Project Life 365 – Week 3

Yikes.  This is almost becoming a weekly blog!  I’ve felt busier than usual since Christmas.  Constantly scrambling, nothing ever really getting completed.  I’m not sure what is different (other than this project), or how to fix it.  This weekend probably isn’t going to help as Friday night I went and had some fun photographing a basketball game, then Saturday I spent the day taking in a photography workshop on editing and today I’m meeting my Dad and his wife Shelley in Waterton for a snowshoe.  (Can you just say snowshoe, the way you say hike?  Feels weird, yet right.)

Anyway, here are my pictures from the week.  I like looking at them all together because it shows me that I’m actually doing a variety of subjects even though it doesn’t always feel that way.  I’ve had some more fun with the Lensbaby on days 15 and 17. I’m still struggling with focusing it but I’m getting better. :)

Day 13 – Forgotten
I’ve forgotten what it is like to sleep soundly through the night.  Luckily for me, I can usually fall asleep again fairly easily.

Day 14 – Temptation
I didn’t really want to admit what all my vices were, so I decided to torture Coulee with hers instead.  I’m going to try this again one day.  I really wish you could have seen her face, but she refused to lay down on top of the kibble. Next time, I’ll arrange the kibble after she is in a down stay.

Day 15 – Confusion
Ears up or ears down?

Day 16 – Sign of Winter
Wool and fur, don’t leave home without it.

I have mixed feelings about the fur, just like I have mixed feelings about eating meat, but I feel it is OK if I am putting it to good use and provided it is obtained ethically.  On those really cold blustery days, this small amount around my face really does make a huge difference.  If you are interested in the fur policy of this particular jacket manufacturer you can find out more here -

Day 17 – This is so me
I’m one of those people that actually like rules. I think rules help make the world go round.

I even like the “Pets on Leash” rule which may surprise you as I constantly break it – but I only break it when we are alone. The dogs always wear emergency leashes around their necks and they both have a pretty decent recall in case they need to suddenly be on leash.

One of my biggest pet peeves is dogs running off leash when they should be leashed.  Ironic, I know.  But if I can see it happening, it means we are too close and the dogs should be leashed.

Day 18 – News
The sports news is the one section I’ll skip completely in the newspaper.  Although I quite enjoy watching sports live, and I’m really enjoying photographing basketball, I don’t actually care who wins as long as it is entertaining.

Day 19 – Style
No one would ever describe me as stylish.  I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.  Plain Jane and boring.  That’s me. But I did find a pink rubber belt that I love.
Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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Black PUG = Odie Pig Beige PUG = Simba Pig Together = free scratches!

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#AmazingPetExpo Giveaway: Enchanted Home Pet Bed!

As you know, we’re Official Blog Ambassadors for Amazing Pet Expos, some great (free!) shows around the country especially for pet lovers. One of our sponsors is Enchanted Home Pet™, a company…

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Common dog Illnesses

Unfortunately there are many common dog illnesses and diseases that can be life-threatening to your pet. Many of these illnesses are viral and the easiest way to prevent them is by vaccination.

If you think that your pet is very ill, you’ll need to monitor your dog’s behavior and make notes on what you observe. Then call your vet as soon as possible and report your observations.

Some of the most common illnesses in pet dogs include heartworm, bloat, canine distemper, parvovirus, tapeworm, and rabies.

Heartworm is a parasitic disease that is spread by mosquito bites. Once a dog is infected, the parasitic worms grow and live inside the dog’s heart chambers. The most common symptoms of this disease are coughing, difficulty in breathing, an aversion to exercise, and congestive heart failure. Heartworm is very difficult to treat and the sad news is that many dogs don’t survive heartworm treatment. The good news is that heartworm is easily preventable by giving your dog a monthly dose of a heartworm medication available at most pet stores.

Bloat is a life threatening condition commonly found in large dog breeds like Great Danes and Mastiffs. Bloat occurs when a dog overeats or eats its meals too quickly on a regular basis. This causes gas or fluid to build-up in the dog’s stomach. The stomach can then become twisted and will cut off circulation to the internal organs. If this serious condition is not treated immediately it can kill your pet.

