Abortion fight: Women traveling to flea markets in search of abortion pills

flea market (10)

Image by anka @ happyhangaround
Flea market, Strasbourg, France

Abortion fight: Women traveling to flea markets in search of abortion pills
SAN JUAN, Texas — It's a disturbing trend some healthcare providers say could become more popular now that Texas lawmakers have passed stricter abortion laws. Some women are traveling to flea markets along the Texas-Mexico border to find abortion 
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Porter Flea Holiday Market, Arts & Music at Wedgewood-Houston, and More
Considering the weather, it was fortunate that many events had shifted a little earlier in the day to coincide with the third annual Porter Flea Holiday Market, which packed out Track One and an adjacent heated tent with artisan craft vendors and eager 
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'Mary-Kate Olsen Is in Love' Is a New Comedy at Flea Theater
In Mallery Avidon's surreal new comedy, “Mary-Kate Olsen Is in Love,” at the Flea Theater, Mary-Kate (Christine Lee) and Ashley (Kana Hatakeyama) tromp through Grace's dreamscape in a cloud of boho chic and whiny ennui, jaded from a lifetime of 
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Katherine Heigl Launches Donation Match for The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation

She’s raised people’s spirits in comedies like 27 Dresses, The Ugly Truth and Life As We Know It, and now actress Katherine Heigl is joining with her Fido- and feline-loving fans to raise…

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If this is something they need and there's a p…

If this is something they need and there's a place I can send a donation of dog food – I would be more than happy to send a bag. I can email you with my contact info.

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Mite M – Het paradijs

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Holiday Gift Guide // Fun Gift Ideas for Under $25

Fun Gift Ideas for Under $  25 // Bubby and Bean
1. Pyramids Tea Towel, Poketo ($ 20)  //  2. Astrological Jewelry Stand, UO ($ 20)  //  3. Tiny Brushed Triangle Earrings, Moorea Seal ($ 12)  // 4. SW Basics Organic Lip Balm Set, Anthropologie ($ 15)  //  5. Oh Snap Leather Journal, UO ($ 24)  // 6. Awkward Moment Card Game, Uncommon Goods ($ 19)  // 7. The Hungoevr Cookbook, Modcloth ($ 9.99)  //  8. Handmade Felt Fox Brooch, My Hideaway ($ 20)  //  9. Handmade Knitting Ornament, Milo and Molly ($ 10)  // 10. Rock and Escarole Salad Servers, Modcloth ($ 14.99)  // 11. Instagram Magnet Set, Stickygram ($ 14.99)  // 12. Organic Cotton Terrier Pillow, Areaware ($ 18)  // 13. Yellow Pen Holder, Poppin ($ 6) 

One of my absolute favorite parts of the holidays is shopping for gifts, wrapping gifts, and on Christmas morning, watching loved ones open these gifts.  Robbie and I host my family at our place, and we make a bit of a production out of each person individually unwrapping his/her presents by the fire while drinking hot chocolate and mimosas.  We take the time (sometimes a little excessively, I’ll admit), to enjoy each gift one at a time (something that will undoubtedly change once baby is born and old enough to unwrap presents of her own!).  We also have an agreement not to spend a lot of money, so although there may be a bigger, more practical gift or two thrown in there, it’s more about fun, smaller gifts that fit each person’s personality.  For today’s holiday gift guide, I’m sharing a round-up of the type of presents I’ll be giving this year (including a couple that I may have already purchased – shhhhh!).  The best part is that they’re all under $ 25.

Have you started your holiday shopping?  Do you focus on smaller, fun presents, or do you go for the bigger, more practical gifts?

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The streak continues…

San Francisco 49ers – 19 Seattle Seahawks – 17
The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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The Nature of the Beast

“I really try to put myself in uncomfortable situations. Complacency is my enemy.” - Trent Reznor.  Nine Inch Nails

My time in the tent this past week wasn’t spent sliding down spirit caves with power animals or searching for blue orchids, I worked.  Or to put a more fine point on it, I studied in solitary quietude.  

One of my lifelong friends, now gone, was a philosophy professor and he always said, ‘Luke (That’s how I was known back then before becoming Yer Big Dog I mean).  Life isn’t about answers, it’s about the questions you ask.’   

And now that I’m 3 for 3 for dogs with cancer, I have a lot of goddamn questions.   We all do.  

But being back in the tent again I couldn’t help but wonder if I had missed something the first time.  And the second time.  So I need to start again.  With the first question.


