Hip Mom, Smart Mom, Stylish Mom: Nicolette Gawthrop

Hip Mom, Smart Mom, Stylish Mom: Nicolette Gawthrop

A couple of months ago, I introduced a new series to you guys called ‘Hip Mom, Smart Mom, Stylish Mom.’  I explained that when I was pregnant, I thought a lot about what kind of changes would take place in me after the baby arrived, and if it would be difficult to maintain my individual identity and style.  I knew that I absolutely wanted Essley to come first, without question – but I also knew that it was important to continue to stay true to who I was, and to continue to enjoy the things that made me ME, pre-baby.  Well despite much less sleep and free time, a consistently messy home, and a wardrobe that is rarely wrinkle-free or truly clean, I can honestly say that I at least make a conscious effort to be somewhat stylish, to create a relatively healthy balance between work/family/life, and to remind myself that it’s neither necessary nor appealing for me to fit into the mold of the stereotypical, traditional mom.  I’m lucky to know (and constantly meet) other moms who feel the same way that I do.  These women are committed mothers who defy convention.  They are true to their kids and true to their families, but also true to themselves.  These moms are hip, smart, and stylish – and I’m thrilled to be able to share, in their words, what makes them that way.

For the third post in this series, I’m thrilled to be featuring another real life friend who is also a blogger.  I met this lovely lady several years back (2008?), well before either of us were moms (or had blogs).  We were introduced by our husbands (then boyfriends), who go way, way back, and we hit it off immediately.  She is raising two beautiful little boys, takes some seriously gorgeous photos, and might possibly be the world champion of scoring cool thrift store finds. Welcome the hip, smart, and stylish Nicolette Gawthrop.

Welcome Nicolette! Please introduce yourself to Bubby and Bean’s readers.

Thank you so much for having me, and for considering me a Hip Mom, Smart Mom, Stylish Mom!!!  I’m flattered. My name is Nicolette Gawthrop, I am a Mom of two little boys: Loukas, age 4 and Jasper, age 2. It’s a funny thing to call oneself, but I’d say I’m a Thrift-shopper, an Instagrammer, and a documentary photographer. I also hobby-blog about my life as Ozark Mama Deer – mostly my photography and creative writing with some lifestyle-type posts mixed in between. My husband, Jerrmy, is a restauranteur and music festival promoter, and I like to consider myself on the “Board of Trustees” for his various business ventures. We juggle a lot around, here, but try be ourselves, keeping true to our style at the same time.

I’ve never been a huge fan of being asked to define my style in a number of words, but for sake of time and space, let’s do it anyway.  Define yours in three words.   


What is your usual daily ‘uniform?’

I tend to dress based on my mood for the day. Always comfortable, mostly natural breathable fibers. Recently, I’ve embraced the yoga pants cliche and I’m so glad that I have. It doesn’t happen often, but I actually love to hit the ground running in what I went to bed in the night before, leggings and a tee – brush teeth, splash my face with water, swipe on some blush and dab some under eye concealer and get the day going. Usually I stick to comfy casual: jeans, a cute tee or button up, and boots or slip on shoes.   Somedays, though, when I’m feeling low, instead of the same ole jeans and top, I go for a dress. I find that when you are facing a rough day, braiding your hair pretty and taking a little extra time to jazz up your look, can put an extra pep in your step.

What is different (if anything) about your style/wardrobe now than before you had kids?

I would say my wardrobe has evolved quite a lot since becoming a Mom. Mostly, accessorizing my outfits has become somewhat limited – especially at the peek of baby wearing, and breastfeeding when little fingers start to pull on earrings and necklaces or they get entangled in wearing the kid, and carrying the bag with all the kid’s stuff. Also, most of my decisions about what to wear daily are based on feeling comfortable while sitting to nurse, nursing accessibility, how hot and sweaty I might get while carrying a kid and most importantly- I gage how much I will feel irritated if my garment gets stained. My kids tend to view my apparel as an extended napkin (the other napkins around here, besides real ones, are their shirts.) So basically, I try to express myself through my style as much as possible without compromising my Mom role. It’s a terrible feeling when you don’t want your cute kid to crawl all over you or pick them up to carry them because you don’t want to get your get up messy, and it’s equally awkward to do floor play activities in certain styles of pants or skirts. Obviously, it’d be easy to just wear scrubs or athletic apparel (I’ve recently embraced yoga pants days) but I also find that expressing myself through the way that I dress is something that I value. There was time in the very early days of motherhood that I actually went through my wardrobe and purged some of my very favorite non-practical pieces in the spirit of “I’m a mom now,” and I don’t think that has to be the case. Your children deserve to have a happy parent who is comfortable being themselves. Sure you may have to skip the heels, and tone down the accessories but I think it’s important for kids to see parents being them.

