Slim the Orange Tabby Cat “Started Becoming More Active” Thanks To Halo Natural Cat Food

Slim the Cat

We recently received this message from Tracie Anderson in Minnesota about a cat named Slim:

“Slim is a feral orange tabby cat. He is 9 months old now. He was hurt in August 2017 and I saw it all happen. He got banged in the head right in the left tear duct. He howled so badly. I ran and quickly picked him put and help him to my chest and started praying. I could tell it was a significant brain injury. Three days I held him, only putting him down to go take care of the rest of the animals here at Triangle Acres.

Slim’s chances were slim. But that is not why he is named Slim. He is a slim physique as well. The vet just told me to be patient, if he didn’t improve in 4 to 5 days then he advised me to bring him back and humanely put him down.

Slim fought the first 3 days. He was fed canned cat food watered down. Dropper for water to give him water. His head swelled up but not as bad as the vet thought. He had tons of seizures and body tremors.

Day 4, I was dead tired from staying up the past 3 days. I picked him up gently and held him and kissed his head carefully. I asked him what he thought and he meowed and gave me a bit of a purr. When the vet saw him he said he was surprised he was still alive. He examined him and said the swelling was slowly going down but it appeared Slim couldn’t see anymore. The vet just said keep moving forward. Help him eat, teach him to eat whatever I could do. So I set up a pen for him and we started learning to do things over.

Day 30 Slim was walking but held his head to the left and walked in circles and clearly had a handicap we had to work through.

The vet was amazed but yet guarded. I hadn’t seen a seizure for a long time, but when I am sleeping and working with other animals, I don’t see everything. He was eating, but not dry cat food well. So after voicing my concerns about his weight not advancing and his coat being so rough I wondered what to do. The vet didn’t have any ideas either. Plus it seemed Slim was having a hard time with another canned cat food – processing it. So I started to look for a different food.

Slim the Cat

I came across Halo® on an Amazon Daily special and ordered a case. Slim went nuts over it. It took about three weeks of Halo chicken canned cat food before I really started to see a difference. But he started becoming more active and his coat was softening. And he was doing much better processing the food too. We tried the dry food, he likes it, but he just can’t crunch it well.

Today it has been about five weeks since we started Halo- goodness its spendy! Slim eats 2 full cans and shares another can. I put the old ladies (3-17 year old sisters whose health is failing now) on HALO as well. Slim races around his room and leaps with abandon. Actually I noticed this past week he has been gauging heights of the furniture in his room and has been clearing them just fine the past couple days.

Yes Slim is still blind. We think, the vet and I, that he has partial sight, but it would be the angled at the ground. He follows toys on the ground, but not in the air level with his head. So we know he sees something.

Today was a surprise and a first. Slim leapt into my arms. He’s been studying the height of my knees when I sit down for almost a week. He made a clean jump and I was able to catch him.

I don’t know if I would have found another cat food, I am just glad Halo is what he goes nuts over and what has helped him come up in health and I don’t mind the poop end of things either. Much easier to tolerate.

Jazz is a new kitty about 3 months old that was rescued from the cold. Jazz had 3 siblings and a neighbor brought one of his siblings over to me when it started to get cold out. They were about 5 weeks old at that time. The sibling that was brought to me did not make it, it had been cold too long and I couldn’t get it warmed up and couldn’t get it to take milk. The other 2 siblings we hunted for, but couldn’t find the same afternoon. Jazz showed up in my barn that evening. He was in between 5 other cats- they were blanketing him in a circle of fur. Cats are intelligent. However, I knew if they scattered, Jazz wouldn’t make it. So I grabbed Jazz and brought him inside. Jazz now resides in the same area of the house that Slim does and Jazz is now on Halo, too.

It’s a good cat food. Slim is living proof of how good it is. The improvement of his overall health and his coat speaks volumes.

If I were rich I would buy stock, lol.

I just wanted to share Slim’s story. If we hadn’t stumbled on that Amazon deal, I am not sure where we would be today. Thankful we stumbled on it.”

Slim the Cat

Thank you Tracie for sharing your story and we are happy to hear that Slim and Jazz are doing well on Halo!

Halo Pets

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Getting Ready for the Iditarod

The ceremonial start is going on now, and actual racing starts Sunday at 2:00 pm, Eastern Time (10:00 am in Alaska). Typically the restart, as it is called, leaves from Willow, but poor conditions there have moved it to Fairbanks. The race lasts 9 – 12 days, ending when the last team makes it to […] Dog Blog

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Golden Poodle awards for February

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What You Should Know About the Recent Pet Food Recalls

Dave Carter, Director of Sourcing and Ingredient Stewardship for Halo, Purely for Pets

If you watch the news, you are likely concerned by the recent reports regarding the withdrawal of certain pet food products from store shelves because of food safety concerns.

First, please be aware that no Halo products are involved in any of these recalls. Additionally, I want to take this opportunity to let you know of the steps that we, at Halo, take to provide you with peace of mind regarding the quality of the meat, poultry and other ingredients that we put into each of our products that you feed your companion animal

We start with only real, whole meat and poultry. That means that we are sourcing only whole muscle meat and highly nutritious livers that were processed and prepared to be human food. Unlike most kibble pet foods, we never use any “meat meals” (like chicken meal, lamb meal, fish meal, etc.), which are rendered ingredients that are not human edible. These whole, real proteins are the foundation of our promise that Whole Meat Makes a Whole Lot of Difference™.

