Feeding Healthy Oils like Coconut Oil May Help With Pet’s Medical Problems

Healthy oils and fats added to your pets’ diet often make them look and feel better. One oil that is gaining popularity in human and veterinary medicine is coconut oil. I just bought a 14 oz jar of Organic Coconut oil for myself and my pets from Trader Joes.  I started with one teaspoon for myself, and one half teaspoon to my four footed ten pounders and a whole teaspoon for my sixty pound lab several times per week. Remember to start with a small amount of any fat to make sure pets can tolerate it. (Especially pets with sensitive guts or pancreatitis!!)

Coconut oil may help the body fight off viruses, bacteria, and yeast (great for animals with skin issues). It may also help the thyroid gland and pancreas work better That would be helpful for many dogs with low thyroid problems or diabetes. Daily coconut oil may also encourage weight loss by improving thyroid function and helping burn fat. The type of fat in coconut oil, Medium Chain Triglycerides, cause the more efficient burning of fat. Both of these qualities may help with weight loss! Of course reducing the amount you feed, decreasing treats, and increasing exercise are all important! I have had 2-3 clients try coconut oil and report positive results with their pets’ chronic skin problems. The oil helps fight infection and make the coat softer and skin healthier! The research studies and feedback convinced me to try it on myself and my pets!

Why would you have to add healthy oils to dog food anyway? If all commercial pet foods are “complete and balanced”, why do we have to add anything? Some dogs need different ingredients for better health and lots of dogs need more oils to help their skin and hair coat! All you have to do is look at all the dogs with a dull hair coat or flaky skin to realize there’s something missing in the diet. Some dogs have a great coat, even eating the cheapest commercial food, but others have a dull, dry coat even when eating an expensive food!   Experience has taught me that all animals are unique individuals with different needs.  Some may feel and look better eating a hypoallergenic diet. (One free of common allergens in the diet like wheat, barley, beef, or chicken). Others may need fewer carbohydrates because they gain weight easily. Dogs sporting a dry flaky coat and frequent skin problems may need different foods (hypoallergenic, raw, home cooked) and healthier oils added to the diet.

I’ve seen clients change their pet’s diet only to ruin it all by feeding grain filled biscuits, treats, chews, or other foods that are extremely allergenic. The wheat, barley, chemicals, or other meat proteins in the toxic treats may negate all the good effects of the rest of the diet. It would seem that the better ingredients did not help, when in reality, the treats lovingly given, caused continued medical problems! You would not believe how many skin problems, ear problems, and bowel problems are caused by toxic treats. There are healthy treats, but unhealthy ones are far more common!

Greg Martinez DVM is the author of two books on feeding pets better ingredients to help with chronic medical issues , “Dog Dish Diet” and “Feed Your Pet to Avoid the Vet”


Dr. Greg’s Dog Dish Diet

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Cat Scratch Repair on Leather Furniture in St Louis, MO

Cat Scratch Repair on Leather Furniture in St Louis, MO http://www.stlouisleatherrepair.com, St. Louis Leather Repair can do amazing leather repairs and leat…

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Guy Fakes Falling Off a Cliff Photo for Reddit — And His Italian Greyhound Tries to Save Him

One day, a Redditor by the username French Heart was out taking a walk with his dog friend — an adorable Italian Greyhound. French Heart was enjoying the beach scenery when he saw something that made him think, “Oh heeey, this will get me mega karma on Reddit.”

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French Heart and his dog friend.

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Nice scarf.

And what was it French Heart spied? It was a rock formation that with the trickery of photography and just the right posing would make it appear as if French Heart were hanging to the end of a cliff by the tips of his fingers. Someone get this man a job in the special effects department. 

Giggling to himself (there's no account of him giggling, but I know I would be giggling to myself in a similar situation), French Heart initiated the self-timer on his camera and scrambled into place. To make it more realistic, he uttered a cry of despair.

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"Heehee, I'm going to have all teh karma," French Heart thought.

That's when his dog friend was all, "Oh what's this dumb human of mine doing now?" and since dogs don't understand trick photography, the dog friend panicked, thinking, "Oh my gosh! He's fallen down!" He rushed to French Heart's aid. 

And it's all captured on camera.

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"What are you DOING you naked two-legged can opener?!"

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"Don't ever do that again! These ears can't scratch themselves."

So maybe it's not quite the photo French Heart intended, but his Reddit karma was just quadrupled because: Awww, dog friend!

Photos via Reddit

Read more on Dogster:

About Liz Acosta: Dogster's former Cuteness Correspondent, Liz still manages the site's daily "Awws," only now she also wrangles Dogster's social media. That's why she wants you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and -- her personal favorite -- Instagram. See ya there!

The Scoop | The Scoop

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Day 9: Name That Tumor

Though initial path results were favorable, we’re going to do some additional analysis just to be sure, thanks to the advice of our good friends.  
Since the tumor is traveling about now trying to find out who and what it is, it seems a decent thing to give it a name other than, ‘Haired skin and subcutis’.  
BTW – Toomey and Poly are taken.  

2 Dogs 2,000 Miles

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Some People Need to Steal Content, Because They Can’t Create Their Own

Are you reading this post on a site like fortiflorafordogs.com,basixsupplements.com, or tranquiltabs.com?

