Shelter Sunday: Four Paws Rescue / Logan, UT

Meet Harper! This beautiful girl is living in Logan, UT, courtesy of Four Paws Rescue. Here’s what their website has to say about her. Harper and her sister Rona came to Four Paws after their time at animal control was up. They are to our best guess a hound mix of some sort, possibly with […] Dog Blog

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Feliz NaviDOG

Wishing you and yours the best Christmas ever, from all of us at and Dog Blog

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If you ever believed that dreams could come true, this is the film for you. We suspect that every dog dreams of a home and family, and that most children are dreaming of a pet to call their very own. We think that this film is perfect for holiday gatherings of families and friends. We hope you’ll share it with yours.

Halo is proud to sponsor the Olate Dogs, the canine stars of “Forever Home“. This talented troupe of dogs tours the country demonstrating the potential of rescue dogs. We are honored to know that these high-energy dogs eat only Halo Vigor.

Want to see more of the Olate dogs in film? “Forever Home” is the third #RescueFilm starring the Olate Dogs. Their first film, “Le Sauvetage” is set in Paris, while their second film “Dog’s Best Friend” is a decidedly American story.


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Latest Tick News

Tick tock: Tips, tricks for last minute holiday shoppers
Tick tock: Tips, tricks for last minute holiday shoppers. 1 / 29. Thanksgiving Day shopping 2014. Thanksgiving Day shoppers do their best to stay warm while they wait for stores to open at the Towne Center at Fayetteville. Photo by: Ryan MacCammon.

Tick Tock Productions delivers new books to Whitney students
Tick Tock Media Productions, with help from Instructional Coach Karyn Boersig, selected $ 3,000 worth of books from the Scholastic Book Fair and donated them to Whitney Elementary School, a Title 1 school receiving government funding to support students …
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New 'Bourbon Virus' Linked to Kansas Death
A man who died in the state in June is the only known victim of the "Bourbon Virus," which is believed to be tick-borne and was named after the county where he lived, reports ABC News. It took hospital researchers working with CDC researchers six
Read more on Newser

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Email Renewal Reminders

If you didn’t receive your email renewal reminders recently, send an email to PetsitUSA to receive a discounted renewal price.  The site underwent major updates, and renewal reminders was the last of the programming to be updated.  Thanks for your patience.

PetsitUSA Blog

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Today’s Walk

This pretty much sums things up.

Coulee found a ball so she kept dropping it at my feet and stared happily at me waiting for the throw.

It doesn’t matter if the throw never comes. She never loses her optimism.

And Lacey brought us dead body parts. This was a nice little bit of deer she decided to bring me.  I keep asking for flowers (heck I’d be happy with twigs!), but she never seems to listen.  ;)

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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I just need some space…

Dog Trainer Lisa Desatnik, writing for WCPO in Cincinnati, reports that we humans may be just a little too overbearing for some canines. She recommends petting a dog for no longer than 5 seconds, then waiting for the dog to give you some feedback as to whether or not he wants more interaction with you. […] Dog Blog

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Italy Industrial Orders Tick Higher on Transport Sector

Italy Industrial Orders Tick Higher on Transport Sector
Industrial orders rose 0.1% on the month, reversing a 1.5% decline in September, national statistics institute Istat said Friday, using seasonally adjusted data. Orders were down 0.2% on the year in unadjusted terms, Istat added. The October monthly
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Deer Tick Celebrate 10 Years of Bandom Under 'Covers'
Tradition dictates that gifts for a 10th anniversary be either tin or aluminum. But on the occasion of Deer Tick's own decennial as a band, they're the ones doing the giving: They're presenting fans in the New York area with…(insert rimshot here
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Beast Mode talks about his foundation, what makes him tick (RAW VIDEO)
SEATTLE — On Sunday night, Marshawn Lynch and his cousin Josh Johnson raised more than $ 325,000 in a fundraiser for their Fam 1st Family Foundation at the Edgewater Hotel. In attendance were Jennifer and Joe Montana, Paul Allen, Pete Carroll and …
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Well said, Winnie.

Well said, Winnie.

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We Made It Murphy

At 11;30 PST, in the shadows of the Laguna mountains we walked the length of Coronado Island to the edge of Oneonta slough and Hudson, Indiana and I completed our border to border West Coast walk.  
And like most of our Southern  California days, it was sunny and 70.  Indeed, it was a glorious day.  

And like all great endings one not without its comedic twists, cosmic ironies, and poignant moments. 

The morning began with a seven mile hike to the meeting place for our Final Mile which Ginger joined us though I’d quickly learn less for the honor and privilege of partaking in such a powerful experience but more for showing off her new kilt.  Really Ginger???  There can be only One Who Rocks The Kilt…

A couple dozen friends met us to walk the final mile, some we had met along our travels, some were new.  But to my utter shock and surprise, two of my oldest and dearest friends were there:  Jim and Renee with Tripawds.  Man was that way awesome.  And it made a circle round.  You see, they were in Austin to launch our first walk and now at the ending of our second.  Yep I got all choked up. Thanks for the avocados guys – only noticed yesterday you put them in a poop bag.  Hee hee.

Inspired by another of our friends, John Stalls, who walked from Delaware to San  Francisco, I had hoped to jump into the Pacific Ocean to punctuate our tremendous accomplishment but was greeted by this sign.  Apparently Tijuana thinks the slough is a dumping ground for their sewage sludge.  Precise opposite of the pristine Canadian border where began our adventure but the two constants throughout all of it were mountains to east and the ocean at our west.  And my companions by my side.  And that includes not only Indiana who made the entire trek but Hudson who made it to the California border and Malcolm and Murphy in spirit.  

There are so many people to extend great thanks to – the friends we made along our path, kind and courteous strangers, and even the idiot drivers who although from no lack of trying, didn’t kill us on the PCH.  Walking through and across 19 states now, I know of no more treacherous stretch of road.
Thanks to my team and all of the volunteers who helped out in various capacities to ensure our safe passage and make this experience matter, to those who walked the virtual final mile with us, and to our sponsors.  
I have lots of thanking and reflecting to do in the coming weeks but without a moment’s rest, I leave now for Texas to catch up on a lot of work, rest a bit, and spend a week with family….


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