This difference in sourcing, using and labeling specific ingredients is very important. Many pet food ingredient labels also contain ingredients such as “animal fat,” or “meat byproducts”…terms that you will never see on a Halo product label. “Animal Fat,” is a vague term, which means that the fat could come from any variety of animals, including those that were considered inedible as human food. By contrast, you’ll see that our ingredient panel will list a specifically sourced ingredient such as “chicken fat” because that’s exactly what it is…fat from chickens…that were originally prepared and handled in facilities designed to deliver human food.

And, “meat byproduct”? That’s another vague term that represents ingredients sourced from unnamed species. Look again at a Halo ingredient panel. You will never see the word “byproduct” on any Halo ingredient list.

I hope this information is helpful to you. We want you to know that we take our responsibility to provide your loved ones with the most nutritious, digestible, high-quality ingredients on the market today.

Dave Carter
Director of Sourcing and Ingredient Stewardship

About Dave CarterDave Carter - executive director of the National Bison Association
Dave Carter studied journalism at University of Northern Colorado but found his true calling working with farmers and ranchers at the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union for 25 years. He’s now the executive director of the National Bison Association. Dave served as Chair of the USDA National Organic Standards Board during the implementation of the national organic regulations. Follow Dave at @bisondave.

Halo Pets

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We are moving…

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Summer Memories, Feeling Overwhelmed, and Allowing For Breaks

Kids Water Safety Tips
Summertime Family Story Night
Happy Father's Day!
Coloring Outside the Lines // Family Boho Shoes

I was emptying the camera roll on my phone the other day (please tell me I’m not the only one who gets that “storage full” pop-up delay and is constantly having to delete photos because they take and save an excessive amount of them), and got lost in photos from last summer. I know, I know, I just posted about spring flowers last week and here I am again, unable to embrace the present. My kids have taught me how to appreciate a good snow day, they really have, and I will say that my distain for winter has lessened over the years, but I’m not going to pretend I’m not looking forward to warmer weather and longer days somethin’ fierce. Plus looking at these photos makes me happy. So I thought I’d share them here, because maybe they’ll make you happy too.

We were supposed to leave this morning for a last minute trip to northern California to visit a dear friend of mine who has been having a challenging time. I felt so lucky that we were able to make this happen during a small break in Robbie’s intense tour schedule with the band so we could all four go. But I let myself get so stressed about finding a way to get out there, and then got even more overwhelmed once we got the flights, trying to squeeze in work for Bubby and Bean in the few days last week that Robbie was home and able to care for the kids, followed by close to break down status when Emmett got another severe ear infection after Robbie left again that involved things like projectile vomiting antibiotics. And then, after taking Emmett for a follow up just to make sure he was better, the doctor informed us that his ear infection has gotten worse and he absolutely could not fly. So we had to cancel the trip (second trip canceled due to a sick child in three months) yesterday. I genuinely felt like I was going to explode with stress and sadness. So much had built up and I was already so overwhelmed, and that just pushed me over the edge.

Then, I suddenly had this moment where I remembered the hell my friend is going through battling a terminal illness, and the hell the parents of the kids in Parkland, Florida are going through after last week’s shooting – and how ridiculous it was that I was putting so much pressure on myself over stuff that doesn’t even matter. I rebooked the trip for early April. I went to bed early. And I gave myself permission to take a little time off work, to focus my family and myself. This isn’t easy for me to do mentally (I am not wired to take breaks) or logistically (we have a new mortgage and rely on both incomes, and I can’t justify taking time off work when I’m not out of town), but I need to do it.

The reason I’m sharing this here is that I know most of you probably go through these periods too, when life’s small struggles build up until you feel overpowered. And maybe you’re not in a situation like I am where you’d already planned to leave for a trip and took time off work and therefore have the luxury of taking a few days for your family or self care. But if you are, do it. And if you’re not, find a way to allow yourself a break in a different way. A therapist friend of mine recently said something to me along the lines of, “I understand you feel guilty when you’re not working or taking care of others. And if it’s too difficult for you to justify the fact that you deserve it just for you, that’s okay. But know that the only way to be your best as a parent and a partner and a business owner is to give yourself a break. You can’t take care of everyone else if you’re not well.” This may seem like common sense, but I needed the reminder.

So Bubby and Bean will be silent for a few days. And I hope that inspires you to do something for yourself as well. I’ll be back on the 28th (the 28th of February! That means March is almost here! Woohoo!), hopefully feeling a little less buried. I would also love to hear what you do to take breaks and take care of yourself – self care is something I crush sometimes and absolutely suck at other times. Right now I fee like I could definitely use a refresher course.

Thank you for listening, and for allowing these occasional personal ramblings in between the design and lifestyle posts. You guys are the best.


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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Comfort dogs arrive in Florida

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Ivy’s picked up a new activity


She’s figured out that swimming is awesome.

Natural History

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