Mama Love

Mama Love

Sunday will be my very first Mother’s Day as a mama.  (Well, to a human anyway; I absolutely considered myself a mother to Bubby dog too.)  My mom and I are very close, and this has always been a special day because of that.  But there’s something even more magical about it now that I have Essley.  I don’t look at Mother’s Day as a holiday focused on buying gifts or materialistic spoiling (although I certainly wouldn’t complain if I was brought breakfast in bed, hint hint) as much as I view it as a day to celebrate the indescribably beautiful relationship between mothers and their children.  The bond that I have with Essley – and with my mom as well – is something that is unique to that type of relationship.  And I think that is worth celebration. 

Recently, I started a Motherhood board on Pinterest.  I’d come across so many really lovely images that document the mama/child bond, and I wanted a place to save them all.  In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you all.  Whether you are a mother (fur babies count too!), a child, or both, I hope that your Mother’s Day is full of the kind of love that these photographs exude.

All image sources can be found here.

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Nice Tick photos

Check out these Tick images:

Tick Convention

Image by jkirkhart35
I had never seen so many ticks on one piece of grass as this. I used a 2.8 105mm macro with a blue background. I used the wand in LR3 to make the single tick stand out a little more. They do not jump, but they sure to wait until you brush up against the grass, and then they hitch a ride if they can.

Deer Tick!

Image by Visual Artist Frank Bonilla
This is a view of a Deer Tick at night, from above.

Jeffrey Campbell tick wedges <3

Image by Ло

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Obesity, Arthritis, Sore Joints, and Medical Problems

Just the other morning I  saw that sugar was in the news, listed as a toxin. The report followed that there was legislation proposed to regulate the amount of sugar in foods. With all the other regulations and laws we have to worry about, why do we have to pick on sugar

The post Obesity, Arthritis, Sore Joints, and Medical Problems appeared first on Dr. Greg's Dog Dish Diet.

Dr. Greg’s Dog Dish Diet

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This is so sad and yet so helpful that you've …

This is so sad and yet so helpful that you've laid it out there in black and white. I just hope Oaklander's take note and really push their city council hard. You've been there at the last minute for some fantastic dogs, it hurts the soul to think of all the ones that no one was there to save. :-(

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Demodectic Mange and Sarcoptic Mange in Dogs

Demodectic mange or demodex is found in younger dogs and caused by mites. Sarcoptic mange is a little more serious.

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Widget the Midget

Meet Widget.  He was originally purchased by a family in the Var for 2,500 euros but after a while they decided they didn’t want him – saying someone in the family was allergic to him.

He now has a wonderful forever home in the hill village of Sainte Agnes with a friend of mine, Anita.  Happily she didn’t have to pay anything like his original price.

I’m not always crazy about all Chihuahuas – so many I’ve met have been endlessly yappy and also aggressive. I suppose they are so small they feel they have to protect themselves. Little Widget isn’t like that at all, he doesn’t bark except when someone arrives and he’s sweet and gentle and loves everyone.

He won me over! Totally adorable.


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Little Chihuahua Outsmarts Big Brothers For Treats | Video

Little dog Elmo, a Chihuahua Staffy mix outsmarts his big brothers Jess and Buster by stealing their sausages before they know it! Too funny! Watch if you want a good laugh!

The post Little Chihuahua Outsmarts Big Brothers For Treats | Video appeared first on A Place to Love Dogs.

A Place to Love Dogs

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Hilary Swank Receives Petco Foundation’s Hope Award

Her Academy Award-winning performances in Boys Don’t Cry and Million Dollar Baby have moved movie audiences to tears, but on May 3rd it was actress Hilary Swank’s real life role as a…

[[ This is a summary only. Click the title for the full post, photos, videos, giveaways, and more! ]]

DogTipper: Tips for Dog Lovers

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gatta con intossicazione da Fipronil (parte 2)

gatta con intossicazione da Fipronil (parte 2)
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Would “Candy’s Law” Solve the Problem of Cops Killing Dogs?

The deputy who shot Cole Middleton’s dog, Candy, no longer has a job, but that’s not enough for Middleton and his family. The Middleton family wants to change the system. Last week, they began advocating for what they call “Candy’s Law,” which would require all Texas law enforcement officers to take special training on how to deal with aggressive dogs without using lethal force. They would also be required to carry shock-weapons such as Tasers and pepper spray so that their first recourse isn’t a gun.

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Candy Middleton’s Grave.

Stories of police gunning down dogs for no discernible reason are always heartbreaking, but the case of Candy Middleton was especially grotesque and horrible. Deputy Jerred Dooley put a bullet through Candy's head when she barked at him, but his shot didn't kill her; Middleton had to drown her in a bucket of water to end her pain because the deputy left after refusing to deliver a second shot.

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Candy and Cole Middleton

To me, Candy's Law sound like a good start, but it's only a start. The fact that police departments across the country have regularly refused to avail themselves of free training programs by the Humane Society and the ASPCA is a definite problem, but the problem goes deeper than that, into the culture of policing itself. Over the past few decades, public policy has increasingly depicted police as soldiers on the front line of a war. When you're in a war, you don't think of violence as your last resort: It's often the first thing you do.

Dogs and humans are paying the price for that. In January, 18-year-old Keith Vidal, who suffered from schizophrenia, was shot and killed by detective Bryon Vassey in front of his own house after he had been shocked with a Taser and pinned by two other officers. According to the boy's stepfather, Vassey said, "We don't have time for this," before shooting the boy. Even though Vidal weighed only 90 pounds and was restrained by three officers, the North Carolina Police Benevolent Association defended the officer's actions.

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The problem of police shooting dogs without reason is becoming so prevalent that even the mainstream media can't ignore it any more. On April 29, Inside Edition broadcast a segment about dog shootings. The report claims that a dog is shot every 98 minutes by law enforcement. Despite the number of stories I've written on the subject, I'm inherently skeptical about media statistics without a source. The basic point remains, though: Far too many dogs are being killed by police just because the officers have a badge and a gun and they can get away with it. The Inside Edition report shows video, captured by a 12-year-old on his cell phone, of a police officer who shocked a dog twice with a Taser, then shot her five times. The dog, Chloe, had already been caught by animal control officers using a loop.

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Screen capture of a policeman shooting Chloe after animal control officers had already restrained her.

Candy and Chloe were not aberrations; neither was Keith Vidal. I could fill the page with similar accounts of humans and dogs. While the training that Candy's Law would give is essential, we also need to stop training police to see anyone who's not a cop as the enemy. We need to return to the idea that you use a gun or a Taser only when you've exhausted all other options.

The Middleton family has a fundraising page and a Facebook page for those who want to support Candy's Law. What do you think about such a law? Would it help? Would it be a start? Would it be useless?

Via Tyler Morning Telegraph, WECT, and Inside Edition.

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