How to Apply a Topical Flea or Flea/Heartworm Prevention to Your Cat

How to apply a topical flea or flea/heartworm prevention to a cat.
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Why Do Dogs Dig Holes?

Certain breeds of dogs like Terriers and Dachshunds were bred specifically for their ability to dig out wild animals such as badgers, foxes, and otters. Their digging instinct gives these breeds a strong desire to dig holes, no matter whether it’s your yard or the neighbors flower bed.

Dogs dig for a variety of reasons other than instinct. Some dogs will dig holes simply because they’re bored. If a dog is left out alone in the yard for any length of time, it may decide to dig holes just for something to do. If you’re going to leave your dog unattended in the yard for a lengthy time, be sure there are chew toys or other playthings to keep it busy and take its mind off digging holes.

Some dogs dig holes under fences because it’s a means of escape. Your dog may want to get out of a fenced yard because it knows there are more interesting things to do on the other side of the fence.

If a female dog has not been spayed, or a male dog not neutered, the urge to mate with another dog can be so strong that a dog will dig as many holes under a fence as needed until it can escape the yard and achieve its goal.

One shouldn’t forget that dogs are inveterate savers. They will bury bones or treats to save for what we would refer to as “a rainy day”, figuring that if no food is available they’ll always have the bones they’ve buried when they need them.

The secret to stopping a dog from digging holes where it’s not supposed to, is to first understand the cause for the behavior, then manipulate the dog into a more acceptable behavior.

There are some things you can do to prevent your dog from digging holes:

Give your dog a place where it’s allowed to dig, and then using praise and treats, train it to dig only in the spot you’ve chosen and nowhere else. If there’s a place with loose dirt around your yard it will make it easier for the dog to dig without exerting a huge amount of energy.

Stop your dog from digging in any place you feel is inappropriate. If verbal commands or dog treats do not stop the dog from digging holes in unacceptable places, try putting a small amount of pepper or diluted ammonia on the inappropriate area you want to be “off-limits.” There are also commercial products you can use that have cute names like “Keep Off”, “No-Dig”, or “Get Off My Garden”. These products create a scent that is disgusting to a dog and interferes with its sense of smell.

If you suspect that boredom is triggering the digging, give your dog more enjoyable forms of exercise to do like playing fetch or going on a long walk. This will help release some of the dog’s excess energy and make it forget that there are holes to dig.

When a dog is digging holes, remember it’s just a natural part of its inbred instincts and you can change the unwanted behavior at any time by being consistent and firm in your training.

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Rosemary Cottage by Colleen Coble ~ Book Review

Rosemary Cottage Book #2 of The Hope Beach Series

By Colleen Coble
Published by Thomas Nelson

Average Blogger Rating: 4.63 Stars

Book Description

Amy came to Rosemary Cottage to grieve, to heal, maybe even find love. But there’s a deadly undertow of secrets around Hope Island . . .
The charming Rosemary Cottage on the beach offers Amy Lange respite she needs to mourn her brother, Ben. She’s even thinking of moving her midwife practice to the Outer Banks community. It’s always been a refuge for her and her family. She also wants to investigate Ben’s disappearance at sea. Everyone blames a surfing accident, but Amy has reason to wonder.
Coast Guard officer Curtis Ireland has lost a sibling too. His sister, Gina, was run down by a boat, leaving him to raise her infant daughter. If anyone knew who little Raine’s father was, Curtis could lose his beloved niece. Yet he can’t help being drawn to Hope Beach’s new midwife, Amy. He even agrees to help her investigate what happened to both Ben and Gina.
Can two grieving people with secrets find healing on beautiful Hope Island? Or will their quest for truth set them at odds with each other…and with those who will go to any length to keep hidden things hidden?

My Thoughts

This was a very well written and never dull book. I found that I never wanted to put this book down and it always had me wanting to read just one more chapter.

Amy and Curtis have a great friendship in spite of what is going on in the storyline. They both seem to have great hearts with lots of room for understanding and forgiveness. I love that Curtis stepped up as a single Father to Raine, his niece, after his sister passes away. I never expected for the book to go the way that it did but in the end but, it was all good. There are a few surprises here and there, or at least there was for me. This book had lots of suspense with the characters roles. Things never seemed to go as I expected them to go, which just means that this was well written.

This is the second book in this series but that is okay because it would be wonderful as a stand alone book also. This is also the first book that I have read by Colleen Coble and I cannot wait to read more of her work.

You can follow Author Colleen Coble on:
You can find other books by Colleen Coble HERE!
I review for BookSneeze®
Images and Book Description are from BookSneeze. I was not paid for this review, I did however receive a copy of the book for review purposes. The opinions of this book are mine and mine alone.