What do you wear when you go out with your husbands or girlfriends? Are your outfits different or the same as when you’re hanging with the kids? 

I tend to stick to comfortable, easy looks with some flare. I like to save my white clothing items and things that are hard to “mom” in for date nights. I don’t get out for evening engagements too often, but when I do- I wear heals, I happily don’t have to consider breastfeeding and I add extra jewelry and make up.

What are your top three wardrobe staples?

This is a tough one.
-Comfortable jeans.
-Swedish clogs
-Stylish Tee shirts (I have splurged on a couple J.Crew linen and cotton tees that look great and are a put-on-and-go easy look)

What are your favorite places to shop for clothing that you’d suggest to other hip/smart/stylish moms? 

A majority of the clothing I wear is thrifted or purchased at this crazy warehouse buyout place where I find Free People and Anthropologie, cast offs that often need repairs and are from the previous year’s season. I love to score on the J.Crew %-off-sale sales, and sometimes GAP. When I am thrift shopping I look for vintage specialty items, made in USA, organic cotton/natural fibers and finer designer labels -which happens- it’s amazing what you can find out there- and no, I don’t thrift with my kids. I also love eBay for finding swedish clogs and fancy boots. I always do eBay searches before I buy full-price footwear. It’s pretty rare that I buy full-price items, but when I do- it’s always from local shops, here, in Fayetteville, Arkansas. We actually happen to have some of the greatest boutiques. Northwest Arkansas happens to be a pretty fashionable area!!! I would suggest checking out your local resale shops and sign up for email reminders of jcrew clearance sales for staples and statement tees! Their items are always a treat, especially heavily discounted.

What are your favorite places to shop for baby and/or kids clothes?

I do love the independent Etsy shop specialty items made by moms, and I like to shop local (we have a few really great kids’ boutiques around here, as well, but I’m quite practical about the cost of clothing items for kids- which often end up getting stains, and are outgrown quickly. So, I do a lot of thrifting, and I find items on eBay. eBay is a glorious market place, in my opinion. Otherwise, I wait for sales and rarely pay full price, and because I save so much with the thrifting, I can sometimes splurge on a $ 20 shirt or fancy pair of leggings (which my boys love) and buy nicer shoes and just mix and match and snazz up a thrifted pair of vintage shorts or top that I paid $ 2 for. My favorite kids clothes makers are: CrewcutsGapLittle Hip SqueaksMama Case PrintsMini BodenTea CollectionKate Quinn OrganicsAmerican Apparel, and Smafolk, and for PJ’s: Hanna Andersson (which I often buy on eBay.) There are some other brands that I super love right now, like Mini Rodini, Bobo Choses, and Nico Nico, but they aren’t in the budget. I’ll be searching for leftovers from the last couple seasons on eBay for sure. My criteria for kids clothes, again, is comfort and I try to buy only 100% cotton. We rarely put the boys in jean material because they are so active and it doesn’t move well. The boys love their Salt Water Surfer Sandals, New Balance, Vans, and Sperry “boat shoes” they call them, as well as their RAIN BOOTS. I found reasonable Hunter Boots and Joules on… you guessed it, eBay this last year and I tend to feel comfortable buying quality items in my oldest boy’s size because they will be passed on to little bro.

How do you ‘balance’ everything you have going on (work, kids, family, life!) while still keeping a sense of style?

