I just stumbled across this article. I live in Hou…

I just stumbled across this article. I live in Houston. BARC is one of the worst shelters. I've heard horror stories about the way they treat animals. Please don't let them fool you into thinking they care. Houston has a dogfighting problem and the city does not give a damn about the Pitties. We have several great rescue groups for Pitties. It really bugs me that Houston is always trying to act like they are so great when in reLity they haven't done a damn thing about the Corridor of Cruelty. Once again, volunteers stepped up. Good animal people reside in Houston, but they sure as heck aren't working in our shelters.

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Some Veterinarians Sell Unnecessary Online Memberships By Throwing Colleagues Under the Bus

Some Veterinarians Sell Unnecessary Shots, Tests to Make Extra Money, Says Former Vet


Did you see this bit on 20/20 this weekend? Ah, media. Titled “Veterinary Confessions,” the piece follows a couple of dogs through a series of veterinary visits where different vets offer different services based on their clinical experience, interspersed with the contrite admonitions of a former veterinarian who says that he was, before he relinquished his license (more on that later), the medical equivalent of a used car salesman.

Look, I’m not going to tell you that every vet in the world is equal and that everyone follows the same recommendations every time, but if you think that was the real point of this piece, you’ve been duped. Citizens of Oz, let me show you the Wizard.

“The vast majority of vets are ethical” and don’t recommend what’s not needed, says Dr. Andrew Jones, who then goes on to admit he regularly practiced the most unethical practice of recommending what wasn’t needed, just to make more money, hence confessing that he personally was worse than the vast majority of vets. Sounds like a legit guy to speak on behalf of the profession.

Why is he a former vet, you may ask? Well, the excellent blog SkeptVet profiled him a couple of years ago, if you’re interested. Rather than stop his continued practice of talking smack about, well, pretty much any vet except for himself- he was great, you see, unlike the rest of us slobs- he voluntarily gave up his license to practice in Canada.

And what is the good Dr. Jones doing now? Championing the cause of the poor and underserved, fighting the good fight to educate consumers about the latest AAHA vaccination recommendations or raising money for all those people getting soaked by the rest of us unethical greedy vets?

Um, not quite. He has a website. On it, he offers a

 ”Free DVD”

which sounds nice and altruistic. Oh look, he’s pre-prepared for the website traffic he’ll get tomorrow:

Pet Health And Pet Care With Dr. Andrew Jones_ The Online Vet_s Pet Health DVD


So, if you continue to scroll down for 5 or 600 feet, you’ll see that yes! it’s FREE!

(save the $ 6 shipping and handling)

Hey man, sign me up! Only $ 6 for all this info! I’m going to CLICK!

Pet Health And Pet Care With Dr. Andrew Jones_ The Online Vet_s Pet Health DVD-1

Wait, what? In order to get the free $ 6 DVD I have to also sign up for the $ 10 monthly service in perpetuity? Isn’t that the Naughty Video Site approach?

So, in return for tossing me, and my friends, and the vet you hopefully like and trust, under the bus, the good doctor is already planning for the side bennie of all those new subscriptions (note the date on the website, and the date I’m posting this.) All in the name of altruism, you see. Behold the Wizard.

You know me, I don’t normally get this upset, but MAN, my hide’s a little chapped right now. Greedy vets? When’s the last time I’ve asked you for a credit card in order to peruse my website?

I will leave you with one last thought. In this piece, Dr. Jones called dental cleanings the “would you like fries with that” of veterinary medicine, a very often unnecessary bit of work. To illustrate the point, he used a little pit bull who was seen by several vets who said she was fine and didn’t need any dental work. Anesthetized dental cleanings, by the way, often allow you to do a closer examination than you can do on an awake pet and might let you discover something like


Yes, that’s the same dog.

But by all means, continue to compare me to a kid at McDonald’s. In the meantime, may want to get that looked at.


Pawcurious: With Pet Lifestyle Expert and Veterinarian Dr. V.

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sfacc-logoDolce Vita V. of San Francisco, CA wrote this review of the San Francisco Animal Care & Control:

It was love at first sight with our new puggle who was at SFACC. The process was easy, fast (because we had our paper work, our other puggle met his new little sister and we all passed the test) and the staff were loving and caring.

I was mostly impressed with the following:

Volunteers: When we met our new baby, she was being walked by a volunteer. After we adopted her, she had to get spayed so she couldn’t come home until after her surgery. We had a play date with her over the weekend. As we’re getting out of the car, we see her being walked by a volunteer. So, it’s nice to know that the dogs are not locked up in the their rooms all day without being walked or getting sunshine and fresh air. Some volunteers even spend time sitting outside with the dogs, petting them and giving love. These actions really touched me and I appreciate their commitment and time.

