A Fun Start of School Year Interview For Kids

A Fun Start of School Year Interview For Kids

Last year on Essley’s first day of preschool, I shared a fun “interview” (right here) I put together with questions to ask little ones on their first and last days of school each year. The post received a lot of traffic and was pinned quite a bit on Pinterest, so I shared her responses again on her last day. And now that a new school year has begun, I decided to share once again. (Emmett started preschool for the first time this year too, but he’s still too young to answer the questions. I’m looking forward to giving him the interview at the end of this year though!)

Some of Essley’s responses on this year’s first day were the same as last year’s last day, and some changed quite a bit. It’s endearing and bittersweet to see her growth just through her answers to the questions. I hope to continue to do this for years to come.

1. What is your name? Essley.
2. What grade are you in? Pre-K.
3. How old are you? 4-1/2.
4. What is your favorite color? Pink.
5. What is your favorite thing to do at school? Play with my friends. And learn how to not be bad. (No comment on that one.)
6. What is your favorite activity outside of school? Tap, ballet, gymnastics, soccer, theatre, and swimming lessons. (She answered this question by saying NOT swimming lessons on the last day of last year, so this is a big change!)
7. What do you want to be when you grow up? A dance teacher and an artist.
8. What is your favorite food? Strawberries.
9. How old is your mommy? Old.
10. What is her job? She works a lot on blog posts.
11. What is mommy’s favorite food? Indian food and a lot of smoothies.
12. How old is your daddy? Old. I think 20.
13. What is his job? Stage Manager.
14. What is daddy’s favorite food? Kabobs. He likes cheeseburgers.
15. What do mommy and daddy like to do? Work. (Yikes.)
16. If you have brothers or sisters, what are their names? Emmett. Sometimes I call him Crispy.
17. How old is your brother(s) (and/or sisters)? 2 1/2.
18. What is your brother(s) (and/or sisters) favorite food? Mac and cheese. Also olives.
19. What is your favorite toy? Rosie (doll) and Owly (her favorite owl toy since she was a baby).
20. Where do you live? Somewhere by Chicago.
21. What is your favorite thing to do? Play with my mommy. (Awww. Me too baby girl.)
22. What is your favorite place you’ve ever been? The candy store.
23. Who is your best friend? Mommy and ….. (an endless lists of friends; too many to type.)
24. What is your favorite animal? Tiger.
25. If you could have anything you wished for, what would it be? A bunny for a pet.

And just because I can’t leave out my favorite little dude (even though he didn’t do the interview questions), here is Emmett’s first day pic. (Unlike his sis, who ran in the classroom and never looked back at his age, there were some tears from this guy. But I think he’s doing to do great).

If any of you use these question to interview your preschoolers or grade schoolers, I’d love to hear some of their replies! Oh, and we purchased the chalkboard signs we used for our photos from this awesome Etsy shop.


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Win Personalized Dog or Cat Ornaments | $50 Gift Card #Giveaway

Now that autumn–at least meteorological autumn–has arrived, I know it won’t be long until the holiday season begins. We just received our first holiday product email, and it’s…

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Here We Go…

Today is unofficially the first day of school for both my kids – and the first time I’ll ever have two kids in school. Weird. I say “unofficially” because Essley technically starts tomorrow (she goes to preschool 4 days a week), and Emmett technically starts Thursday (he goes 2 days a week). But today is their “meet the teachers” day where parents accompany them. So while I won’t be posting the predictable “first day” photos to my Instagram until later this week (the image above is actually from last year), I’m counting today as a first day.

I remember on Essley’s first day in the class Emmett is starting this week and how I couldn’t sleep the night before. I was so excited for this milestone, and also really nervous. Essley, of course, barely looked me in the eye before darting into the classroom. Emmett is my shy one though, and he isn’t fond of strangers, so I’m wondering if I’ll be the same way tomorrow night as I was with Essley (equal parts nervous and excited), before his first official day. In the grand scheme of things, it’s such a silly thing to be a cause for anxiety. But hey, parents are ridiculous about this stuff. Myself included.

As I mentioned above, this will also be the first time ever that both kids will be gone at the same time (even if just for a few hours a week), aside from when they’re at at their grandmother’s. (My mom watches the kids when I work.) It’s awesome and it’s also a little sad, because that whole cliche about time passing quickly with kids is the truth, man. I already see so much independence in Essley. It’s wonderful and scary at the same time. Bittersweet. But I’m so happy to be on this journey.

Before I go, I just have to say that I just realized this is my third personal post in a row. (By “personal,” I mean ramblings about things going on in my life vs. the general lifestyle/parenting/food/how to posts you normally read here.) It’s funny because journal-like posts used to be the norm for blogging. These days things are much different of course, but I’m always reminding myself how important it is for this space to be authentic (and not just an online magazine). It’s been a long time since there has been this many in a week’s period. I’m counting on you guys to tell me if it’s too much. :)


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Hug Your Hound Day

From observances of such serious subject matter as shelter pet adoption, spay/neuter awareness, pet theft and the plight of puppy mill dogs to celebrations of silliness like National Dress Up Your…

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Halo’s Biggest Fans Are Nominated for This Year’s People’s Choice Awards

Manny the Frenchie, Nala Cat, Lil BUB

We are proud to announce that all three of Halo’s social media top “furfluencers” are nominated for the People’s Choice Awards in the Animal Star of 2018 category.