My sense of style is a very much an intrinsic part of who I am. I don’t think I go too much out of my way thinking about it… it just kind of happens. It helps to keep our wardrobes pared down to the items we love best and have favorites around that are easy to lauder and readily available. I actually consider care instructions when I purchase items. I learned really early on that washing clothes when you are a mom is a bit more necessary than before kids. Like I said before, my clothes seem to resemble a napkin to my little guys. And I wouldn’t say that I’ve got the balance part down, but I do prioritize taking a shower and getting dress almost every single day. If nothing more than it makes me feel good and therefore translates into higher spirits all around. Like, I said before- your kids deserve to have a happy parent and to know the real you!

What is your ultimate favorite thing to do with your family when you have some downtime?

We love to EAT. My husband is a chef/restaurant owner and we are pretty obsessed with food. We take our kids to all kinds of food places and they are becoming pretty good diners. Our other favorite is adventure/travel, which we try to do a couple of times a year. And when we travel…you guessed it- we love to eat.

Thanks again to the wonderful Nicolette for being our third hip/smart/stylish mom!  Make sure to pay her a visit to her blog, Ozark Mama Deer.  You can also find her on Instagram, where she recently garnished some attention by becoming one of IG’s suggested users.  Go Nico!

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How do you like them apples?

Walking a higher road

I’ve spent a few days walking, talking and scouting walk routes with Luke. Wow.

Day 1- “Danger Luke Robinson”.

These roads are just downright scary. The route 101 highway from Oreck to Patricks Point was a part of the route I walked with Luke. The hills, the narrow “shoulders”- more like fingers in my opinion, are just dangerous. Combine the hairpin curves with speeding traffic, distracted and well, rude drivers that won’t move over create a hazardous scenario for our fuzzybutt friend and his Papi.  ”zigging and zagging” along the road, yep, I get that now.  Luke is cautious and protective of his kids and from what I’ve witnessed, I think he would risk his own life to save theirs.

Day 2-The choir

As we walked from Patricks Point state park to Trinidad, we were serenaded by the beautiful sound of sea lions in the fog. We were off of route 101 and walked along the coast.  I felt fortunate to hear the sea lions singing, but sad that I couldn’t see them through the thick, dense fog. Oh and yes, more hills, up and down and back up and then down.

The Digs

I actually enjoy camping out as it reminds me of my youth, when my family would go on camping adventures in our 1972 Chevy station wagon, loaded up with gear!  Those were the days.

I have mastered setting up and breaking down my tent in record time. (Actually, I think I’m quicker at it than Luke). What I bring to the campsite- lights, fun and purposeful battery operated mini flower multi colored string lights. They seem to be the funnest thing our fellow campers have seen.

My sleeping bag, pillow (yes, I brought my pillow from home), sleeping pad- not nearly thick enough as I can feel every stone, root and etc through it. The downside-the dirt factor.

Trust your instinct.
Believe what you see is real. Example, if you think you have just seen a bear on the other side of the campsite across from you, then trust that you have.
If your gut tells you to go right vs left, listen to no one. Trust your gut. And yes, I did spot a young black bear and when we walked down to check him out, we noticed his sibling/friend with him. Climbing trees for apples and not caring about us as we marveled at the peaceful coexistence.  2 black bears, 2 young bucks, 2 fawns and a few doe. The bucks, standing stoic as they protected the fawn and doe, and yes they were more cautious of us, than the black bears.

Believe in yourself.
You CAN do what you put your mind to. Walk at your own pace.  Focus on you and your goals and let the naysayers kiss your keester when you finish.

Note: the days I cranked out some miles walking with Luke were for my bestie, Kate, who has terminal cancer. Diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago, which spread to her bones in her spine and skull. She’s in pain. As I walked with Luke and Indy, I thought of Kate. I dismissed the aches and pains felt while walking and post walk because, well Kate has aches and pains on a daily basis. I know Kate will continue her fight and stay strong. I am hoping next year, we can do our cross country adventure and kick up some dust along the way. Just like old days.  