Quality of products: The dogs are given the best! They are fed HALO dog food!!!! and they’re also given a good quality of Advantage that is mostly only sold at a vet clinics not over the counter.

For $ 135.00, I not only got the sweetest puggle but for that great price in saving life it included: adoption fee’s, spayed, Advantage, Microchip and all vaccinations!

I’m now a fan of the ACC! I just wished they allowed for people to post pictures of the pets that were adopted so we can share how they are doing after leaving ACC.

Thank you Dolce for your review and commitment to animal rescue and sharing your story! Halo is proud to join Pet Food Express to feed every dog and cat at San Francisco Animal Care & Control.


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how to make a $1 Homemade Flea trap and end your Flea problems for good.

This is a very simple way to eliminate fleas from your house or yard, it is non toxic and dirt cheap. if you want to see some of the neat things I make and s…
Video Rating: 0 / 5

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Does everything ever seem ridiculous or gross to you?

Question by : Does everything ever seem ridiculous or gross to you?
For example, things like eating, chewing, on flesh, moist or bitter plant meat. Or the sounds of things, how we communicate, our voices cackling thoughts, or laughing them? Day to day activities, sensual activities, or mundane responsibilities?

Just wondering if people kind of stop and look at everything, and think of how insane it is outside the grind of it, or how kind of amazing and arbitrary it can seem.

Best answer:

Answer by The Struggle Continues

Add your own answer in the comments!

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DrDonnaSpector-Morgan2011_250wAnimal shelters are filled with a huge variety of pets. Many people are quick to adopt younger dogs and older dogs are often overlooked. But remember, puppies are not for everyone—the training, playing, feeding and exercising that a new puppy requires in the first several months can feel like a full time job!

Adult dogs may be the best choice for a family who spends much of the day away from home. Shelters are overcrowded and unfortunately, older or senior dogs are among the first to be euthanized if they aren’t adopted. Consider adopting a senior dog and save a life!

Dogs are considered “senior” in the last 25% of their expected lifespan. If you have a Labrador Retriever with a 10 to 13 year life expectancy—his “senior” years start around 7 ½. Similarly a Toy Poodle with a 14 to 16 year life expectancy reaches his golden years at 10 ½.

Aging varies by breed, body size and individual pet characteristics—typically larger breeds of dogs age more quickly than smaller dogs. Never had a senior dog? Halo is here to help.

Click here to read Top 10 tips for caring for senior dog.


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Mohawk Mania

Do you remember the pictures I posted of my family’s dogs a couple of weeks ago? Remember how I tried to shame my niece into grooming Molly, her mom’s Japanese Chin? Well, boy howdy, did she ever! Here’s the “after” picture, with Molly’s mohawk in honor of the Badin Rams high school football playoff win! […]

Doggies.com Dog Blog

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Lacey and Vito are great friends but they still have a bit of a weird relationship.

You know those dogs that when they see each other again, they instantly start wrestling and having fun together?  Well that isn’t them.

They are thrilled to see each other but then instantly go and do their own thing.  One dog will get the zoomies and the other one will just stand and watch.  Then the other one will be feeling flirty and the other one is too engrossed in a smell to even notice.  This happens over and over again and neither of them seems to feel playful in the same moment.

But when they finally get their act together, watch out, as they have a blast… for about 5 minutes.  And then it is back to their own thing.  :)

Regardless, they make a pretty cute pair.

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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Chemicals threaten SF Bay wildlife

Chemicals threaten SF Bay wildlife
and that's the bad news,” said Tom Mumley, San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board assistant executive officer. Monitors are particularly concerned about the disastrous consequences for bay wildlife of a buildup of the insecticide
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Hain Celestial targeted in unusual false advertising lawsuit over '100
Diazinon, Imidacloprid, Malathion, Profenofos, Permethrin, Pyridaben, Propachlor, Thiamethoxam, Thiacloprid, Chlorfenapyr, Dimethoate, Endosulfan, Fludioxonil and Fipronil; the pesticides Dimethachlor, Chlorpyrifos-ethyl, Hexaflumuron, and
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Canine Joint Disease

Video courtesy of Life’s Abundance

Arthritis is a painful condition and is one of the most common problems affecting dogs in America. It was listed among the top ten disease conditions in dogs in 2008 (source: VPI). There may be as many as 10 million dogs currently suffering from the chronic pain of joint disease and one in five dogs will most likely develop arthritis or joint disease during their lifetimes.

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