Harley, the blind therapy dog, is an inspiration

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Caption, Please

I’ve watched too much of the hatred in #Charlottesville today. I needed something uplifting, and this photo did it for me. Anyone have a good caption? My pick is “All you need is love.” Until next time, Good day, and good dog!

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Such a wonderful story – both Chappy and Crystal d…

Such a wonderful story – both Chappy and Crystal deserve each other and deserve to be happy, supported and loved. I hope this story helps other blocky dogs find a way into homes that need them. Thank you BAD RAP for all your good works – for dogs AND humans.


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Dogs With OCD

Dogs with OCD (or Osteochondrosis) suffer a great deal of pain and mobility issues.
When a dog has OCD, fragments of bone and cartilage become detached from larger bones and end up floating around the area encompassing a dog’s joints. The result is that any movement in the joint where those fragments are located will cause a dog to suffer …
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Small Dog Protects Her Family from a Mob of Emus

Small Dog Protects Her Family from a Mob of Emus

Steven Taddeo and his family were camping in Blanchetown, South Australia when they had a dangerous encounter with a mob of angry emus. Thankfully, their mini labradoodle Chia stood up to the giant birds and protected the family.

According to AdelaideNow.com.au, Steven, his father Paul, and his nephew Pietro were chopping firewood when they noticed a mob of eight emus approaching. Emus are large birds and the biggest in this mob was estimated to be “about 6 feet tall” according to Steven. Steven knew that emus “can do quite some damage” so the family was “extremely terrified,” in his words. The family had accidentally gotten close to some young emus, which is why the mob approached and started to circle around them.

Thankfully, Chia was with the family while they were chopping wood and stepped up to frighten away the dangerous birds. Chia ran at the largest emu in the group. Her fierce behavior scared the birds so that they stopped circling the family and went away. Steven told reporters, “When we got back to camp Chia had a hero’s return” and they gave her some of her favorite foods. He believes that Chia’s actions prevented serious harm from befalling his family.

The experience caused Steven to reflect that “dogs really are a man’s best friend.” We’re glad that Chia kept her family safe and strengthened their love of dogs.

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Living with a Blind Dog

Living with a blind dog can be a challenging undertaking, both for the dog and for its owner who now must be the eyes for both of them.

A dog who suddenly develops blindness is usually able to adjust to living life without its vision which has been an important and indispensable sense all its life.
More than likely your …
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Dryer Sheets Keep Away Nasty Flying Insects!

dog outside

Summer bug problems? I nearly forgot about this low-tech simple solution really works to keep away the nasty little biting, flying insects that swarm around me and my dogs when we go on summer walks in the middle of summer.

My girls Maisie and Wanda – who run across fields, streams and into woods year round – are already fully protected against ticks with their monthly applications of Vectra 3D or K9 Advantix II. In addition, this spring I added the long-acting Seresto collar, after hearing one too many blood-chilling accounts of the ever-emerging horrible diseases transmitted by an ever-expanding world of ticks looking to gorge on us and our dogs.

The best topical anti-tick products do kill-on-contact – so that the tick only needs to land on the dog to die and does not have a chance to take a “blood meal,” which is how the tick-borne diseases are transmitted. In theory, these topicals also have a repellent effect on other insects – but tell that to the mosquitoes, gnats, little black flies and other incredibly annoying flying insects that proliferate during the summer! And watch out for the panicked, tail-tucked misery of a short-coated dog being molested by these bugs!

Those of you with furry dogs (like my Golden Retriever Roma was, and my Collie-mix Jazzy) don’t know the torture these insects are for our “nude” dogs like my Weimaraners, or anybody’s Dobie, Viszla, hound of any kind, etc.

So here’s the “trick:” right before you go outdoors, take a dryer sheet and rub it all over your dog’s head, back, sides, armpits, belly. If you have two dogs as I do, turn the dryer sheet over and use the other side on dog #2. You can use a dryer sheet the same way on your own skin and clothes and hat – and even tuck it into the back of a baseball cap so it hangs down. It works!

But just to be sure I wasn’t leading you down a (bug free) garden path, I did a quick internet check and found THIS ARTICLE from Smithsonian.com which confirmed the folk wisdom as having scientific proof!
Tracie HotchnerTracie Hotchner is a nationally acclaimed pet wellness advocate, who wrote THE DOG BIBLE: Everything Your Dog Wants You to Know and THE CAT BIBLE: Everything Your Cat Expects You to Know. She is recognized as the premiere voice for pets and their people on pet talk radio. She continues to produce and host her own Gracie® Award winning NPR show DOG TALK®  (and Kitties, Too!) from Peconic Public Broadcasting in the Hamptons after 9 consecutive years and over 500 shows. She produced and hosted her own live, call-in show CAT CHAT® on the Martha Stewart channel of Sirius/XM for over 7 years until the channel was canceled, when Tracie created her own Radio Pet Lady Network where she produces and co-hosts CAT CHAT® along with 10 other pet talk radio podcasts with top veterinarians and pet experts.

Dog Film Festival - Tracie HotchnerTracie also is the Founder and Director of the annual NY Dog Film Festival, a philanthropic celebration of the love between dogs and their people. Short canine-themed documentary, animated and narrative films from around the world create a shared audience experience that inspires, educates and entertains. With a New York City premiere every October, the Festival then travels around the country, partnering in each location with an outstanding animal welfare organization that brings adoptable dogs to the theater and receives half the proceeds of the ticket sales. Halo was a Founding Sponsor in 2015 and donated 10,000 meals to the beneficiary shelters in every destination around the country in 2016.

Tracie lives in Bennington, Vermont – where the Radio Pet Lady Network studio is based – and where her 12 acres are well-used by her 2-girl pack of lovely, lively rescued Weimaraners, Maisie and Wanda.

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Shih Tzu Care Tips

Shih tzu’s are good-natured and easy to train, making them great family pets. But caring for a Shih tzu can be time consuming because they require a lot of grooming.

A major part of Shih tzu care is proper grooming which will begin as soon as you bring your new dog home. Their thick, double-coated hair can be grown long, …
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Those people who are against vaccinating kids because they believe the bad science that says vaccines cause autism have now crossed over into the dog world. Time Magazine published this video and article debunking the myth. Just as with children, unvaccinated dogs cause huge problems in communities. They can pass diseases not only to strays, […]

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Inspiration, Move Me Brightly

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Happy first day of August, friends. My fellow Grateful Dead lovers will recognize the title of this post, but the post itself (clearly) has nothing to do with a song. It’s just been a while since we’ve done a good ol’ random inspiration post, and I’m feeling it. So enjoy these images I’ve recently come across online that have been making me, for no specific reason, feel creatively inspired. I hope they do the same for you. (You can find more images that inspire me on the regular right here.)


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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