Papa K.  This walk and trip has also inspired me to plan a cross country trip with Papa K.  He is living vicariously through me on this trek and wants to see the sights before his days are up. I will be part of that wish for Papa K.  Perhaps he joins Kate and I!  It would be a blast  for us driving across country in an RV, at our own pace, visiting anywhere we want. Papa K- wants Vegas to be part of our trip. And I can’t wait to see him taking in the sights of Sin City, the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam. 2015 will be a defining year. 

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Lone Star Tick can make you allergic to meat, BBQ

Lone Star Tick can make you allergic to meat, BBQ
Read more on KPRC Houston

Climate change increases ticks, algae, mosquitoes, but may kill outdoor
Growing numbers of ticks, mosquitoes and toxic algae brought about by heavier rains and extreme temperatures are making it tougher to enjoy the great outdoors, according to the National Wildlife Federation's Ticked Off: America's Outdoor Experience and …
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Ticks bring new disease to Cape
Cape health officials are seeing increases in tick-borne disease this summer — and it's not just Lyme disease anymore. Cases of newly emerging illnesses anaplasmosis and babesiosis continue to rise, while a recently discovered disease also transmitted
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The best day of the year is here!

It’s National Dog Day, a day to celebrate the love and bond we share with our canine companions.

It’s hard to top. What could possibly be better than National Dog Day?



Having your birthday fall on National Dog Day. Especially if you’ve always proclaimed that dogs are pretty much the best thing ever. It is also, in a strange twist of fate that I cannot tell if it is coincidental or not, is also National hot dog day, which is a fact I’m not as excited about so I will choose to ignore.

But it’s my birthday! And the fact that it’s National Dog Day is a welcome distraction from the fact that I am now old enough that birthdays are officially depressing, so Brody and I are going to have a great walk and have some treats and I may, in a fit of generosity, even give him a bit of hot dog, even though I won’t partake myself because I watched that episode of “How It’s Made” and eew.

In another wonderful coincidence, just yesterday GoPro released their new Fetch dog harness. I’ve been waiting for this for years. Some of you may remember my failed attempts at Brody cam, when I actually commissioned a person on Etsy back when you still could do that to make me a helmet harness for the dog. He looked like a Spaceball. It didn’t work. So we waited, and finally, our patience has been rewarded.

Heck yes I have one. To make things even scarier my husband bought himself a drone for his birthday so we have all the tech. Brody cam is COMING. Be warned.



ETA: Have also just been informed that today is also Women’s Equality Day, a celebration of the 19th Amendment ratification on 8/26/1920. The day just keeps getting better and better!

Pawcurious: With Pet Lifestyle Expert and Veterinarian Dr. V.

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Great advice, anon. Thank you.

Great advice, anon. Thank you.

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Latest Fleas News

Overkill: Renters "bomb" fleas, set Muskegon-area house on fire
MUSKEGON TOWNSHIP, MI — In a case of overkill gone awry, occupants of a flea-infested home accidentally set it on fire with flea bombs Sunday night. The home in the 700 block of East Giles Road sustained an estimated $ 20,000 in damage after renters …
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Look at the camera and say 'fleas': Creepy crawly parasites pose for
Look at the camera and say 'fleas': Creepy crawly parasites pose for microscopic 'selfies'. Marcus DeSieno snapped more than 20 species for his unusual models; Project aims to confront artist's childhood fear of the invisible monsters. Published: 04:37
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Cockatoo Enthusiastically Feeds Treats To The Great Danes | Video

Spike the Cockatoo enthusiastically feeds the Great Danes their Milk Bones!!

The post Cockatoo Enthusiastically Feeds Treats To The Great Danes | Video appeared first on A Place to Love Dogs.

A Place to Love Dogs

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Would You Include Your Dog in Your Will? Lauren Bacall Did!

When Lauren Bacall died last month, she left behind quite a legacy. It went far beyond the iconic scenes she did with Humphrey Bogart in To Have and Have Not, Key Largo, and The Big Sleep. She was a fascinating, charismatic person in her own right, and probably would have made a great name for herself even without Bogart. On screen, stage, and in real life, she had an uncompromising voice. Unlike a lot of Hollywood stars, her politics weren’t built on the flavor of the month; she was proudly liberal from the beginning to the end, even when that label was unfashionable or even dangerous. Among other things, she famously spoke out against the anti-Communist paranoia that spread through Hollywood during the McCarthy Era.