What is cancer?

According to Withrow & MacEwen’s ‘Small Animal Clinical Oncology‘, there are two generations or iterations of our understanding of cancer.  The first, Gen 1 let’s call it, was from a 30 year compilation of research published in 2000 by Drs. Hanahan and Weinberg called the ‘Six Hallmarks of Cancer’.  

They were attempting to distill the down and outright differentiation, the lowest common denominator, the absolute zero, between a normal cell and a cancer cell and they accomplished something close to it – an approximation that became an early and important precedent.  

Before I begin with my folksy analysis of it, I encourage you to purchase this inestimable tome.  Most nearly all of the thought leaders and minds both past and future in comparative oncology contributed to it and I’m humbled even at an attempt to understand it.  

Heck the flow charts look like a John Madden schematic to me. But here we go.  


The Six Hallmarks of Cancer

1. Self Sufficiency of Growth Signals.  

This is the ‘To Be or Not to Be’, the Hamlet, shall we say, of the hallmarks.  Cancer is a genetic disease but not all predisposed or mutated cells become malignant.  Proto-oncogenesis doesn’t presuppose oncogenesis.  

But once it ‘Be’, like Hamlet’s ill-fated love for Ophelia, a cascade of events occur very few of which can stop the inevitable.  

2. Insensitivity to Antigrowth Signals.  

If only cancer was a cell on a homicidal steroidal rampage, unchecked and running amok, like Arnold Swarz… shit, the Terminator, well, we’d deal with it kind of the same way. We gave him the run of 80′s action films, made him the Governator but, whoa, president and potentially the ruler of the universe?  

That’s what Tumor Suppressor Genes, or the Kindergarten Cops, do and this is important.  

Back in the 1970s, before Arnold was clad in a loin cloth in Conan, scientists were trying to understand retinoblastoma* and in researching its heritable traits they discovered the existence of a tumor suppressing gene which in subsequent research yielded the discovery of p53 (more on p53 later).  

But the ‘Terminator’ will always be back.  Like what Michael Chrichton wrote in Jurassic Park.  ’Nature finds a way’.  So does cancer and it found a way to suppress and/or inactivate the biochemical mechanisms and fool-proof machinery incorporated into your DNA to prevent tumor suppressor genes and p53.  

This is the point at which pink elephants come into the equation.

My friend, Pete, loved pink toys.  It made him happy. In nature, happy, is referred to as homeostasis.  It’s the balance, the bad v good ballad that’s part of the Dance of life.  

If only cancer was an aberration, a beefy Austrian bad actor named Arnold that defied all odds.  But it isn’t.  And it only gets worse.     

3. Evasion of Cell Death. 

The Cell Cycle ain’t complicated in a cradle to grave sense.  Cells procreate to sustain the life of tissue, organ systems, and ultimately self.  Left unchecked, hell, it’d become part of the Kardashian franchise but pre-programmed in a cell’s genetic structure is a stop function called apoptosis.  

However, to quote the textbook, ‘Cancer cells, through a variety of strategies, can acquire resistance to cell death and apoptosis.’ I call this the Br’er Rabbit Effect.  

I’ll stop here and continue with 4-6 tomorrow.  I’ll start again.  

2 Dogs 2,000 Miles

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Cool Skin Allergies images

Check out these skin allergies images:

skin allergies

Image by Lori & Todd
I gave Davey the shave after we notices him scratching himself really hard. Off we took him to the Vet and, 0 later, found out he may have a skin allergy to his expensive can food ( for 24 cans). So we bought ointment to clear up, essentially, black heads and a rash.

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Sons of Anarchy’s Ron Perlman in Last Chance for Animals PSA

Actor Ron Perlman, who rides the roads of the fictional town of Charming as the former president of an outlaw motorcycle club on the hit FX series Sons of Anarchy, is helping homeless animals get on…

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2013 Tree Ornaments2

Due to the success of last year’s personalized Christmas ornament, the National Canine Cancer Foundation has a new design for Christmas 2013.

On one side of the ornament you can put a picture of your dog and their name. On the other side will be the NCCF Christmas logo and year.

Halo is a proud supporter of the NCCF which is dedicated to eliminating Cancer as a major health issue in dogs by funding grants directly to Cancer researchers who are working to save dogs lives by finding cures, better treatments and accurate, cost effective diagnostic methods in dealing with canine Cancer.

Visit the NCCF web store for more information and details to order.



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