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Cool Topical images

Some cool Topical images:


Image by Alex Hughes Cartoons


Image by neofedex

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Back to School Giveaway: Busy Treats Bag

Remember that Staples back to school commercial, the one where the dad was riding a cart around the store to “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year?” That was me.

The sad, dejected faces dragging around behind him? Not my kids. They like school.

Brody, on the other hand…Brody is sad. He’s lost his summertime playmates to the double whammy of school, plus homework and extracurricular activities. Having me around is OK, but it’s not the same as the kids. And if your dog is anything like mine, he too may be in the doldrums this autumn.

I’m doing what I can- walks when I’m home, extra attention, but it doesn’t negate the fact that he had lots of people around all summer and now he doesn’t. So I turn to the next best thing: distraction. Putting his breakfast in a busy ball, that sort of thing. We’re watching his calories lately, but being mindful of how to compensate his regular food for the addition of a treat here and there I can also work in the occasional mind occupying treat.

In honor of Back to School time and bored dogs everywhere, I’m doing a giveaway this week from Purina Busy, full of all sorts of treats to get your dog’s mind off his downtime. Extra treats = extra walks, win-win for you both.


The Prize:

An embroidered bag filled with all the goodies you see above: Purina Busy treats for your dog in bunches of flavors, water for you, and poop bags for that walk you just promised you’d do when you get home from school. That should get you through football season, at the least.

To enter:

You can enter by leaving a comment, tweeting, and/or liking the pawcurious page on Facebook. Details are in the widget below. Due to shipping restrictions, this giveaway is US only. Good luck! Giveaway ends on September 11th.

Note: The giveaway prize is provided by Purina.

Pawcurious: With Pet Lifestyle Expert and Veterinarian Dr. V.

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Flashback Friday: Depressed Puppy

So I was looking through old Brody photos for a Flashback Friday and found this one:



Which was awesome all by itself, and then I realized he was the perfect candidate for some captions. So I turned him into a Depressed Puppy Meme.





Hope you have a better long weekend than this guy! ;) (If I recall the true sadness was not being allowed to chase my mom’s hellkitty around)

Feel free to make your own caption, they always entertain me. :D

Pawcurious: With Pet Lifestyle Expert and Veterinarian Dr. V.

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Inside My (Dream) Home // Part 7

Inside My Dream Home // Bubby and Bean

A few times each year, I share a tour of my ‘home’ here on the blog.  And for those who don’t know, I put the word ‘home’ in quotes because, well, we’re playing make believe here y’all.  This particular home is one that I’ve put together from various interiors that I’ve discovered online.  It is a home of which I’m dreaming – not one in which I’m living.  So today, play along with me once again, while I walk you through my absolutely fabulous abode for a special private tour…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this special (imaginary) home tour!  Pretending is fun – but I certainly wouldn’t complain if I won the lottery and could make this dream a reality.  You can view my past dream home tours here, here, here, here, here and here, and my ‘Home + Interior Love’ Pinterest board here.

Do you ever fantasize about your dream home?  Also – I love stalking home and interior-themed Pinterest boards, so if you have one, be sure to post a link in the comments.

Image sources from top >> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
Follow Bubby and Bean

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Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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How do I get rid of fleas on my cat and what flea medicine is the best?

Question by lolas: How do I get rid of fleas on my cat and what flea medicine is the best?
My cat has very bad flea allergies and I can’t seem to get rid of the fleas. I use frontline advantage but a week later I will notice more fleas. Advantage didn’t work at all on him. I have used the fogger in the house and that barely worked. Is there a better medicine out there and a better way to get rid of the fleas?

Best answer:

Answer by Bozema
If you tried Frontline and Advantage and still have problems, you should talk to your vet. Those products should work effectively.

Give your answer to this question below!

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The most seriously awesome thing ever: Part 1

Short Version

About that champagne thing. Let me tell you what has been going on the last few months.

Dr V is writing book in little less than half a year. So all I have to do is write the book, edit it, keep Brody alive, work, and add 4 hours to every day. After I plot the dethroning of the Evil Count AwfulSuperintendent here in my school district.

Long Version

When I was seven, my mother once punished me by sending me to my room for an hour. Three hours later, she came upstairs and found me sitting on the floor with my dog Taffy, with every single book I owned perched on various flat surfaces.

“What are you doing?” she asked, goose stepping around Nancy Drew, Snoopy’s Big Book of Questions and Answers, and Mercer Mayer.

“I’m playing library,” I said, like it wasn’t totally obvious. “Taffy and I are having story time.” After that my mom wised up and started punishing me by making me go talk to strangers instead, which was cruel and unusual punishment.