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Lauren Bacall

In addition to her cultural legacy, Bacall had a substantial amount of money when she died, and last week when her will was read, it showed that she remembered the ones who mattered. Most of the money went to her children, but she also set aside $ 10,000 for the care of her beloved Papillon, Sophie, according to The Telegraph.

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Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart at home with one of their Boxers.

Already, the press is pointing at the bequeathment with amusement and characterizing Sophie as "pampered." You can hear the sneer in the headlines, but if you have $ 26 million to bequeath to the loved ones, it seems reasonable to make sure your dog is also taken care of. Bacall was a lifelong dog-lover. Even from her early career, there's a famous photograph of her at home with Bogart, their son, and three dogs. The interior of her apartment at the Dakota was covered with pictures of Sophie and other dogs, and the little Papillon had become a familiar sight to people in the neighborhood and those who worked with Bacall on her final movies.

Bacall is the best one to describe her relationship with Sophie, and you can hear her do so in the video below, where Glenn Close visits Bacall and Sophie at home. Bacall describes Sophie as "oversexed and underpaid," while Sophie enthusiastically humps her own toy dog, known as "The Humperdink."

Our best wishes to Sophie, Lauren Bacall's human family, and all the people who knew her.

Via The Telegraph

Learn more about dogs with Dogster:

The Scoop | The Scoop

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When Is a Dog Rescue Not a Rescue?

A rescue organization closing is rarely a good thing for dogs and dog lovers. The case of Precious Pups, a dog rescue group based in Calverton, New York, might just be that rare example when it is.

Precious Pups was closed down by court order this week after allegations that it was little more than a glorified puppy mill, subjecting dogs to animal abuse. According to people who’ve adopted dogs from the organization, it regularly adopted out dogs who were sick, sometimes to the point that they die days or weeks after arriving at their new homes.

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Deborah Maffettone

Deborah Maffettone, for example, told a CBS crew she adopted a poodle from Precious Pups, only to have the dog die 36 hours later from starvation.

"We've got eight dogs documented that came out of the shelter with 20 percent less body weight," she says.

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says that there were many more complaints about dogs coming out of Precious Pups.

"The representations they made about the health of the dogs, that they received veterinary treatment were all false," Schneiderman told CBS. "We subpoenaed them, they refused to comply with the subpoena."

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Adoption fees for dogs from Precious Pups ran from $ 300 to $ 600 with no background checks or screening process, according to clients. The company's Yelp profile includes several highly detailed and highly critical accounts of bad dealings with Precious Pup's owner Laura Zambito.

One woman, writing as "Tina F," says that Zambito asked her to provide a foster home for several dogs.

"I completed an application to foster but never received a foster agreement," she writes. "My vet and personal references were never checked, nor was a home check done."

Nevertheless, she fostered three dogs but says they needed more than $ 900 in veterinary care. Health problems included heartworm infection, pneumonia, and sutures from previous surgeries that had to be removed.

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Activist Lisa Ludwig

According to Schneiderman and other critics, this kind of situation was typical of practices at Precious Pups. Animal activist Lisa Ludwig, a longtime critic, said, "This is a dog-flipping operation. So many people have been stuck with thousands of dollars in vet bills and dead dogs too."

Zambito has denied all charges, on Yelp and in court, and claims that the entire situation is the result of a malicious smear campaign against her. Precious Pups is fighting the charges in court. Zambito told CBS she plans to reopen: "We will be telling the truth in court. We will be presenting the facts with our attorney. So there is no further comment."

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Maffettone says the real problem is bigger than Zambito or Precious Pups -- there's no oversight or regulation for who is or isn't a legitimate rescue operation.

"Our main goal and the big picture here is to regulate rescue," she said.

What do you think? What kind of laws are needed to make sure that rescue operations are legit, and that dogs find good homes?

Via CBS New York, Shut Down Precious Pups Facebook Page, and Yelp

Learn more about dogs with Dogster:

The Scoop | The Scoop

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