Tips for Getting Your Dogs Coat Shiny?

Any grooming/ feeding techniques for getting my weimaraners coat nice and shiney? Thanks x


Shiney coats are made from the inside out. Good nutritition is of the utmost importance. Feed a quality food and supplement with Omega 3 fish oils and Omega 6 flaxseed etc. If your dog has any food allergies, be sure to address those. Salmon based foods and capsules are esp great at helping to put a shine in the coat. Grizzly Salmon Oil comes in a pump bottle that you can squirt on their food or kibble. Most dogs love it! Then there's kelp, biotin, brewer's yeast are all great supplements for the skin and coat. Foster & Smith Vet Supplier makes a good supplement called Vita Coat that works well. There are many, many different supplements and choices to choose from. When it comes to shampooing, use a mild shampoo unless your dog has specific problems that might call for a medicated shampoo. Don't shampoo too often, so as not to wash away the natural oils in the coat. Good luck! : )

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Jan 3, Digestibility of gel caps for fish oil liquids

I give my dog several supplements and sometimes meds from the vet. I wonder if the capsules or sometimes gel cap for liquids like fish oils dissolve in
Dog Food Blog | Best Dog Food Guide

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Feb 5, Dog probiotics | Best Dog Food Guide

Dog probiotics as supplement or probiotic dog food. Which option is best? Dog food often does not contain the species listed or in very low amounts.
Dog Food Blog | Best Dog Food Guide

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Rewiews on the new petarmor flea treatment?

Question by ashley d: Rewiews on the new petarmor flea treatment?
Has anyone use the petarmor flea treatment for dogs? Is it good or bad? It says that it works just like frontline.

Best answer:

Answer by Lacey UD, RE
It has the same active ingredient as frontline. However that doesn’t make it as effective as frontline. It’s the inert ingredients that help the fipronil do its job.

What do you think? Answer below!

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5 Texas Gems // By Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno

It’s Kelly from Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno filling in for Melissa while she’s in Austin!  Brandi and I love taking road trips any chance we get and we love exploring new parts of Texas.  In case you haven’t been to Texas or driven across Texas, it’s HUGE. We have the beach, the forest, the desert, mountains and a whole lot of lakes in between it all.  Here are five of our favorite little Texas Gems.

Galveston. Our whole life, we have been within an hour of Galveston Beach. It’s where we took our nephew on our first out of town adventure, it’s where we went to escape high school, spent our birthdays, surfed, and so on. We love it for its history as well as our own.

Hamilton Pool. While we only just discovered this little Texas Gem a year ago, we are completely in love. I makes us feel as if we are out on some deserted island… or on the set of a movie.

Marfa. No water here. Just sand and the sky and creativity for miles. We recently visited Marfa for an all girls camping trip. Even though my battery died, I still chalk it up to one of my favorite trips. We are actually heading back out to Marfa this week for a wedding and a few Pinpoint Method interviews.

Balmorehea. This state park is perfect for any trip.  Family, lovers, friends, you name it.  Don’t count on a night out on the town here.  This is it.  Nothing but a tent, a swim suit and a lot of spf while taking in the Texas beauty.

Canyon Lake.  Party Time.  Excellent.  Ooooh, the times we had on Canyon Lake… 

If you are ever visiting Texas and want a list of places to go, visit our blog or feel free to email us! We share the love.


Big thanks to the dynamic duo of Kelly and Brandi (aka Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno) for sharing their favorite Texas places while I’m away in – wait for it – Texas!   Make sure you guys stop by their blog – their posts are always so fun and a daily read for me.  Also take a few minutes to check out their shop (seriously rad handmade accessories), and Kelly’s amazing project, The Pinpoint Method.   You can also find them on Twitter (Brandi + Kelly).  I’m having the best time in Austin – I can’t wait to tell you guys about it.  See you Monday.  xo, melissa

Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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Good thing we didn’t get those chickens

I’ve made it no secret that I want chickens. A bevy of Bantams. Little fluffy fancy egg layers that would make me feel, in some teensy way, a bit more connected to my food production. Our house is in a rural enough area, and our yard large enough, that a couple hens running around would be no big deal. But my husband said no, and out of respect for all the other times he also said no but I went ahead and did it- whatever it was- anyway, I respected him, this time.

But then we sold our house, and in a short three weeks we’ll be out on the street, waiting for something in Crazy Town or Ticky Tacky Town to pop up and sweep me off my feet. It’s a rotten time to buy. Nothing’s for sale right now. So in the meantime, we’re apartment hunting.