That’s because there’s someone that can’t create content of his own and has to steal it from blogs like dogspelledforward.com in order to fill his site with content, in a lame attempt to sell pet medications via affiliate links.

If you are reading it on a site like this, you can read the actual posts here, instead of on the site of a thief.

If you are reading this on my actual site or in RSS, I apologize. I just wanted to get a post calling these leeches out onto their sites, since their theft is completely automated.

Some People Need to Steal Content, Because They Can’t Create Their Own is a post written by . You can see the actual post at Dog Training in Bergen County New Jersey

Dog Spelled Forward Website and Blog

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Cool Ticks images

Some cool Ticks images:


Image by Champion of Cheese
A tick sucking ass.

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Homemade Treats Make Healthy, Wonderful Gifts

Homemade treats make an excellent, inexpensive gift for the holidays and will thrill your 4- and 2-legged friends. These treats are great year-round, but may be just the thing you are looking for to give special clients a nice thank-you.jerky

About a year ago we started hearing about recalls of pet treats on a regular basis. We’re still hearing of dogs getting ill and dying after eating jerky imported from China. At that time, I decided to start making my own pet treats and they have been a phenomenal success with my clients. We now make a jerky, a pumpkin treat and catnip treats regularly for our clients.

The jerky I make is highly addictive! Dogs go crazy for it. Not only is it a healthy, great-tasting snack, it’s a great ice-breaker. I have used it to make instant friends with fearful or slightly aggressive dogs. Once they get a taste of it, they will do anything you want. We jokingly refer to it as canine crack.

A friend had some of my jerky in her pants pocket and gave it to her dog during a walk. When she came home from work that night, her dog had chewed a hole in the pocket area of her pants, trying to get to the last crumbs left there.

Turkey/Vegetable Jerky

3 pounds lean ground turkey

2.5 pounds carrots

1 pound cranberries

3 medium bananas

In a food processor, grind the carrots and cranberries and purify bananas. Mix all thoroughly with the ground turkey (meatloaf style).  Use a jerky gun or mold mixture by hand into thin strips or links and place on dehydrator trays. Depending on your dehydrator, dry for 6-8 hours. Makes a full gallon-size plastic bag of jerky or 4-5 quart-size bags. You can make them very crispy or a little chewy. Storing in refrigerator will keep it fresh for at least a month. You can also freeze them.

Alternative methods: If you don’t have a food processor, you can cook the carrots and cranberries first and thoroughly mash them. If you don’t have a dehydrator, you can bake them in the oven on a low setting until completely dried. A jerky gun is very much like a cookie press. A cookie press would probably work too and make shapes..

Alternative ingredients: You can use spinach, squash, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, green beans or vegetables of your choice to mix with the meat or use the meat plain.  I have found that sweet potatoes have to be cooked first to soften enough to use. Adding vegetables doubles the size of the mixture and adds valuable vitamins and nutrients. You can make the mixture with vegetables only for dogs with protein allergies. Use only fresh or frozen vegetables. Avoid canned vegetables because they are loaded with sodium.

Pumpkin Dog Biscuits

2 eggs

1/2 cup canned pumpkin

2 tablespoons dry milk

1/4 teaspoon sea salt

2 1/2 cups brown rice flour OR baby rice cereal

1 teaspoon dried parsley (optional)

Preheat oven to 350.

In large bowl, whisk together eggs and pumpkin to smooth. Stir in dry milk, sea salt, and dried parsley (if using, optional). Add brown rice flour gradually, combining with spatula or hands to form a stiff, dry dough.

Form the dough into half-dollar size balls and flattened with your thumb. OR you can roll the dough out to about ¼ inch thick and cut with cookie cutter, such as bone shape. Place biscuits on cookie sheet, no greasing or paper necessary. Bake 30 minutes, watching to make sure they don’t get too brown. Allow to cool completely on rack before feeding to dog.

* Brown rice flour gives the biscuits crunch and promotes better dog digestion. Many dogs have touchy stomachs or allergies, and do not tolerate wheat.

Makes up to 75 small biscuits or 50 medium biscuits

Catnip Sockscatnip-sock

I order a 1-pound bag of Frontier organic catnip from Amazon. This is a LOT of catnip and it is super potent. Stuff a handful of catnip into infant (size 0-3 months) socks and tie the end shut with string. Clip the string after tying so the cats don’t swallow it. Cats who like to eat catnip can still lick or chew on the sock to get the rush. But they can also play with it and it will last a long time. Avoid the mess of catnip on the carpet and create a fun toy that will last for months.

PetsitUSA Blog

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I Heart Dogs!



I heart dogs.

I love dogs.

The post I Heart Dogs! appeared first on A Place to Love Dogs.

A Place to Love Dogs

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Natural Flea and Tick Repellent for Dogs & Cats

Cedar wood essential oil is a great natural flea repellent for your dog or cat. Orange oil is an awesome tick repellant too. Frontline and advantix are poiso…

Smart is understanding that what you can’t see can impact your pet and your home. Before finding an adult flea, eggs and maggot-like larvae could be hiding i…

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The Airedales of War — A Veterans Day Salute

The U.S. Military Working Dog Teams National Monument was recently unveiled in San Antonio, Texas. It features a statue of a military handler and four dog breeds, the Doberman, Labrador, Belgian Malinois, and German Shepherd dog. Not many people know that the Airedale was widely used in World War I and to a lesser extent…
The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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