Halo spokescat Lil BUB is the founder of Lil Bub’s Big Fund for ASPCA. For the first time ever, this famous feline with more than 5 million social followers endorsed a pet food because of Halo’s mission and our real WHOLE meat diet, which makes a positive impact to her health as well as millions of shelter pets less fortunate than her.

Manny the Frenchie is the most followed bulldog who uses his fan base to help others through his non-profit, the Manny and Friends Foundation, and often touts Halo’s real WHOLE meat diets, as well as Halo’s vegan dog food on #meatlessmonday on social.

Halo newcomer, Nala Cat is a lovable Siamese/tabby mix rescue who recently launched her give back campaign, Nala Got You! With more than 6 million social followers, she joins Manny and Lil BUB to help millions of pet parents understand how Halo is changing the way companion animals are fed and farm animals are raised for the better.

Together, the trio of “furfluencers” with their combined 15 million+ pet loving followers support Halo’s mission to make a difference for ALL animals and we are so proud to have our Halo family nominated for the Animal Star of 2018 award.

Vote for your favorite now.

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8 Vegetarian Recipes Perfect For Fall

Autumn VEGAN Grilled Cheese 2 WaysY

Yes, I know. I constantly gush about how much I love summer and repeatedly state that I’m just soooo different from other bloggers in that I’m not a huge fan of fall, yet here I am sharing fall recipes while it’s still 80 degrees outside. While I admittedly eat my fair share of dishes normally reserved for summer year round, I also get excited about cozy, fall dishes. In fact, the first cold day I bolt to the store to stock up on vegetarian chili supplies. (Speaking of which, I don’t think I’ve ever shared my veggie chili recipe here. That needs to change soon.) Today I felt the urge to share my perfect-for-fall recipes from over the years here at Bubby and Bean. All of them are vegetarian, and all are easy to prepare. (Because you guys know me – 30 minutes in the kitchen and I’m done.) Just click on any of the images or links below them to see the recipes in full.

Southwestern Style Mac and Cheese // Bubby and Bean
Creamy Parmesan Mashed Potatoes
Vegan Black Bean and Salsa Soup
Vegetarian Breakfast Tacos with Red and Yellow Potatoes

When it comes to food, do you prefer lighter spring and summer dishes, or heartier fall and winter recipes?


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I got to new pet. Jenna bought me a pastel ball python from Nussman Reptiles. I am calling him Mosiro, after a clan of Akie hunter-gathers in Kenya.

His glamor shot:



mosiro arrival

mosiro closeup

He’s eating frozen, and I think he’s gorgeous.

I’ve always wanted my own python, though I’m glad it’s of this smaller, more docile species.



Natural History

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Win Your Choice of Campfire Natural Dog Treats!

September means the start of day trip season at our house. Summer’s heat starts to give way to more temperate conditions, and we head out with the dogs in search of fun, whether it’s a…

[[ This is a summary only. Click the title for the full post, photos, videos, giveaways, and more! ]]


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Vote for Halo® Garden of Vegan® for Dogs for the Veggie Award!

Vegan Dog Food - Manny the Frenchie

We are proud to announce that Halo’s Garden of Vegan is up for a Veggie Award! We’re nominated for the 2018 Annual VegNews Veggie Awards, the largest survey of vegan products in the world. Pet Parents can vote for Halo at Veggie Awards until polling closes on August 31.

Garden of Vegan dry vegan dog food and canned vegan dog food are made with chickpeas, non-GMO vegetables and fruits, and nourishing oils, providing a nutritionally balanced diet made with the finest quality ingredients and NO rice. Our completely plant-based protein comes from whole grains, green peas, and chickpeas.

Halo’s Garden of Vegan is ideal for dog parents living a vegan lifestyle or dogs with protein sensitivities as well as those looking to combat climate change by reducing their carbon paw prints.

We’d appreciate your vote for a chance to win this award! Thank you in advance. Vote now.

Veggie Awards

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Where was the Most Amazing Cat on the Planet born?

Lil BUB eating Halo wet cat food

While Lil BUB touches lives across the United States, she was discovered as the runt of a healthy litter in a tool shed in rural Indiana. In addition to her book, TV show, and movie, BUB has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for animals in need. As a special needs cat, BUB has had to overcome many challenges herself, so now she raises money through Lil BUB’s Big Fund at the ASPCA, which then gets distributed through grants to organizations across the country helping homeless pets with special needs.

More about BUB:

Favorite food: Halo wet cat food to keep her hydrated

Favorite app: Weather BUB

Favorite movie: Lil BUB & Friends

Favorite quote: “GOOD JOB BUB”

Follow Lil BUB on Instagram


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