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Primitive, bizarre, beautiful: New mite species reveal a lost world awaiting
The mite Tuckerella japonica is no stranger to hot water. For centuries untold numbers of this tiny arachnid (cousin to spiders and ticks) have ended up in teapots, invisibly steeping alongside the leaves of the tea plant on which it lives Today, this
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Gardening: Insecticides will not kill spider mites
A. Mites are very small pests that can injure many species of plants. They are not insects but actually belong to arachnids or spiders. They have four pair of legs, no antennae and have true jaws that can pierce plant tissue. They suck out sap and cell
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How to control dust mite allergy
Dust mites are tiny bugs that commonly live on bedding, carpets, soft furnishings, clothing and dead human skin. In people allergic to dust mite, it is often not the mite itself but proteins in their droppings which cause the allergy. Mite is closely
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I live in Oakland and, for years, I believed that,…

I live in Oakland and, for years, I believed that, when finding a stray in Oakland, taking the animal to Oakland Animal Services was the best course of action. In fact, I counseled and assisted several neighbors on this, convincing them to "let our municipal shelter do its job" and "go to the place the owner is likely to go looking", etc, after they were initially not inclined for fear the animal would be killed.

In January, I found a stray cattle dog mix early on a Sunday morning in Oakland. I spent hours walking the dog around the area where I found her and having her privately scanned for a non-existent microchip. Finally, unsuccessful in locating her owner, and unable to bring her home with my dog who is selective, I took her to Oakland Animal Services.

At Oakland Animal Services, the dog was held in "the back" for one month, then killed. During that month I called many times, visited once and even sent one potential adopter down to meet her. I could never get an answer from anyone as to why she was not being made available for adoption or what her options were. She was a nice, sweet dog. I am a long-time shelter volunteer (at a different shelter) and have worked with many dogs. This was a sweet, well-adjusted dog.

The final time I called to ask about the dog, I was told she had been "put to sleep" (hate that expression). The person on the phone read from the file "finder stopped calling – put to sleep". Finder (me) called many times and even visited once. Finder did not "stop calling". Finder was not getting any useful information from calls and was prevented from helping to network the dog. So sad, so avoidable, and one of many similar stories.

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Nov 7, Content on your site – Dog Digestion Journey

Barbara, Your site is fun to read. I really enjoyed the information you have here, so I want to help you (I noticed some Japanese content on your site,
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Diamond Python with over 100 Paralysis Ticks on it.

Snake (Diamond Python) found on our local fire trail with over 100 paralysis ticks snacking on it and still alive.

The brown dog tick, Rhipicephalus sanguineus, took over this 3 month old puppy.
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Nov 8, Dogs that catch their own fish

Some dogs prefer fish over meat, but trying to catch a salmon is a nice hobby for every dog.

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Nov 12, How to prevent excessive weight gain in dogs following worming

I am doing research on how to prevent excessive weight gain in dogs after they have been successfully treated for a significant worm infection. Kindly
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Baby Essley: the Fifth Month

Today Essley Morgan turns five months old.  It’s so cliche to say this, but seriously, where did the time go?  How is she five months already?  I remember packing away her six month clothes during the final month of my pregnancy, thinking about how it seemed like it would be an eternity before she wore them.  And now she’s wearing them, yet it only feels like it’s been few weeks since that day.  Parents are always all, “they grow up so fast,” and “you blink and they’re not babies anymore,” blah blah blah.  But honestly, it really does feel like that.  Essley is a completely different person than she was even a couple of months ago.  I look at newborn pictures of her and barely recognize her in comparison to what she looks like today, and really, they weren’t taken long ago at all.  The whole thing is weird and amazing, wonderful and scary.  It’s absolutely bittersweet.

I skipped doing a four month update to share our birth story, and in the three month update back in March, I mostly focused on the big revelation I’d had about parenting (in brief: books and advice from others are great but a mind that is open to figuring it out for yourself along the way is all you really need).  I did mention some of the third month ‘milestones’: her consistent coos and shrieks, regular gummy smiles, an ability to sit up when propped up, an ability to self-soothe, a new alertness and interest in the world around her, etc.  I’m glad I recorded these things, because reading about them now makes me feel so proud and excited about how much more she’s accomplished since then.  If I’m this much of a dork over her doing things like rolling over, I can only imagine how annoying I’ll be when she has dance recitals or sports matches or field days or science fairs. Sorry in advance.

I’m not going to get too deep this time around – after typing out the birth story last month, I’m pretty sure I filled my dramatic/emotional storytelling quota for a while.  And I’m not going to talk about my thoughts on being a new parent, because they haven’t changed since the third month update – I’m still just going with the flow and learning as I go. But for those who want to dork out alongside me, here’s what happened in Essley’s fourth and fifth months, in one long run-on sentence.  She took two road trips with me and confirmed that she has road warrior in her blood, she had her first Easter egg hunt (she just watched, but it was still freaking adorable), she gave me my first Mother’s Day (and it was perfect), she learned to roll over from back to tummy and did it about a zillion times (she’s still very awkward with the tummy-to-back method), she started rolling over to her stomach to sleep which resulted in much longer sleep stretches (she’s since gone back to sleeping on her back though, bummer), she had a night where she slept for eight glorious hours straight (hallelujah!) and although it hasn’t happened since she’s still sleeping better at night, she smiles all the time and has full-on belly laugh giggling episodes that in turn make us have full-on belly laugh giggle episodes (video proof right here), she rocks tummy time on her own (but is still not a fan if it’s our idea rather than hers), she’s been going for walks on the daily and loves them, she cries much less but has mastered the art of whining (oh boy), she once again measured average weight but in the 95th percentile for height at the doctor (she’s my little string bean), she constantly tries to sit up on her own and I have a feeling she’ll be there soon, she’s still nursing like a champ, she picks up and hold toys (and puts them in her mouth, every time), she discovered (and appears to be obsessed with) her feet, she says ‘words’ like ‘ba’ and ‘ma,’ she turns to look when we say her name, and, out of nowhere, she seems a lot more like a little person than a baby.   

In this final month before her first half-birthday, I’m torn between anticipation for what she’ll do next and a genuine desire for things to slow down.  I’m also, of course, grateful beyond words that I get to spend each day with this spirited, curious, happy little human.  It just gets better and better, and although it can be exhausting and frustrating and unbalanced and really, really difficult, not a day goes by when I am not appreciative.  For all of it.  None of the things I’ve done so far in my life – not my career, not my travels, not any of the amazing things I’ve been fortunate to experience – have come close to this.  Being Essley’s mom wins. Here’s to the next five months!

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Ever Seen A Tick Explode

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オフィシャルHP 2/25発売、待望の1stシングル! カップリングの「All I Want」には、 UVERworldのTAKUYA∞が参加してます!! UVERworldファン、TAKUYA∞ファンは必聴!!! テレビ東京「スキバラ」3月度エンディン…

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Mom’s Night Out by Tricia Goyer {Book Review}

My rating: 5 of 5 stars I’m one of the “few” moms that haven’t had a chance to see “Mom’s Night Out” so I was excited about the opportunity to read and review the novelization of the movie. Initially, I found myself trying to be as partial as possible, while reading the book and not…

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Sunflower Faith

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Dogs of War: Zenit

EXCELLENT article (although a little long) on National Geographic about military working dogs. A great big wag of the tail to all of our veterans, both human and canine, as well as to those who are still serving, on this Memorial Day 2014. We appreciate your service and sacrifice. Until next time, Good day, […] Dog Blog

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