Mom’s Night Out by Tricia Goyer {Book Review}

My rating: 5 of 5 stars I’m one of the “few” moms that haven’t had a chance to see “Mom’s Night Out” so I was excited about the opportunity to read and review the novelization of the movie. Initially, I found myself trying to be as partial as possible, while reading the book and not…

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Sunflower Faith

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Dogs of War: Zenit

EXCELLENT article (although a little long) on National Geographic about military working dogs. A great big wag of the tail to all of our veterans, both human and canine, as well as to those who are still serving, on this Memorial Day 2014. We appreciate your service and sacrifice. Until next time, Good day, […] Dog Blog

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ted nugent cat scratch fever

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Will Renaming a Street in San Francisco “Rescue Row” Help Adopt Out More Pets?

In San Francisco, four of the city’s major pet rescue organizations are now conveniently located on a single block. San Francisco Animal Care and Control, the SF SPCA, Northern California Family Dog Rescue, and one of our particular favorites, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, all make their home on Alabama Street between Fifteenth and Sixteenth Streets, in the Mission District.

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A week from Saturday, that small community of dog rescue organizations will get its official recognition from the city when that stretch of Alabama will be designated "Rescue Row." Anyone in the area is invited to come down to the ribbon cutting ceremony at 10:30 AM on Saturday, May 31, and bring your favorite fur friend along with you.

If you happen to be dogless at the moment, this might be a good time to find one to bring home. Not only will the event be celebrating the honorary name change of the street, but it doubles as the kickoff for Maddie's Pet Adoption Days.

Between May 31 and June 1, over 100 Bay Area shelters are going to be participating in Maddie's Pet Adoption Days, with the goal of adopting out 10,000 animals.

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Dog on a Beach with Golden Gate Bridge by Shutterstock.

Does it even need to be said that that's a lot of animals? The truth is, that there are a lot of animals that need homes, even just here in San Francisco, and not just dogs and cats, even though they might be our specialty.

In addition to the four Rescue Row organizations, there will be booths from Save a Bunny, MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue, California Chins (Chinchillas, not a plastic surgery org, as I first thought), Wonder Dog Rescue, Bay Area Rats, and my personal favorite-named organization, Loup Garou Rescue. (I have to say that I am somewhat disappointed to find that Loup Garou is merely an organization dedicated to adopting out black and dark-coated animals, rather than providing the opportunity to adopt your own werewolf.)

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San Francisco Skyline by Shutterstock.

Whatever your choice of fur (or, in the case of MickaCoo, feathered) friend, there's going to be a lot of opportunities next weekend. And the official naming of Rescue Row is a great step forward for acknowledging the efforts of not only those four organizations, but the fact that there's a whole community of animal lovers in the city. Our congratulations to the groups on Rescue Row and everyone else in San Francisco who works to get dogs into permanent homes. As Rebecca Katz, Director of the San Francisco Department of Animal Care and Control says, "The adoptable animals on Rescue Row aren't secondhand pets, they just need a second chance. We hope all San Francisco residents will think adoption when considering adding to their families."

Read more about the bond between humans and dogs on Dogster:

The Scoop | The Scoop

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Good post! Here are my comments and additions! * …

Good post! Here are my comments and additions!

* First my add to this list of stuff for home treatments. One of my pit pups got a red itchy rash on his belly right at the front of the crease where each hind leg joins his body and also right in front of his penis. At first I was concerned that it might be an allergy thing and since the skin was red and kinda dry/flaky sometimes I tried rubbing in some coconut oil (which is also perhaps a bit anti-microbial). It helped the flakiness but then I realized I was smelling the 'hot spot' smell too and so maybe adding moisture wasn't so good. So I went the other way. I rinsed it off with diluted apple cider vinegar once a day followed by powdering it with cornstarch. In just one day it looked a lot better, after 2 vinegar rinses I just did corn starch once or twice a day as needed to keep it all dry and by day 4 he was all better. No food allergies and no reoccurrence! Yea!

* As folks have mentioned Benadryl, while known for acting as a mild sedative can and does cause hyperactivity or agitation in some folks (or dogs!) either just as their 'normal' reaction to it or in cases of overdose. In large enough overdoses in can cause flushing, dry mouth, super constricted pupils, and agitation. But it DOES work well for dogs just as it does for people in most cases.

