Dachshund stuck underneath a concrete slab for 13 days

A couple in Kansas learned a painful and dramatic lesson about Dachshunds and their genetic proclivity to dig when their dog Lucy suddenly disappeared from their backyard. Lucy’s owner, Rebecca Felix, left her husband in change of their two dogs, Lucy, a miniature Dachshund, and Thor, a Chihuahua-Jack Russell Terrier mix, when she left town to care for a family member. He left the dogs in a fenced-in yard while he was at work and…
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I was shocked by that first photo, because the eco…

I was shocked by that first photo, because the economy is really improving, so I actually went on Zillow and searched for foreclosure and pre-foreclosure homes in Oakland, and there were plenty (over a 100) but not nearly as many as your visual seems to show? What am I missing? In my neighborhood in Oakland (not a great neighborhood, definitely not the toughest), houses are almost back to early 2008 values now and foreclosures are way down from where they were a few years ago.

Regardless, it is still a sad reality that many dogowners are forced to give up their beautiful dogs involuntarily when they lose their home, and I strongly support providing dog owners (rich and poor!) with as much support as possible. Thanks for all your hard work.

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Playful Golden Retriever Puppy

Playful Golden Retriever puppy having a fun day at the park! What could be better than that?

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‘Ours’ – my new dog!

Meet my new dog! He’s called Ours, which means Bear in French and he’s a mix of a Grand Griffon Vendeen and probably some other large hunting dog. He’s five and a half years old. I’ll never forget Beau and Mia and Milou and Peggotty and Mistletoe and Scramble and all the wonderful dogs who have lived with me in the past but there is always enough love for a needy dog and goodness, there are enough poor dogs in shelters in this area alone.

The hunter who owned Ours wanted to shoot him – apparently he wasn’t any good as a hunting dog! – but fortunately someone rescued him but couldn’t keep him as he lived in a studio, so delivered him to the refuge where he has lived for the past two years. He arrived with injuries to a leg and terribly thin.

He’s terrified of men in particular but meeting anyone new is a trauma for him. He’s never lived in a house so all the sounds of a house scare him and outside sounds he doesn’t know, like cars on the autoroute worry him greatly.

Having said all that he is a total love and in only 48 hours has found the places in the house where he feels safe: at my feet when I’m at the computer and by my bed!

I found his photo on the website of the SDA of Nice which is in Tourettes-Levens. Most impressive refuge, spotlessly clean and all the dogs well cared for and lovely people working there who cried when Ours left with me. 

Isn’t he gorgeous!

(Thanks so much to my friend, Sheila, who came to the refuge with me and stroked Ours in the back of the car on the way home. It made all the difference. Sheila has been with me when I’ve adopted several dogs in the past. She has a wonderful calm manner. And she has a great dog herself – Gucci, a Welsh terrier).


Voici mon nouveau chien! Il s’appelle Ours, c’est un mélange de Grand Griffon Vendéen et probablement d’un autre grand chien de chasse. Il a cinq ans et demi. Je n’oublierai jamais Beau, Mia, Milou, Peggotty,  Mistletoe et Scramble et tous les merveilleux chiens qui ont vécu avec moi dans le passé,  mais il y a toujours assez d’amour pour un chien en manque d’un foyer et malheureusement il y en a beaucoup dans des abris de la région PACA.

Le chasseur à qui il appartenait a voulu le tuer – apparemment il n’était pas assez bon comme chien de chasse! – et heureusement quelqu’un l’a sauvé.  Mais ne pouvant  pas le garder dans le studio où il  vivait, cette personne l’a laissé  au refuge où il a vécu les deux dernières années. Il y est arrivé avec des blessures à une jambe et très maigre.

Il est terrifié par les hommes en particulier et  la rencontre avec quelqu’un de nouveau est un trauma pour lui. Il n’a jamais vécu dans une maison donc tous les sons de celle-ci l’effrayent ainsi que ceux de l’extérieur qu’il ne connaît pas, tels les voitures sur l’autoroute qui l’inquiètent grandement.

Ceci dit, c’ est un amour et en seulement 48 heures,  il a trouvé les endroits dans la maison où il se sent en sûreté: à mes pieds quand je suis à l’ordinateur et à côté de mon lit!

J’ai trouvé sa photo sur le site Web de la SDA de Nice, qui se trouve à Tourettes-Levens. Un refuge  impressionnant, extrêmement propre où tous les chiens sont bien soignés par les gens charmants qui y travaillent et qui ont pleuré quand Ours est parti avec moi.

