Facebook fan, Kimberly Schepers, told us the story of her dog, Chip, and their first experience with Halo natural dog food. Here’s what she wrote:

In February, our family got a little chorkie we named Chip. In April, Chip started having seizures and was extremely hard to potty train. In June, Chip was diagnosed with epilepsy and we were told medication was the only option to ease his seizures, which were heartbreaking to watch our little man have. Shortly after being diagnosed he stopped eating his old food. His vet said to try another brand. Needless to say one bowl of food lasted a month.

Worried I talked to the dog trainer at Petco about his difficulty potty training and his picky eating. She recommended Halo. Skeptically, I bought the Turkey, Pheasant and Duck Recipe. When I got home I opened the bag and first off it actually smelled good. I poured him a bowl and hoped for the best. He not only ate it. He loved it. Fast forward 5 months and Chip is potty trained and, miracle of miracles, Chip’s seizures, which we were told could only be controlled with medication, have disappeared! Thank you guys so much for providing a quality food that has provided my little baby boy a new quality of life!

The Schepers- Mathieson family and Chippy

Kimberly, thank you for sharing your Halo story. We are happy that Chip is doing well and hope his good health continues with Halo.

Have a Halo story? Share it with us on Halo’s Facebook page.


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Find Out If Your Dog Has Allergies Or Hot Spots

Find Out If Your Dog Has Allergies Or Hot Spots


Allergies: Unlike humans, the first sign of discomfort usually shown by an allergic dog is itchy, irritated skin. Some dogs also get a runny nose or eyes, sneeze or even suffer from vomiting and diarrhea. Uncovering the source of the allergy can be quite frustrating for owners and veterinarians alike.


dog allergiesSome dogs are allergic to components in their diet. A food allergy can emerge early in life; usually the offenders are beef or soy products. The best way to determine if diet is causing an allergic reaction is to feed hypoallergenic food for several weeks and see if the signs regress. To be altogether certain of a food allergy, you’d need to challenge the dog with the prior food and see if the signs recur.


Another common allergic condition is known as atopy. Atopy refers to an inhalant allergy or a reaction to environmental components. Molds, plants, dust, even furniture stuffing fall into this category. Signs of atopy may be seasonal. The only practical way to discover what’s bothering this allergic dog is to ask a veterinary dermatologist to conduct an intradermal skin test, much as is done with human allergy sufferers. Then you can try avoiding offensive material, or attempt hyposensitization. These problems are also best discussed with a qualified dermatologist.


A few comments about some common dog allergies: many dogs are sensitive to flea collars, flea bites or dyes in plastic food dishes. These things are easily identified and corrected. If a flea collar irritates your dog’s neck, remove it and wash the area thoroughly with a mild shampoo. Switch to another type of product. And if your dog’s red, irritated nose is caused by an allergy to dyed plastic by replacing the plastic dish with metal or glass. If it’s an allergy, the condition should be resolved.


Hot Spots: One of the most common summertime complaints seen by veterinarians are hot spots – round hairless patches of tender, red, oozing skin which seem to erupt overnight. They are usually found on the rump, although they may appear anywhere on the body. Hot spots are especially prevalent in heavy-coated breeds and in any dog with skin allergies.


Hot spots probably begin as a focus of irritation caused by a flea bite, impacted anal sacs or other small annoyances. However, the more the dog licks and chews at the spot, the worse it feels, so the more the animal licks and chews. A small problem explodes into a large one. These lesions need to be treated promptly before you have a dog in agony.


Treatment of a hot spot begins with clipping away the surrounding hair and cleaning the surface of the wound. The area is then covered with a soothing spray, liquid or ointment. The veterinarian will attempt to find and eliminate the source of the complaint. Your dog may need to wear an Elizabethan collar (a plastic contraption similar to a lampshade) around his neck, to prevent it from attacking the area further, until the skin begins to heal. Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications may be prescribed as well.

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Nice Mange Mites photos

Check out these mange mites images:

Krusty the kitten with mange
mange mites

Image by Monica R.
Notoedres cati. This is a form of feline mange. Feral stray kitten that I trapped and have now adopted.

Demodex Mange Mite
mange mites

Image by Animal Kingdom Pet Hospital

mange mites

Image by Nottingham Vet School
Box of Cydectin cattle pour-on

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Lily, the Springer Spaniel

This is Lily, an English Springer Spaniel who lives just along the coast in Villefranche but also spends a lot of time in Paris.  I’ve been caring for Lily since she was a very naughty puppy – she’s still naughty even tho she’s now 9 years old.  She’s losing her night sight now – in fact, in low light she sees almost nothing.  She has an appointment soon with a Paris eye specialist so hopefully something can be done. 

It’s not so easy, on a long-nosed dog, to get the eyes and nose both in focus.  I succeeded in the second shot but prefer the first! 

Click on the link above to see Lily as she was a few years ago.

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GIVEAWAY // Win a Bottle of Handcrafted Perfume from Tru Blooms, Worth $65!

Win A Bottle Of Tru Blooms Perfume in Bubby and Bean's Fragrance Giveaway!