Symptoms of bloat include:
• Dry heaves that occur every 5 to 30 minutes
• Weakness or collapsing
• Swollen, bloated abdomen
• Restlessness or anxiety
• Lack of normal digestive sounds in the abdomen
• Tapeworms in the dog’s feces

Another common dog illness is canine distemper, a dangerous and incurable disease that can seriously affect your dog’s health and longevity. Treatment for distemper can be expensive. If your dog survives canine distemper it may suffer neurological damage for the rest of its life.

Symptoms in the early stages of canine distemper are coughing, diarrhea, and mucus discharge from the eyes and nose. As the disease progressively worsens and enters the final stage, the dog will have seizures.

Adult dogs have a fifty percent chance of surviving canine distemper but unfortunately, puppies have only about a twenty percent chance of survival. It is vital that your dog receive a distemper vaccine shot to prevent catching this deadly disease.

Parvovirus is another viral illness that is especially dangerous for puppies. The symptoms of parvovirus include vomiting, decreased appetite, bloody diarrhea and lethargy. Treatment requires lots of fluids and antibiotics. Parvovirus kills about eighty percent of the dogs that become infected with this disease, but it is preventable through vaccination.

Tapeworm is a common dog illness caused by parasites and affects many dogs. Tapeworm parasites live inside a dog’s intestines and can grow as long as eight inches. When a dog gets fleas and swallows one that contains tapeworm eggs, the condition will spread.

It’s easy to tell if your dog has tapeworms because you’ll see small white segments of the worm moving around in your dog’s feces. Tapeworms can easily be treated with medication taken orally.

Rabies is a very serious viral disease that spreads from one animal to another through saliva. Rabies will cause an animal to become aggressive, and it can easily spread the disease through bite wounds. Rabies is deadly and contagious to humans also. In all U.S. cities dogs are required to have rabies vaccinations.

The symptoms of rabies in the beginning stages include fevers, behavioral changes, and slow eye reflexes. As the disease gets progressively worse, a dog will become increasingly aggressive, bark excessively and without reason, and is bad-tempered and restless. In its advanced stage rabies leads to coma and death. Dogs who contract rabies are required to be euthanized.

No ailment in your dog should be considered just a common dog illness and left untreated. The consequences can be the loss of a dearly beloved pet.

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Help Support Animal Shelters and Rescues With Pet Food Purchases

Remember that every time you make a purchase from Trilogy, part of your purchase will be allocated to the Trilogy HealthyPetNet Foundation. The HealthyPetNet Foundation is a wonderful organization developed by Dr. Jane Bicks and helps a number of worthy animal causes like small animal rescues and shelters.

Feel good knowing that while you’re providing your cat or dog with healthy, nutritious food, supplements and care products you are also indirectly support local organizations who are in desperate need for financial support.

Head over to my Trilogy website to order your pet food and treats today and help support these organizations!

The Perfect Pet Food Blog

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Flea Jump Mystery Solved

Forty-four years after the debate about how fleas jump began, researchers say they’ve solved the mystery thanks to high-speed cameras that show the insects pushing off with their toes rather than with their knees. Jorge Ribas reports.
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Sweetest Bull Terrier Puppy

Bull Terrier puppy

cutest sweetest bull terrier puppy


Sweetest Bull Terrier puppy! How can there be so much cuteness in one picture! Those ears! That face!

The post Sweetest Bull Terrier Puppy appeared first on A Place to Love Dogs.

A Place to Love Dogs

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Eagle Delivers E-mail By Hand

True American Dog

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Minecraft Mod Showcase : THE INFECTION MOD!

ZOMBIES! AHH! this Mod adds zombies that infect 3 other mobs in the game with a zombie virus! check out the mod here and tell them Sky sent you! Follow me on twitter and! Music used in this video is by C418 Music used in my intro is Mechanolith by KevinMacleod at

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