much our kitchen, because my person doesn’t cook, so we pretty much just have seltzer and dog food. But in a normal kitchen, it would probably apply.

Now, I am used to getting a certain green dental chew every night for dessert. My person says she has to keep my breath fresh because I am an expert face licker. I just love the chews and get very cranky if I don’t get one. I am a creature of habit, so I was skeptical about switching to the pumpkin flavor Spot’s Chew Dental Treats. But I have to say, they were quite tasty and I was perfectly happy with them as an after-dinner treat. My person was pleased too; she told me that my breath was just as fresh as ever while I licked her face for an hour one night.

Finally, there were the Liv-a-Littles treats – little bits of 100% chicken or beef or liver, freeze-dried into bites of perfection. Okay, I’m not a poet, but you get my point. They are yummy! And they pack a nice, high-protein boost. Very concentrated protein, so a little goes a long way.

All in all, I give a big “four paws up” to each and every product I tried. And you should know, I don’t do that lightly. I have been known to turn my nose up at substandard biscuits.

Thank you to Halo for allowing me to try these foods and for welcoming me into the Halo Pets community! I love to make new friends. To anyone reading this, I send you virtual face licks – and believe me, I never forget a face I have licked.

Belle licking Camera, Dog Only Knows


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Woman Takes Rescue Cat Sailing Across the World

Amelia the Cat on the boat

Photo by Liz Clark


Liz Clark has been on an incredible adventure since 2006 – sailing around the world on a Cal 40 sailboat, solo. That is, solo until 2013 when she was joined by an unlikely co-captain – a feral cat she adopted and named Amelia.

According to Clark’s online chronicle, the former bartender has traveled along the western coast of Mexico and Central America, and around the South Pacific.

Amelia was just six months old when Clark found her. The feral kitten was skinny and starving for attention and Clark immediately took to her. She says she saw a  “commanding lioness air and carefree bravado” in the little cat.

Amelia (also known as Tropicat) seems happy on the boat with Clark. “She has adapted to living surrounded by water,” Clark told Buzzfeed. Amelia loves watching the fish and birds and Clark made a cat tree out of a yoga mat wrapped around the boat’s mast and finds loose palm leaves make great toys for her little companion.

Read more about Liz and Amelia the Cat’s adventures.


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10 Healthy Bowls I Can’t Wait to Eat

1. Spicy Sweet Potato and Green Rice Burrito Bowls, Cookie + Kate  //  2. Summer Veggie Power Bowl, Tasty Yummies  //  3. Peanut Butter & Jelly Breakfast Bowl, A New Bloom  //  4. Vegetarian Bibimbap Bowl, Sandra’s Easy Cooking  //  5. Dragonfruit Smoothie Bowl, Keepin’ It Kind  //  6. Tropical Lentil Bowls with Coconut Lime Dressing, Sweet Peas and Saffron  //  7. Roasted Rainbow Winter Bowl, Keepin’ It Kind  //  8. Antioxidant Smoothie Bowl, Blissful Basil   //  9. Zero Waste Tumeric Avocado Smoothie Bowl, Lee Tilghman  //  10. Cashew Pesto Veggie Bowl, Jessica Murnane

Bowls have been a big trend in healthy eating for years now, and they are a several-meals-a-week staple in our house. You can’t get any easier, really. Just pile some layers of what you have in the fridge into a bowl (keeping in mind to include a variety of healthy foods), and eat it. We tend to stick to what we know though – either this smoothie bowl or one that consists of organic greens, blueberries, pineapple, Greek yogurt, chia seeds, and the occasional avocado or banana, and a dinner bowl that consists of quinoa, black beans, chickpeas, eggs or tofu, greens, avocado, and lots of hot sauce. And while they make for hearty and delicious meals, they can get boring after a while. So I decided to search out some new bowl ideas, and found the recipes above, which all look delicious. I plan on trying #6 and #10 (by my girl Jessica, who just finished writing her first book!) this week.

What is your favorite bowl? Do you prefer sweet ones like smoothie bowls (I do) or more savory varieties?


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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