Back in November, I told you guys about my new favorite fragrance, Tru Blooms.  Made locally here in Chicago, Tru Blooms is the first ever perfume made from indigenous-sourced ingredients, grown by the residents for whom it’s created. Made from rose, lavender, lily and violet, it’s light, sweetly floral, slightly woodsy, and an all-around lovely scent.  I’ve been wearing it on a daily basis, and have gotten all sorts of compliments.  And today, I’m excited to team up with Tru Blooms to offer you a chance to win a bottle of your very own, worth $ 65!  With Valentine’s Day around the corner, this is not only an amazing scent for you to wear yourself, it would also make a really incredible gift.

You can find out a little more about Tru Blooms in this post, or in this video that they put together for their launch a few months ago:

This giveaway is open to all Bubby and Bean followers/subscribers.  (If you’re a new reader, just make sure to subscribe first using GFC or one of these readers). Then just leave a comment telling us your favorite flower!

Once you’ve completed the mandatory entry above, you can also gain one additional entry for each of the following.  (*Please put each extra entry in a SEPARATE comment in order for it to count).

  • Visit the Tru Blooms website and tell us which flower is your favorite from the ingredients.
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This giveaway is open through January 17th. The winner’s name will be randomly chosen and announced shortly after. 

One more piece of good news – our friends at Tru Blooms have also generously offered up the following coupon for Bubby and Bean readers: Take 20% off your order at Tru Blooms with code BUBBY.  Many thanks to them for this fantastic discount and for the chance to win a bottle of their delicious fragrance!  Good Luck! 

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Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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The Rock

Seven years ago I killed my boy.  Later on, I came up with a more benevolent phrase that I’ve used at every event I’ve done and in all the TV interviews I’ve given.  ’I gave Malcolm rest’.  Such a sweet, serene, and publicly permissible euphemism.  

But the stark, midnight truth is I took his life. 

The series of events that came next I have begun to chronicle in a trilogy entitled, ‘The Rock, The Ripple, and the River’.  

I completed the first part over a year ago but it has remained unpublished.  And although I could offer up a whole host of thoughts and theories on why, it was because I was afraid.   

I’m not now.

Every Friday henceforth I’ll be publishing a chapter from the first book, ‘The Rock’ right here, on this blog and free of charge.  

Today, on Malcolm’s day, I’ll start with the Prologue. 


This is a love story. 
And like all great love stories it’s a tale of a journey against all odds, fraught with danger and full of magical encounters and adventures.  Of a love that travelled thousands and thousands of miles across 16 lands through forests, mountains, swamps, and flatlands in hellish heat, arctic cold, and savage storms. 
But this isn’t your typical love story.   There are no fair maidens, no knights in shining armor – just a cast of unlikely characters on an extraordinary journey.  Nor does this story end happily ever after.  But oh, what a glorious journey it was. 
It didn’t begin as a love story.
It began with a dog named Malcolm.…..

Actually, it began with a stripper from San Antone.


Next Friday, Prologue II.  September 2009.  Leesburg, Virginia 

2 Dogs 2,000 Miles

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My boxer’s skin issues along his back after being treated with Pet Armor…

We applied Pet Armor in December 2011 and in mid-January, we noticed that the skin, all the way from the back of his head, just below his crown, all the way down to between his front shoulder blades had turned very hard and was cracking. I started applying Neosporin and after about two weeks of this and no improvement, we ended up bringing him to our vet. Another symptom that he has is he tilts his head to the left, the vet called this vestibular syndrome. Since his first visit to the vet, three weeks ago today, this skin problem has spread all the way down to his tail. The treatment the vet gave him of Prednisone and an antibiotic have not helped this at all. My Boxer, Max, is in good spirits, has a very good appetite and drinks alot of water. This skin condition must itch because he tries to rub his back on anything he can to scratch it. Oh, BTW, I have also been washing his with medicated shampoo and giving him prescribed fish oil on his food. The vet is baffled why the treatments is not helping. He is putting pictures up on his own network of vets to see if anyone has seen this before. Has anyone viewing this video ever seen this before? Know what it is and what treatment my vet should use on my Max?

On April 2nd, 2012, PetArmor launched the PetArmor Protection Promise, a program to help shelter pets in need by donating up to 20000 doses of flea and tick treatments. Taking place at the ASPCA’s headquarters in New York City, along with actress and PetArmor spokesperson, Amy Smart and celebrity pet expert, Harrison Forbes, the event was a huge success!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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How To Select A Quality Stuart Water Damage Company

Anyone property owner in south Florida knows how incredibly awful flood or water damage can be for a property’s value and structural integrity. It is crucial if you have sustained flood damage to hire a water removal Stuart, Florida company to immediately come and help you in your cleanup process so that you do not [...]

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Ft. Lauderdale Water Extraction And Mold Removal

In the aftermath of water damage, there are many things that need to be done quickly, First, you need to call the services of a Ft. Lauderdale water extraction company. These professionals will be able to come to your home and assist you with the cleanup of your building. One of the main reasons why [...]

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The Big Leagues

When the Tick and Arthur are invited to join the Legion of Heroes, Captain Liberty sues the exclusive club for discrimination. Watch hundreds of free full-length streaming movies and TV shows on TAGS The Tick Ben Edlund Patrick Warburton Arthur Larry Charles Nestor Carbonell Batmanuel Liz Vassey Captain Liberty supervillain super villian superhero hero
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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