N’est pas il magnifique!


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Latest Fipronil News

兩岸國際- 毒茶風暴「CoCo都可」產品下架
台灣毒茶風暴持續蔓延,繼「五十嵐」被揭發茶葉農藥芬普尼(fipronil)超標後,另一間飲品店「CoCo都可」亦發現青茶與裸茶系列所用的茶葉,與「五十嵐」一樣由三清製茶供應,「CoCo都可」前日已預防性下架,並主動向新北市衞生局通報,當局抽驗後最快下周四(30日) …
Read more on 香港蘋果日報

其中8件合格,惟抽驗自中藥行之「茉莉花」檢出芬普尼(Fipronil)、陶斯松(Chlorpyrifos)、三落松(Triazophos)、賽洛寧(λ-Cyhalothrin)等4種農藥殘留超標,此不合格產品,業者皆自行下架回收封存。 嘉義市政府衛生局經追查後發現,農藥殘留的茉莉花來自高雄市河億 …
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Hi Inderific. We agree that the graphic is shockin…

Hi Inderific. We agree that the graphic is shocking and almost unbelievable. Zillow currently has 480 homes in Oakland listed as foreclosure sale or auction as of today (April 20, 2015). You can Google that info from any city by pulling up 'Zillow + Foreclosures + Name/City'

What the 'blue dots' can't show you is the full number homes that are bank owned by not on the market right now. Banks have been forced to release just a portion of foreclosure homes at a time in order to control the market some (the pricing, actually)

Here's the link to the Oakland sales:

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Inspired By Our Earth

Happy Earth Day you guys! As many of you know, I ran an eco-friendly clothing label called Mountains of the Moon for 15 years. I was very lucky to get to be a part of some really amazing events with my brand, including showing my collections at Chicago and Portland Fashion Weeks, exhibiting at expos all over the country, producing eco-fashion shows at music festivals, and even showing a dress I made out of discarded candy wrappers at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art. But one of my favorite events was one that happened every year – our Annual Earth Day project.  Every April 22nd for six years, we offered 30% off our entire line, and also teamed up with American Forests to plant trees (30% of every order was given to their tree planting project, where every dollar planted one tree). I loved getting to do this, and I’ll admit that I’m feeling a little bummed that it’s not happening this year. I will be making my own personal donation to American Forests today though, and I also plan on on hitting up a local park after I’m done with work to help clean up trash. I really do make an effort everyday to be environmentally conscious in my choices and actions, but it’s also nice to have a day each year specifically devoted to reminding us all how important it is to respect the earth. 

In celebration of this special day, I’m sharing some stunning images of nature that I’ve come across on Pinterest recently, as seen above. (And a few of them are of my two favorite places I’ve ever been: the California Coastal Redwoods, where I lived for a couple of years after college, and the Great Barrier Reef, which I had the intense pleasure of snorkeling in 2010.) How lucky are we to live on a planet that is so absolutely stunning?

If you’d like to make a donation today in honor of Earth Day but aren’t sure where to start, here are some of my favorite environmental organizations: American Forests, Rock the Earth, Water DefenseAmerican Rivers, Wildlife AllianceSierra ClubChicago Wilderness, EDF.

Do you do anything special to celebrate Earth Day?

Image sources from top: 1. Earthshots.org, 2. Mr & Mrs Globe Trot, 3. Bored Panda, 4. Man & Camera, 5. Kieron Foster, 6. NPS7. 99 Travel Tips, 8. Bloom


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Infection and neglect found at care homes in southern England

Infection and neglect found at care homes in southern England
A used incontinence pad, a 40-minute wait for a toilet trip and an infection outbreak were among problems uncovered at care homes in southern England. More than half of the 65 adult social care services inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) …
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Austin startup gets funding for sinus infection test; partners needed
Distribution partners will be needed to market the test to doctors, clinics and emergency rooms so they can properly diagnose and treat bacterial sinus infections. Skraba said the same bacteria that causes sinus infections also cause ear and lung
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Increasing size of elderly population contributes to TB infection in China
A major contributor to the number of tuberculosis infections and cases in China will likely be the elderly over the next few decades, requiring a refocus in efforts to control a disease affecting millions of people in the country, according to
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A French Bulldog being carried through Menton’s indoor market.

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Beautiful Newfoundland Dog Layla

Beautiful 10-year-old Newfoundland dog Layla sitting so pretty with her legs crossed waiting for her humans outside of a coffee shop

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