* When it comes to bee stings in MAY be a good idea to AVOID things like Benadryl unless you or your dog has a serious reaction. There is some discussion amongst beekeepers that feel that treating beestings with anti-histamines and/or anti-inflammatories may contribute to increasing the severity of future stings. So it's worth considering if you only have a mild welt to deal with!

* For broken toenails or other minor bleeding cayenne pepper makes a good styptic powder. It sounds like it would be awful I know but it doesn't hurt! I don't have much luck with flour. I just end up with blood AND flour all over!

* For the overgrown toenails I'd recommend the Dremeling as well. You can grind down MUCH closer (or even INTO the quick) without the dog minding much. (not recommending you TRY to get into the quick, just saying they don't seem to care as much). You may be able to get the quick to recede better that way.

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What is the best way to relieve my pet dogs itching?

Question by mrenigma2008: What is the best way to relieve my pet dogs itching?
We think it is an alergy to something but we are unsure what…we have started giving her pet suppliments to help with her itching. She is starting to plead from the itching in a few places … We take her to the dog park often and are considering lestenning her time their substantially. My wife wants to treat her with some psorrisis medicine to see if it helps … I think an oatmeal bath would be best in some cool water. Any sugestions of products to use or other helpful ways to lesson her itching would be greatly apprieciated.

Best answer:

Answer by Boomer&Lola

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Summertime on the Boardwalk // A Bold + Brilliant Photoshoot

Summertime on the Boardwalk // Bubby and Bean

A couple of weeks ago, photographer Paula Stauffer sent over a fashion shoot for me to consider for publication here on the blog.  I was instantly smitten with the bold, brilliant colors and fresh, light-drenched images, and couldn’t wait to share with you guys.  The shoot was for clothing line The House of Perna, an independent womenswear label based in Miami and New York with a commitment to producing all of their garments here in the USA.

I asked Paula to share some details about her inspiration for the shoot and its lighthearted, summery vibe. “For this specific shoot, I wanted to focus on the color of the clothes combined with the environment that inspired them. I choose Florida’s Hollywood Beach boardwalk to showcase a fun, stylish environment that would accentuate the bold patterns and prints of the clothing. Also, the models were very young and vibrant and I felt this location fit them perfectly.  Who doesn’t love a girl on the beach?  This shoot was a wonderful experience for me. It allowed me to work with a nice group of creatives and showcase a different style of Miami area fashion.”

I also asked Paula to tell me a little bit about her photography business and the mission behind it.  “I started my photography business over four years ago, beginning with photographing landscape, and then moving onto moving subjects,” she said.  “I want to always create a fun environment that is bright and evokes emotion. I also try and take photographs that create memories and are more lifestyle based than posed.”  As for her commercial fashion shoots like this one, she says that she focuses on showcasing the unique quality of the clothing style and the brand itself.  “I also keep my photography style in mind when posing the models, so they have more of a relaxed feel.  My goal with my images is to allow the audience to connect with the models and locations through the way I showcase color and perspective.”

Thank you Paula for sharing this beautifully sun-kissed shoot with Bubby and Bean’s readers!  It makes me want to hop the next plane down to Miami (with a suitcase full of vibrant beachwear).  You guys can check out more of Paula’s work on her website.  You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest

Shoot Credits: Photography by Paula Stauffer, Styling by Amanda Perna, Clothing by The House of Perna, Modeling by Whitney Sharpe and Kelly Francis Sokol

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I need advice on flea/tick prevention.?

Question by traceystewart1964: I need advice on flea/tick prevention.?
My outside dog is around a couple of other dogs that are not on any flea/tick prevention. What would be the best way for me to treat him? I heard that some of the treatments kill on contact (after biting) while others deter pests from staying (they jump off before biting). I have no control over the other 2 dogs, and even if I did treat them I have no control over other untreated animals coming onto our property. What should I do?

Best answer:

Answer by cherry
Frontline (ask your vet/pet shop assistant which particular Frontline, as there are different varieties) will kill any fleas present, kill the eggs, and prevent re-infestation.
If untreated dogs are coming onto your property, you also need to use a flea preventative in your dog’s kennel/the area where he lives.

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Nobody puts Geeky in the corner

When I was six, my mother enrolled me in my first dance class. I enjoyed it, I had fun, I got to wear cute little sailor costumes and get up on stage and tunelessly tap my feet.