I figured out I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was 21. I knew I wanted to write for, well, as long as I could hold a pen. I watched Beverly Hills 90210 (the first one) with glee, wishing I were Kelly, heck, I’d even settle for being Brenda, but knowing full well I was soooo totally Andrea: right on down to the huge glasses, bad hair, awkwardness, and taking the job of high school newspaper editor way too seriously. Lest you think I’m exaggerating:


1989: Rockin’ Contempo in a Robinsons-May world.

I’m not.

“I want to study journalism,” I told my dad, a nuclear engineer.

“You can’t make a decent living doing that,” he said, so I studied biology and ended up going to veterinary school instead, because, well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Nevertheless, I wrote the entire time: on papers, napkins, in journals, and, starting in 2001, on the internet. I studied because I had to. I wrote because I needed to. If I didn’t exorcise the running dialogue in my head and bind it to words on screen, I’d be drowning in my thoughts 24/7 and would never have time to memorize the dosing profile of etomidate versus propofol.

If I could go back and do it all over again, I’d probably sneak a writing class or two into my undergrad curriculum, you know, the way some people sneak a bottle of vodka into the dorm, because it probably would have been useful. I admit it. When it comes to the science and mechanics of writing:


I’ve always known I’d like to write a book the way my daughter knows she’d like a pony some day and my husband knows he’d like to be a concert photographer: yeah, that would be nice, and now I have 15 loads of laundry to do. I never seriously researched writing a book because I assumed that would never actually happen. Therefore, I spent exactly zero time actively pursuing the idea.

Deus Ex Machina

But back in November, something crazy and out of the blue dropped in my lap. I was given an introduction to an agent, Steve Troha, who likes music and doesn’t like witches and werewolves and did like my blog. We hit it off instantly. If you recall my life in November, I was in a cramped apartment unsure of where I was going to be living and losing hair by the handful, so part of me assumed our conversations were a stress induced hallucination and that I couldn’t possibly be talking to a real, live agent.

“Do you have a proposal ready?” he asked me.

“What’s a proposal?” I asked.

He took a step back. “Do you know what you might want to write?”

“Oh, absolutely. Here are 14 dissonant ideas that have nothing to do with one another.”

Because I am lucky, he still responded to my emails after that.

It took a mere 4 months, and took many judicious suggestions, lots of revisions, and a few moments of what I call “I’m a real writer now wheee” breakthroughs then I jumped out of bed at 1 am, started pounding on the keyboard with tears running down my face, and told my perplexed husband “No it’s OK…(sob)…this is a breakthrough…(weep)….I’m writing about Emmett…(gasp)”. But finally I had in hand an outline for the Project of Which I am More Proud than I’ve Ever Been, about being that sad child with the Polaroid glasses and a crazy dog and holding onto a dog for dear life for the next 20 years of insanity.

Then Steve worked his magic with the proposal and did whatever it is agents do in New York, and after a whirlwind week of talking to editors and pinching myself repeatedly, I ended up in the capable hands of Emily Griffin at Grand Central Publishing, who pinky promised she wasn’t playing a cruel practical joke on me and actually wanted to publish my book.

That’s the shortest I can make this version. The book will be much longer, though, and I can’t wait to share more about the process as it happens. If all goes as planned, it’ll be hitting the shelves Fall 2014.

The title, by the way, I’ve known since 2009.

It is, of course, All Dogs Go to Kevin.

Pawcurious: With Pet Lifestyle Expert and Veterinarian Dr. V.

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CindersHaloWe like to share this letter we received from Laurie Cannon sharing Cinder’s rescue and recovery story with our blog readers.

Dear Halo:

I am writing to share with you the story of Cinder and the neglect she received at the hands of her owners who only used her for breeding. They left out outside regardless of extreme weather, which left her skin so severely damaged that she is covered in scars; so severely damaged that she actually had bones sticking out where the skin had worn away.

Cinder has been saved by a rescue and is with a training company to work on her behavior and social skills, in addition to healing physically, mentally, and emotionally.

They are using the Halo Healing Salve for Cinder and tracking her progress so everyone on her page can see the transformation and can be a part of making her into the beautiful dog she really is.

She has a facebook page: Cinder:My Journey Of Love

I am writing to see if there is any way to obtain some coupons or samples of this salve to use for Cinder as most of her fundraising is going for eye surgery to fix Entropion that she has in both eyes. Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for making quality products that care more about the pets (our family) than the profit. We will and always will be big supporters of Halo!

Laurie Cannon

Thank you Laurie so much for sharing Cinder’s story with us. We love hearing how an animal has benefited from our products. As a token of appreciation we are sending you some Healing Salve. Also you can click here and subscribe to our Free Email Newsletter and get over $ 10.00 worth of Halo coupons.



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