I haven’t lived in an apartment since my first year of vet school. There’s nothing wrong with it, but boy, you forget when you’ve been in a house for a while how much garbage you’ve managed to accumulate. And it’s not just me accumulating stuff anymore. The last time I lived in an apartment, I had a roommate, a self sufficient classmate. Now I have two kids, two dogs, a cat, a fish, and a spouse. This is going to be rough.

I’ve never given it much thought, really.  I’ve never had to rent a house while owning pets, and had at most two dogs and two cats. Not a big deal for a homeowner, but a really big deal for an apartment renter.

“Two dogs?” asked the manager of the place we were looking at. “How big?” And then, “Are they pit bulls, American staffordshire terriers, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans, or chow chows?” And the answer to that is no, but one of them has a terrible, awful habit of howling when she’s left alone in a way that made her previous owners return her to rescue. Again, not a big deal for a homeowner who keeps her inside, but a really big deal for an apartment renter. I know I would rather live next to a quiet pittie than a howling Koa as a renter. This is going to be a challenge.

I’ll be honest, I have no idea what we’re going to do. We’ll figure it out, because we have no choice, but I’m finding myself suddenly piles and heaps more sympathetic to people in a worse situation, with dogs they love on some random BSL ban list, or in possession of more animals than zoning allows and having to make an agonizing decision. I also find myself strangely mourning the Chickens That Never Were And Are Never To Be. No chickens allowed in Crazy Town. I guess I will have to live vicariously through all of you that have them.

Pawcurious: With Pet Lifestyle Expert and Veterinarian Dr. V.

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Mortgage Rates Tick Higher on Positive Data

Mortgage Rates Tick Higher on Positive Data
Mortgage rates today are ticking higher as investors and traders react to better than expected jobless claims numbers. Also contributing to the increase however is data that suggests that inflation may be increasing as well. Analysts and economists had
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Southold Residents: 'Lyme Disease is a Silent Crisis'
These are only some of the themes five members of the newly formed Suffolk County Tick Eradication Task Force heard from speakers describing their symptoms of Lyme Disease at a forum held at the Southold Town Recreation in Peconic Wednesday night.

What makes them tick? Not all employees motivated by same thing
Farm managers able to motivate their workers have a better chance of reducing the typical labor problems faced in today's economy (turnover, absenteeism, and low productivity). The most common roadblock managers face when motivating employees is a
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Follow the Dog Home–A Book Review

The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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“Jackass” Star Bam Margera Holds a Gun on a Puppy, Tweets the Photo

As a star of the Jackass films and of his own show on MTV, Bam Margera has made a good living off low-brow stunts, pranking anybody and everybody, and generally causing chaos in front of cameras. 

Last week, he did more of the same, tweeting a picture of himself holding a gun to a puppy’s head. The tweet read: “Penny pooped in my bed. Not too fond of that. If it happens again, Penny goes Bye Byes.”

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Not funny.

Penny, as you can see, is an adorable Pit Bull puppy. Bam, as you can also see, is a wild-eyed, tattooed hellraiser. 

The outcry was immediate. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, "SPCA spokesman Rich Britton called the picture 'not funny' and said that, even for a shock comedian, Margera 'missed the mark on this one.'"

Margera has 820,000 Twitter followers. He's a sort of anti-hero to legions of young people, some of them impressionable kids, who look upon his fame with admiration and envy. They've been known to do what he does, even the dumb things he does. 

Fortunately, Margera seems to understand how stupid the whole thing was. 

He quickly began apologizing, especially when informed of the recent animal abuse cases in his home region of Chester County, PA.

"I think those people need to go down," he said of the abusers. "Just hurting another animal is rude, crude, and more."

The gun, incidentally, is fake. Bam told the Inquirer that he wished he had made that clear to his Twitter followers. 

In an interview with Fox 29, Bam said, "Sorry if I offended anybody. But I'm an animal lover and I'd never hurt this dog in a million years, and the gun is a fake gun."

"I didn't want to offend anybody. I just wanted to make people laugh," he said. "I just like to joke around. I would never ever in a million years hurt a dog or a cat or any animal." 

In addition to the puppy, Bam has six cats -- Eric the Cat, Trouble, Mischief, Wall Crawl, Peaches, and Twanda Newton Harris. 

This is a sorry chapter in Bam's strange life, but it seems to be simply a joke gone bad. We hope he can turn this into something positive for animals -- he can start with those 820,000 followers on Twitter. 

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How to Stop Dog Food Aggression

If your dog growls when you or your children approach his food bowl during mealtime, you need to be aware of a potentially serious problem. It is essential that dog food aggression be stopped quickly before you or your children are injured by the dog. Dog food aggression is frequently related to other behavior problems so your dog’s daily routine should be examined. It is highly likely that your dog has other behavior problems that have not been fully addressed.
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