The teacher always arranged us in two rows, and this being the early 80s before everyone had to get equal play, she arranged us not by height but by talent. The precocious dancers with the big smiles and the good rhythm were front and center, and those who tripped on their shoelaces or danced with the angry pounding feet of someone trying to stomp out the last burning embers of an old campfire found themselves perpetually in the back.

My dad has a lot of pictures of half of my body hidden behind the other girls.

Had I been desperate to improve my lot in life as a dancer, I imagine my parents might have encouraged me to spend more time honing my craft. I have learned in life that training trumps talent almost every time. However, I didn’t mind the back row, and they didn’t mind, so they let me be in between dance classes to pursue what really floated my boat: palaeontology.

I read every book I could get my hands on, gaping in horrified intrigue at the artist’s rendition of a Tyrannosaurus gorging on a defeated looking hadrosaur. It was riveting. I spent my allowance in the craft store and would rush home every day to put together my little wooden skeleton models. I had them all.



It never occurred to me that I shouldn’t be interested in science or that my time would be better spent improving my jazz technique than reconstructing extinct fossils. At night, we’d gather around the TV and watch Nova, or Cosmos- the original Carl Sagan version.

My mother, who is herself very Victorian and feminine, never made me or my sister feel like we weren’t girly enough, even when I was plastering the walls with Garbage Pail Kid stickers and cackling at the, ahem, crude humor. We were who we were, and in my case, that was a sci-fi loving anti-fashion science geek.

I worry sometimes, raising a daughter, that things are different now and there’s more pressure to conform along certain stereotypical lines. I don’t ever recall seeing shirts like this for sale when I was a kid:



I saw this shirt in Children’s Place, shortly before it got pulled, and promptly went next door to Peek where I found that amazing Jane Goodall children’s shirt I posted earlier this year. These messages we send to kids matter. They do.

Shortly before that T-shirt incident my daughter said to me, “I guess I’m just not good at math mom,” in response to a poor score on a math test she didn’t feel like studying for. Needless to say that didn’t fly; she may not care for it, it may not come naturally to her, but I wanted her to know she could overcome that. And with the help of a good tutor, she did. “I never,” I said, “ever, want you to think you’re not smart.”

She’s always been an artistic kid, and while I encouraged her to pursue those confidence building theater experiences I wanted her to know it didn’t have to be the only thing that defined her. You can be an actor and a writer and a mathematician and a dancer and an athlete. You can be in the front row of any show you want and are willing to work for.

I can only hope that in the face of many conflicting messages, she will remember this.

We’ve been watching Cosmos as a family the last month or so, because Neil deGrasse Tyson is amazing and the show just makes me happy. My son plopped down instantly to get his science fix, and a few moments later after realizing we weren’t going to be watching American Idol, my daughter sat beside him. A day later, they were discussing time travel in the car on the way to school and my nerdy heart soared. “When’s the next episode coming out?” they asked breathlessly.

That afternoon, my daughter took a break from recording and re-recording herself singing “Let It Go” over and over, sitting at the table earnestly scribbling away on a piece of paper. “What are you doing?” I asked.

“Writing a fan letter,” she said. “Can you help me mail it?”

I paused. I wrote my first fan letter when I was eight. I remember it well. Ricky Schroeder. I even sent him a Polaroid selfie, 80s style. He never wrote back and I was devastated.

So who was it going to be for my daughter? Harry Styles? She and her friends were just getting into One Direction and I wondered if she was about to ask me to subscribe to TeenBop or Tiger Beat. Maybe I’d luck out and find out she was thanking Idina Menzel for belting out such a catchy power ballad. “It’s not to Justin Beiber, is it?” I asked nervously.

She scowled. “Eeew Mom. Come on.” She handed me to letter. It began, “Dear Doctor DeGrasse Tyson: I really love your show.”

neil dgt


The kid’s gonna be all right.

Pawcurious: With Pet Lifestyle Expert and Veterinarian Dr. V.

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I’m back even though I didn’t go away

Typepad, like a number of other technology companies, has experienced website-crashing DDoS attacks (distributed denial-of-service), more than once in the last few weeks. These attacks take the network offline and out of commission. The criminals then ask for a ransom and if it is paid, of course they want more. All websites go 404 until the network can be brought back. As frustrating as it is for us, I can imagine the frustration at the…
The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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